ASX opens slightly higher after US stocks rally on election day. Happy Sunday Maribyrnong! When it came to burglaries, suburbs in the postcode 3978 fared worst with an astonishing one in 19 homes burgled. In Victoria, retailers were responding by spending more on security guards, CCTV and security tags. Police recorded an increase in breaches of family violence orders, with incidents up 8 per cent and rates rising by 5.8 per cent. South-east of the Melbourne CBD lies the second most dangerous suburbs in Melbourne, these three neighbouring suburbs have a burglary rate of one in 46 homes. Side note: What is the maximum amount of time you could bear travelling to work? Although their rates are improving they still make the list with one in 52 homes burgled. Cars were the most likely places to have items snatched, with Victorians reporting 53,831 incidents of theft from a motor vehicle in the last 12 months. They suffer from a lot of crime and drug problems, you also see the most alcoholics there, Werribee in reality just has a big crime issue. Braybrook homes are more than twice as likely to be broken into as other suburbs. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. I'm of middle eastern background myself but a lot of the recent refugees tend to be a lot more conservative and have contempt towards "western culture" - they stick with their own kind and form psuedo gangs. I haven’t had an issue anywhere but I’ve had friends robbed outside Flemington flats. Sunshine Melton Broadmeadows Gladstone park Noble park.

An analysis on the state's latest crime statistics, conducted by RACV, found Braybrook and Robinson in Melbourne's west top the list as the worst for home burglaries. Suburbs include: Beveridge – 1 in 55 homes, Here are a couple of things you can do to protect your home. Either way, I've lived in traditionally "bad" neighbourhoods and never been subject to anything serious. - R Letekro / T Harnell.

When it comes to determining how safe or unsafe a suburb is there are a few determining factors. Werribee, Heidelberg West, Braybrook, Flemington, Melton. "They might want to get a mobile phone or a tablet or whatever and they'll rip them out of the wall," he said. Also, as is normal in Melbourne, the West is copping a lot of flack in this thread. Or Trump refuses to go?
Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The September figures also show deception-related thefts, such as credit card fraud, continued to trend upwards, with rates per 100,000 rising 8.3 per cent over the year. It's him and he's still angry, Victorian police get a psychiatric crisis call every 12 minutes, top officer tells inquiry, Germany has less coronavirus than its neighbours, thanks in part to Merkel's hallmark, Office Christmas parties to look very different due to COVID-19 restrictions, Faheem's family are living on next to nothing. The new Domain Liveable Melbourne study — the fourth of its kind since 2005 — has ranked 307 suburbs on 17 indicators to give us this list of the most liveable in the city. In saying that you wont die after stepping a foot in them, but you really wouldn't go there unless absolutely necessary as they are generally unpleasant around public transport hubs and shopping centers in comparison to other Melbourne suburbs. I think I would apply the standard safe-practice that I would with anywhere. I don't get the hate for Broadmeadows or "everything between" until Oak Park. Mr Zimmerman said thieves were "going to great lengths" to steal. Broadmeadows, have had the misfortune of going to that area during the day a few times and it reminded me of The Walking Dead with all the meth zombies wandering around. Ms Neville said a "concerning trend" in robberies was being fuelled by children aged between 10 and 17 stealing shoes, phones and wallets from other kids, but stressed those committing these crimes were only a small group.

. Your US election questions answered, Football great Diego Maradona set to undergo brain surgery, 'It's so petty', the woman says, but then the phone rings. . It might surprise you to know that three homes in Victoria are burgled every hour and a Budget Direct report found that Victoria has the largest number of break-ins. Thats why I said in this other thread not to go there to live but instead I got downvoted :(. Dandenong, Frankston, Broadmedows, Melton and Sunshine are the places you want to avoid.

Dont get me wrong it's not the worst place to live, but I do understand why others don't like it. I went for a walk around Greeves, Grey and Fitzroy St, then to Luna Park. What's different is the architecture of the buildings & lot sizes, but you still have the similarity of zoned development, non-grid street patterns, & automobile-dependent transport. I live in the north and travel to CBD and south eastern suburbs a lot for uni / work and I notice how much more judgemental, homophobic, sexist and angry the demographic is here in the north. Australian Retailers Association executive director Russell Zimmerman said retailers were concerned about rising theft in Victoria, and that this was not just due to more people reporting crimes. . An analysis on the state's latest crime statistics, conducted by RACV, found Braybrook and Robinson in Melbourne's west top the list as the worst for home burglaries.

But as with almost everything with the good is also the bad. Because I'm in an inner city suburb, the trip out of town in the morning, and in at night is never crowded, and gives me a good chance to read a book and relax. Frankston, Werribee, Dandenong, Broadmeadows, Sunshine. Ms Neville said family violence across Victoria remained "a massive law and order issue" but attributed the increase in family violence order breaches to police work. Honestly... edit: just realised I was talking about Broady to roxy - Glenroy and Oak Park are completely different, Besides kebabs and Turkish food there honestly isn't much else - a couple of burger places here and there and your standard shit quality chain restaurants.
The RBA has begun 'quantitative easing'. With a population of 4.5 million, it is Australia’s second-biggest city and has a. of 81%. I travel an hour door to door every day, but actually really enjoy it.

Don’t store your valuables in your undies drawer. I maintain there are absolutely no downright no-go zones in Melbourne. You can look up statistics but it's just that, a statistic. Reported incidents of common assault are also on the rise, and particularly so for family violence, for which rates have more than tripled over the decade and jumped 9.3 per cent since 2018. Ironically all the places I can actually afford to live in.

I agree on the PT and food problems though. I used to hate having to go there, now I go out of my way to go there for the food and such. House prices reflect this, Dandenong and Broadmeadows are much more expensive for an old 1960s three bedroom, than a brand new 4 bed estate house in Clyde North or Tarneit. Statistics reveal the most burgled areas in town. Sometimes both. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Here we discover the most burgled and the Melbourne suburbs to avoid. These include the affluent suburbs of Brighton and Toorak in Melbourne's southeast, which have an above average risk of home burglaries. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I can't imagine ever having to live there. Property offences were the most common crime in Victoria over the past 12 months and theft from motor vehicles was the biggest component of that. Kurunjang, Melton, Melton West, Toolern Vale, 10.) For the sake of this list we stuck with the number of burglaries. i live in meadow heights, its totally fine. Some of the regulars on this list are the North-Western suburbs of Broadmeadows, Dallas and Jacana in the Hume City Council. Downtown Melbourne remained the riskiest place to leave your bike, followed by Brunswick, Parkville and Southbank. Victorian crime statistics reveal the worst Melbourne suburbs for thefts from cars. I find it great with good transport links, amenities and distance to CBD, which is basically distance to jobs. So I'm guessing the east is completely safe?