Inventory is listed with the SHIFT I menu under player information. You only need 1 Mining laser on your vessel. Thanks for putting this up. If your vessel is attacked and survives they will help with repairs and I believe give a bonus for turrets. If you go into behaviors you will see the order to join new commander under their order to turn in their wares. X4: Foundations – Controls; X4: Foundations – How to hack Data Vaults; X4: Foundations – Trading Wares and Player Inventory Items; How to Set Up Auto Miners In X4. So basically, that "expected operating budget" on the info screen seems less like an ideal guideline and more like a basic requirement for station function. 3. The ships will then be fully automated allowing the player to divert attention to other tasks. You need to build solid storarge and not container , then it wiil work. X4: Foundations. Large miners have the negative effect of being so large they might get stuck! Second edit: This has also led to my normal autominers routinely supplying my PHQ. Miners, even your own need to sell their stuff to the station. Best I can tell, on my game 1.32, it's because my phq didn't have any credits (I was counting on npc traders to buy themselves, but they've not), I just found out why the miner ( ore ) is full and idel and doing nothing. X4: Foundations – What is container storage, what is build storage? Do you need crew? My managers don't know how to properly use them yet. It works fine, even though sometimes the miners do not drop the entire load but maybe 200 of 500 on three consecutive docking tries. by Exidrial » Tue, 7. My ice miners are doing their job just fine. Nothing fixes it. Basically making the whole process extremely long. X4: Foundations – Basic Concepts for New Players It is important to understand the difference between Inventory (also known as items) and cargo (usually referred to as wares) . When they are filled up and floating around without turning them in. Items are often found in space as loot (dropped by other ships), or in lockboxes and other storages. With L ships Mining Drones are used to pick up the resource. I believe that managers can only manage so many ships according to level. Allso the Large miners dont work when putting them on automine with the suggested shipbuild configuration 3 cargo drones 6 mine drones. You need to set a buy order with a storage until it will buy for the minerals. Meaning they will give you more money when the Captain turns in his haul. It will bring up a sliding bar for you to transfer the wares to the station. Try to be OOS (out of system). I have the same issue with my station miners. And your done. This did not immediately fix anything, so I do not think it is of any importance. All player owned mining ships can be ordered to mine using the Mine order by right clicking a resource region on the map and selecting the Mine order before left clicking a resource to harvest from the list. This can be to free up cargo space for other purposes, stock up a reserve ship for exploration, meet mission requirements or to keep fleets supplied. Problem: ... ↳ X4: Foundations ↳ X4: Foundations - Spoilers ↳ X4: Foundations - Technical Support ↳ X4: Foundations - Scripts and Modding All you need to do is: There will be times when it is preferable for wares or consumables to be on a different player owned ship or station. Auto miners are fine. They also need crew and captain.. 6)Station need manager. When i undock, the manager goes with the ship and the station is left in an unusable state. It may also be related to the bug where ships on manual orders don't properly clear / finish their existing order even when they say they are infact finished. Its something to do with miners not getting a proper ware exchange order when their mining is finished. They work a little bit and then stop working. McNaughton, that's actually how I had been doing mine from the beginning... Wasn't aware I could (or at least should be able to...) assign them to a station and let the manager 'manage' the mining ship. How to Hack Data Vaults. Yeah I got 10.000 free storage for ores currently. So my first miner set up in argon prime is working flawless. Go to Behavior tab. They seem to be mining now, whether or not they actually drop it at the station remains to be seen. Station miners keep breaking. Cargo is in your ship, while inventory is on you. Your pilot will wait for you to contact him to start his mission. Your email address will not be published. Read somewhere that it's 2 autominers and a trader per star. Post by Exidrial » Tue, 7. I do not have my miners assigned to a station. Automine will Automatically choose where to mine, and where to sell. Also my solid miners occasionally get the bug as well still, and my station account is 7m.