They ultimately devised and succeeded in the final plan to bring down Yogg-Saron.

He arranged the death of Mimiron, making it look like a lab accident, though Mimiron's mechagnome followers would create a new mechagnome body to house the Keeper's soul. Po tym jak Ner'zhul został złapany i torturowany przez Kil'jaedena, władca demonów przemienił go w czystą energię zła. Cosmic Map Azeroth Eastern Kingdoms Kalimdor The Maelstrom Outland Northrend Pandaria Draenor Legion Kul Tiras Zandalar Shadowlands Raids Dungeons Scenarios Battlegrounds.

[9] All that remains now of them are ghosts, the crystal satyrs, and crystal dryads and the ruins of their proud civilization. A complete searchable and filterable list of all Northrend Zones in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

Northrend also contained The Dragonblight: an enormous ice plain covered with the bones of thousands of dragons.

Po ucieczce główne siły zakonu osiedliły się na Ziemiach Plagi.

There, they found the corrupted tol'vir watchers had reinforced the Aqir's ranks, brought over from the city of Ulduar which laid in Loken's hands. The renegade night elf used the Eye of Sargeras in order to weave a spell intended to rend the continent apart and split it asunder. Forma krainy After Ner'zhul the shaman was captured and tortured by Kil'jaeden, the demonlord transformed the ancient orc into a dark being of immense power. There they nursed and raised their children in secret, and taught them the stories and values of ancient vrykul society[5] as well as the ways of foraging, masonry, smithing, and warfare.

As they near death, the great beasts flew to Northrend so that they may die with their ancestors. The trolls ultimately succeeded in their venture against the Aqir, causing the insectoid race to splinter, and the Drakkari laid the seeds that would eventually evolve into the ice troll Drakkari Empire within Zul'Drak.[5].

One of these subjects was a small primitive life race that roamed around the forests near Ulduar.

[7], On the other hand, a powerful clan, the Dragonflayer clan, arose.

[2] The area was the birthplace of numerous would-be empires, though not all managed to survive to the modern day, and even fewer in the forms they originally took. Some of them settled on Kul Tiras and became known as the Drust. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King,  Iron dwarf  Blood elf  Tauren You can help expand it by clicking Edit to the right of the section title. [18] The Lich King eventually tested his Plague upon some of the humans of Northrend, killing them and turning them into the undead; proving the effectiveness of his disease. Initial planned layout of zones in Northrend as shown at Blizzcon '07.

Thus began the War of the Spider. kontynent Fauna

When they finally reached Ner'zhul's icy fortress, embittered by the trials they had to suffer through, they had become dark and brooding. They caught the attention of Tyr when they attacked the earthen.

Osady Nowy dodatek rozmiarami przypominał swojego poprzednika - World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

  Król Lisz  Smocza Królowa Alexstraza  Odyn Now called the Lich King, Ner'zhul was imprisoned within a block of ice and cast back into Azeroth.

W wyniku zmian klimatycznych zapoczątkowanych drastycznym spadkiem temperatur zginęła spora część dotychczasowych mieszkańców.



After exhausting all natural attempts, the tribe sought the aid of its priestesses.

Often called "the roof of the world" and sometimes "the crown of Azeroth",[1] Northrend is a frozen wasteland that lies far to the north.

World of Warcraft Wiki jest społecznością Fandomu Gry. The Aspects were empowered despite his objections, and so Odyn took a section of Ulduar and raised it into the sky, creating the Halls of Valor, and in doing so relinquished his position of Prime Designate.

Rasy Archaedas agreed, promising to rouse them at some time in the future.

This is because he had discovered that the Pantheon was dead, killed by Sargeras, and had locked himself up in the Mogu'shan Vaults in despair. W nielicznych grupkach ocalały także Trolle, które nie były wyzwaniem dla Nerubiańskiego Imperium.

Eventually, the Dalaran mage Kel'Thuzad heard the call of the Lich King and traveled to Northrend in order to meet his new master, becoming his first necromancer after long months of trekking through the harsh arctic wastelands.

When the other Keepers decided to ask the Pantheon to empower the Dragon Aspects for their heroism against Galakrond, Odyn was vehemently against it, stating that only titan-forged could be trusted to defend Azeroth. Fan concept of the classical map of Northrend.

złoto, drewnożelazo, miedźolej, saronit

Między innymi Lodowe Trolle oraz Wendigo.

The vrykul left their homes, villages, and keeps vacant as they slept.  Forsaken

As with the other continents, it was once part of the original Kalimdor landmass that was broken apart during the Sundering. The blue dragons were successful in their task for many thousands of years, until the coming of the Lich King. These eternally vengeful beings would swell the ranks of Helya's kvaldir.


For this, he was judged to have committed a true act of depravity and was thereafter known as Skadi the Ruthless. Niegdyś były one częścią Kalimdoru; do czasu kataklizmu zwanego Rozbiciem Świata; kiedy to zostały oddzielone. Desperate for a replacement for the Well of Eternity, the Highborne infiltrated the Nexus and stole artifacts of the flight, earning the dragons' ire. [10][5], However, not all vrykul could bear to kill their own flesh and blood.

Tyr and his allies Keeper Archaedas and Watcher Ironaya gathered great numbers of titan-forged who dwelled around Ulduar and whom they saw as innocent victims of Loken's treachery.

In the conflict that would follow, the tribes united into the Empire of Zul, from which the Drakkari ruled in the north. Contents[show] To starting zones Note: This is a generic section stub.

Władca Widząc swoje zwycięstwo Król Lisz skierował swoją uwagę na Lordaeron. When the dragons confronted them in the forest the elves attempted to crystallize part of the area and draw magic from the crystals to fight the dragons off, but the spell was much more powerful than anticipated and transformed the entire region as well as twisting the elves' spirits. Even though the Crusaders reached as far as Icecrown Glacier, the heavy losses suffered from this defeat marked an end to the counteroffensive and forced the Crusade into a defensive stance, consolidating their powers in the Plaguelands.

 Vrykul Przynależność You have to consider the changes with some form of leniency, while technically you could say that if the story progresses then we need to remove a bunch of the content from Outland and Northrend as those are over - but for numerous reasons, you can probably see why that would be a bad idea.

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Under these watchers were other titan-forged and their nascent civilizations, the mighty Earthen, who tunneled within the deep places of the earth. Wyczuwające rychłą śmierć osobniki tej rasy podążały do Northrend by spocząć przy swych przodkach. Niniejsza sekcja dotyczy treści zawartych wyłącznie w dodatku. With these servants, Ner'zhul created a small army for himself. Northrend, Północna Grań - skuty lodem, najbardziej wysunięty na północ kontynent Azeroth a zarazem miejsce narodzin Plagi. [22][23] The goal of the spell was to melt the polar ice caps and make Icecrown vulnerable,[24] but the attempt failed, and Illidan's naga and blood elf forces later attacked the continent to destroy Icecrown and the Lich King, as tremors still shook the continent. Satisfied that Northrend was his, Ner'zhul began consolidating his forces for the corruption of Lordaeron. By the time of the Sundering, the iron vrykul had fully succumbed to the Curse of Flesh. You can help expand it by clicking Edit to the right of the section title. Planeta