Sidney slapped him in the face, causing Alex to fall to his death as the rotating blades ripped him apart. Art Blank - Defending people for crimes they were guilty of. In the original script, Zep's age was listed as 32. After John died and was replaced by Mark Hoffman, Lawrence wrote Hoffman an anonymous note, revealing that he knew who he was in the fifth film.

Movie Villain Deaths — Zep Hindle - Saw (2004) 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Laura Hunter - Repetitive larceny {kleptomania}. Annoyed by this interruption, Lawrence sarcastically thanked Zep for the information.

Amanda Young | His name is John, Dr. Gordon. Died In One of the police forensic's set off the device which send a metal rod flying and impaling a police photographer. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mr. HindleZep As he couldn't kill Gordon's family, Zep set out for the location of Gordon's game, hoping that he'd still be given the antidote if he killed the doctor. Hank - Heavy smoker despite health problems. Mark Hoffman's sister; Happened before the film. The film depicts him as a possible identity to the Jigsaw and the main antagonist, until the truth in the climax is revealed. Shortly afterward, Zep called him and let Diana and Alison talk to him.

Zep Hindle Severe brain trauma: Head bludgeoned seven times with toilet tank cover Yes Adam Stanheight Saw II (2005) [edit | edit source] Name: Cause of Death: On-Screen: Killer/Trap: Notes: Michael Marks Exsanguination: Stabbed in the head by multiple nails Yes Venus Fly Trap Two Cops Electrocution: Electrocuted to death Yes Staircase trap Gus Colyard G.S.W. When Kramer became the notorious kidnapper and killer Jigsaw, he kidnapped Zep and injected poison into his blood stream which slowly killed him. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Series) Deaths. In a last desperate attempt to save his family, Gordon had used his shirt to stanch his leg and, despite Adam's efforts to calm him down, cut off his chained foot with a hacksaw.

Adam showed him the picture, causing the shocked doctor to recognize the man as Zep Hindle. John Kramer |

Mark Hoffman | Zep’s corpse as seen in a behind the scenes video from, Zep's corpse as seen in a behind the scenes photo from.
Despite Adam's desperate attempts to hold him back, the severely wounded doctor crawled out of the room. The victims are placed into traps, where they must do something (hurt themselves or another person) to survive. Unfortunately, she was distracted by her daughter, giving Zep the chance to attack her. Ivan Landsness | Zep Hindle - Saw (2004) - Zep is bludgeoned to death with a toilet tank cover by Adam Stanheight during a vicious scuffle in an abandoned bathroom. Xavier used the key to open the door which lead to Gus being shot. Zep Hindle was an orderly who worked in the hospital where John Kramer (the Jigsaw Killer) was treated for his cancer. In the original screenplay for Saw, Zep was killed by Adam, who strangled him with his shackle. After having his son kidnapped, Detective Matthews tries to convince Jigsaw to give up the whereabouts of the house he's in, along with saving him from the other victims that were framed by Eric for crimes they didn't commit. Saw Obi Tate, Saw IV ): Back ripped off, flung through windshield and lands in another car, Total dismemberment/multilation: Shredded by multiple lawnmower blades. Whitehurst Prisoner, Saw II: Flesh & Blood The name and reason of becoming his apprentice were in chronological order. It says that Detective Hoffman put here in the trap ..but Amanda first entered the room just before Kerry dies. In each movie, each victim has been tested because Jigsaw wanted to teach them to value their lives. Xavier Chavez | Status Zep Hindle, The Scott Tibbs Documentary Unlike some of the doctors, he genuinely cared about the patients and listened to them if they needed someone to talk to. Joseph Poltzer | He followed him into the building and finally outran Zep, who was slowed down by his leg injury, in the underground tunnel network. Melissa Sing | However, before he could do so, he was attacked by Adam, who had survived the gunshot. He also appeared briefly in some flashbacks using archive footage from the first film in Saw III and 3D. They revealed details about Alison's captivity and her telephone conversations with Lawrence during that time. He is a despised hospital orderly responsible for kidnapping Lawrence Gordon's wife and daughter in order to force him to carry out his game by cutting off his foot.

