Y1 (Young Ones) LB90 2017/18 Review Relationship to item- Personal Purchase using sponsor discount (Opinions are my own) Retailer- Y1 Hockey Website RRP: £235 Introduction: I took a big leap when buying this stick as it was the first stick I have ever bought without trying one prior to purchase and it was worth it. Your email address will not be published. Field Hockey – Tips, Sport Equipment – Articles From Around The World, Hockey Equipment Reviews, Field Hockey Tips, Olympics, FIH League, Articles, World Cup, Field Hockey Sticks. I for one and super happy they have made a return to the game and think that increased competition can do nothing but make the game better for players like you and me! Extreme Light Weight – This isn’t an overall disadvantage as it is more of a preference, but for some who haven’t used top of the line composites for long moving from a mid range stick to one of the lightest ever made might feel a bit odd to start off. The Scotsman has scored 102 goals from 179 appearances so far for the Brits. Want to see some replacements for stick tape? Use code HALLOWEEN10 at the checkout. Your email address will not be published. The traditional shaped toe is as good at defending as it is taking a hard shot on goal. Sign up for our weekly newsletter featuring clearance deals, skill tips, workout programs and more! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. These are great for offensive players, who need to keep the ball moving across the field and keep it away from other players. You can flick your wrists and the puck is going to fly off the blade of this stick with unbelievable accuracy and quickness. Hockey Circles is a great hockey blog that has some fantastic pictures and explanations of all the popular curves used right now. Y1 Hockey is a brand that facilitates the expressive hockey player. Recommendation – The Crosby / Ovechkin blade curves (or other brand equivalents) are a decent starting point for anyone. Some big names in field hockey use Adidas and are suitably impressed with their stick’s performance. Head surface has traction coating for better handling. With a concave groove on the face of the stick and a low bow profile it provides a great set up for that all important drag flicking skills. This insert can be found in the blade and helps make the entire blade a sweet spot for passing and shooting, BRT+ Tech and Smart Ply  – The BRT + features a braided rib structure along the heel of the blade improving the True XC9 durability. The ADB 90 is 90% Carbon and 10% Aramid/Fibreglass. Notwithstanding that the Compo 3 is a low bow so you’ll be able to perform 3D skills. When you master the fundamentals, you need to practice with a fiberglass stick. Aramid or Kevlar: Designed to absorb vibrations, strengthening your stick. Every stick will eventually break, but this was one of the best sticks for keeping peak performance up until that moment. Expect to pay around the $400 US, 340 GBP, $. Reduced head design for ease of 3D skills on the move and reverse lifting. The CCM Jetspeed FT3 has been making a few appearances in this years playoffs –  Players loved the Jetspeed FT2 and have been quick to move to the FT3 to keep a competitive edge! Your email address will not be published. 1955. What is the best field hockey sticks for forwards? Ergonomic Design – The shaft is designed in a way that allows you to easily grip the stick, which allows you to be strong on the puck in all game situations. Building on the one-piece Rekkers of the past years success, the Rekker M90 is a next gen option that will save you 80-100 dollars compared to some top hockey sticks on our lists, Offering light weight, a low kick point, and increased durability, the Vapor Flylite is the top choice for when you expect pro level one-piece performance. This feature really comes into play when going bar down through a screen. Review: Y1 Hockey LBX Feel 9/10 This Y1 Hockey LBX is a very stiff stick, but has excellent feedback while the ball is on the end of your stick, this is rare for a stick with this level of stiffness. Bauer Vapor Flylite - The Best Bauer Hockey Stick, 5. Please review our Privacy Policy and contact us if you have any questions. Strong with a carbon/kevlar composite the stick feels light yet powerful, while the  maxi hook is a good all rounder. TK Platinum 1 Deluxe - Excellent ball control, 9. Yes it doesn’t have some of the newest technology upgrades but lets be honest its light years ahead of any wood stick or two piece. Follow my updates and discover news, tips and interesting features from the world of field hockey. This is a great option and a versatile stick for every player that is looking to cut down on some of the cost. If you want to see just how good this hockey stick can perform, watch this video of Jonathan Toews and Auston Matthews play “Call Your Shot”. Recent Posts. Of course the beauty of the stick is not the most important factor. This stick has an eye catching black and white finish. Zdeno Chara has a famously long stick, mostly due to his height, but players like Brad Marchand and Bobby Ryan also sport quite lengthy sticks (for their height) as well. While the world quarantined, the hockey stick manufacturers certainly did not take a staycation. Stick length seems simple at first glance but can have the greatest effect on your game. With less effort needed to load your shot, you’re able to focus on picking your spots as the power comes naturally. Heavy (over 560 grams) – Heavy sticks offer more hitting power, letting you drive the ball further downfield. The best part of this stick is its lightweight durability and increased feel for the puck over some of the lower end Warrior sticks. You will notice the improvement in the blade durability very quickly if your hockey stick is constantly getting beat up from taking draws. Our redesigned, thinned blade profile allows you to get under the ball more easily. 10225180, ONE SPORTS WAREHOUSE, Unit 4B, Drum Industrial Estate, Chester-le-Street, Durham DH2 1SS, shop@one-sports-warehouse.com 01914474744, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, Composition: 90% Japanese Toray Carbon fibre / 10% Fibreglass/Aramid. The 8 Best Hockey Shoulder Pads (2020 Update!). While the shape is not ideal for penalty flicks you will be able to perform nice tomahawks and steals. With its face touch compound – for advanced touch control, and a foam loaded grip to reduce vibrations, the Nero will give you the technological edge over any player. Perhaps they are too light or there is a manufacturing fault - who knows. Average Midi: These give you a larger hitting surface, helping you shoot, flick, catch, and pass better. Best stick for advanced players: Grays GX1000 Composite, 2. Relationship to item- Personal Purchase Generally forwards will use a slightly more open curve and defensemen will us a slightly more closed curve (If they aren’t… forwards standing in front look out!). It has the Y1 'dynamic bow' for the perfect slingshot action when drag flicking which makes it the obvious choice for drag flickers and aerial specialists. From here you can cut or extend the stick to your desire! We didn’t notice any huge drawbacks from the Trigger 4 nor did most reviewers, but this iteration is definitely a bit of an evolution and doesn’t break any new ground. Home / Hockey Sticks / Y1 Hockey Sticks / Y1 YLB Hockey Sticks / Young Ones YLB X Hockey Stick Close. CCM put the cherry on top of this stick by wrapping it in their ultra durable nonlite carbon layering. Face (Open/Closed) – This refers to the curve of the blade and if it is ‘opens’ (think of putting the puck towards the top of the net) or is ‘closed’ and allows for shots to easily be controlled and pointed towards the lower portion of the net. Bauer took the Supreme line back to the drawing board for this one and came out with a really great stick. Most popular curves these days are some from of  a mid-range curve. Retailer- Rampage sport http://www.rampagesport.eu/en/ Warrior was always a bit of a niche hockey company but have really hit their stride with the Fantom QRE. The stick feels light and the PU grip tape, additional EVA foam sleeve absorbs shock nicely. Alan also plays for Surbiton  and won the prestigious UK hockey player of the year award for 2018, following the annual poll by the Hockey Writers’ Club. Are you a defenseman looking to gain an edge? There, I said it. Depth – If you placed a ruler on the toe of the stick straight to the heel, this would measure the deepest point between the ruler and blade. This type of stick is great for defensemen as it really increases your poke check reach and can help you keep forwards within your reach easier. © 2020 by ONE SPORTS WAREHOUSE Ltd. ONE-SPORTS-WAREHOUSE is a company registered in England & Wales. The balance of this shape makes it ideal for beginners, giving you something relatively easy to use for mastering the fundamentals before discovering your own preferences. Shot Consistency – The combination of the Power Sense 2 and the Easy-Load Taper gives this Bauer hockey stick a consistent feel for your shot in all situations. All said you will get a serious field hockey stick with Adidas. Perfect for conducting quick skills in small areas, Technological advancements improve stick versatility, Grooved, so not ideal for non-dragflickers, Extreme low bow, so not ideal for defensive players, Y1 CPC Carbon Power Chain designed to increase power/stiffness when shooting, Enhanced backhand zone for power and control. Medium Flex (85-100) – This is your middle of the range flex, suitable for every shot on the board. Using their great experience Adidas are also one of the premium field hockey stick manufacturers. Shop the full range of Young Ones Hockey Sticks, available from Hockey Factory Shop at the best prices. These help you change directions quickly while dribbling, lift the ball quickly for an aerial pass, and flick a quick shot. The new adidas Kromaskin field hockey stick is made from Hypetex ‘ Textreme’ material, developed with innovative technology. Check out our Hockey Stick Grips Guide here! The Young Ones YLB90 Hockey Stick is the Young Ones flagship dragflicking stick. A heel curve begins right away and will look like more of a hook. It features the same hook style as the Kromaskin, offering good play for attack and in defense. Made from 75% Fiberglass, 20% Carbon and 5% other materials the stick is strong, light and durable. The lightweight and soft feel this stick has really comes to focus when you’re handling the puck. Regular Stick (stock height) – This would be a stick kept at the standard length they come from manufacturers, or within an inch or so of it either way. Its lightweight and offers great puck control, without sacrificing durability. This is a great value deal as you typically have to pay premium prices for a stick with this total weight, and the quick responsive release you get is sure to increase your point totals. It’s weight distribution is well advanced compared with a few other premium sticks we tried. We will be focusing on reviewing top of the line senior one-piece hockey sticks from all the major brands including CCM, Bauer, Warrior, and True to help you go bar down all the time. Retailer- Y1 Hockey... ‘Shaved’ head design for ease of 3D skills on the move and reverse lifting. This will allow  ball speed when hitting to be far more consistent across a whole range of impacts. Adidas calls it the ‘Pure control head shape’ to provide ‘ultimate control’ in all situations. By: BossFHockey. The performance doesn’t change whether you’re taking an off balance wrist shot or a slapshot from the point. A new lowered flex point makes this stick a versatile weapon, allowing quick snapshots but retaining its great strength for big slapshots. Personally, the attraction of this affordable hockey stick is the 200 mm shape. TX24 Compo 3 Adidas TX24 Compo 3 Review. From wood to aluminum and now to composites, and from the era of two pieces to one pieces, we have probably played with and broken a stick of every material combination.