Afterward, he also spoke with Alison, who warned him not to trust Adam as he had known him long before their game began. Logan Nelson |
In each movie, the film focuses on the victim's tests on their survival. Mallick Scott - Paid off with drugs to burn down an inhabited building that killed eight people inside. Jeff had to go through each trial of forgiveness that involved the people who were directly/indirectly responsible for the death of his son, Dylan. Michael Emerson (1954 - ) 1 Deaths in Film 2 Deaths in Television 3 Notable Connections 4 Gallery Saw (2004) [Zep Hindle]: Beaten to death with a toilet-tank lid by Leigh Whannell. Luba Gibbs - Taking bribes and pushing past building permits on the building that was burned down.

When asked if they believed Lawrence to be the Jigsaw Killer, they denied this, stating that Lawrence wouldn't endanger his own family. At night, Zep invaded Dr. Gordon's apartment and hid in a closet in Diana's bedroom. Adam realized that Zep was also just another Jigsaw victim, when the actual killer, John Kramer, who had posed as the dead man in the middle of the room, got up from the floor and removed his mask. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. When his wife, Jill, was robbed at the clinic, Cecil Adams accidentally slammed a door against her stomach, causing her to miscarry their unborn son, Gideon. Classic editor History Talk (0) Share. Severe inferiority complex Even though Zep was forced to work for Jigsaw, the commentary does imply he felt a thrill and sense of power holding Alison and Diane captive, which is apparent as he torments them. Gordon told Diana that he had to go back to work and left the apartment. While holding him at gunpoint, she ordered him to shove the phone to her so that she could talk to Gordon. However, they affirmed that they believed Zep to be the killer. William turn down health coverage claims for the serious ill to make money for himself, along with other victims who had close ties to him and the health insurance company, mainly his subordinates. Lawrence Gordon | Danica Scott - Witnessed the death of Jeff's son but didn't help. Amanda Young | The origin of the pig mask were known to have been latex strap-on masks used at a. However, John considered him to have "issues of his own", as Zep secretly talked about the doctors behind their backs, saying that they were all having affairs and calling Dr. Lawrence Gordon "a cold-hearted bastard". Creative Thoughts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Origin Batman: The … Sometime later, Adam suddenly found the photo of Zep standing at Gordon's window. When Mark destroyed his hideout and prepared to flee the city, he was attacked and sedated by three men wearing pig masks, the leader removed his mask, revealing himself as Doctor Lawrence Gordon. Brenda - Distributing underage women for sex and prostitution in favor of money. John Kramer | Therefore, she was able to take him by surprise and wrenched his weapon from him. Zep Hindle Adam Stanheight Head bludgeoned with a toilet tank cover multiple times Saw II Edit. Luba Gibbs | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the opening of the second film, the video showed a hooded man walking with a limp. Due to his sadistic tendencies, Zep took pleasure in mentally tormenting his hostages. This may have made him ungrateful for his life, which in turn made him a victim of Jigsaw's. Halfectomy/disembowelment: Bisected by swinging pendulum blade, Decapitation: Head cut off by razor blade, Incinerated: Killed in a nail bomb explosion, Cervical trauma: Stabbed in neck with electric cable, later electrocuted with five cables, Total organ failure: Crushed by closing walls, Internal Bleeding/Organ rupture: Ribcage crushed by vice, Impalement/severe brain trauma: Forehead impaled by pipe, G.S.W./Organ damage: Shot three times in the back with handgun, Organ damage/Exsanguination: Stabbed six times in stomach, Melting/Total organ failure: Melted in half by hydrofluoric acid, Halfectomy/Disembowelment: Sliced in half by centre saw wheel, Severe brain trauma: Head crushed by tire, Dismemberment: Arms and jaw are torn off by moving car, Exsanguination/Brain trauma(? These are all of the deaths in the Saw series. Zep's real name was revealed to be Shepherd Hindle. Addy - Assisted William as his secretary. In the seventh film, three traps were based on the.