Recently, under Cam Newton, the Panthers have often worn an all-black uniform at home, but Newton was released by Carolina in March. Did the Redskins miss an opportunity? The Saints jerseys worn by Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara remain very much the same from when the franchise came marching into the NFL over 50 years ago. While this past season's throwback was an atrocity, this one was a great design that looked really good on the Buckeyes as they defeated the Wolverines. While the unis Tom Brady has worn are not aughts Bills — or aughts Seahawks-level — bad, they are less fun than the ones Drew Bledsoe primarily donned and those featuring the once-proud Pat the Patriot. With that, there are a handful of NFL throwback uniforms we wish we could see this season. The Oilers later gavewayto the Tennessee Titans, but we will never forget this beautiful staple. These jerseys have been worn in all 11 years of Matthew Stafford's career in Detroit, where he's thrown for over 41,000 yards. "Nike has been a long-time and trusted partner of [the] NFL and we're thrilled to extend our relationship with them," Brian Rolapp, the NFL’s chief media and business officer said in a statement at the time. The tiebreaker rules were changed to start with head-to-head competition, followed by division records, common opponents records, and conference play. Although the Cowboys have tampered with their royal blue look — which is not as bad as the sparse usage depicts — the fact they rarely don those illustrates how revered their classic uniform became. While it, like several of the uniforms before this, may be simple in design, the classic one stripe with the cursive looking D is neither too flashy nor too boring. The NFL would be a less fun place without the Raiders' signature silver and black. Older versions had more prominent stripes, but a reliance on burgundy and gold has always been a staple. To celebrate the NFL’s rich history of style, Stacker compiled a collection of iconic jerseys past and present for each NFL team, using photos from Getty Images. Good thing, because this franchise has some aesthetically unpleasant throwback options (so much beige). Chipotle struggles with staffing as coronavirus cases rise. Many teams made regrettable fashion decisions. That endured the move from San Diego to Los Angeles and adorned players like Ernie Ladd, who later became a professional wrestler. Although the road-white jerseys had red numbers, red stripes wouldn’t be added to the blue jerseys until 1966. Why did they ever let these go? The Orange Crush jerseys and bright blue helmet are good enough on their own, but when you throw a snorting horse between a “D,” it goes tothe next level. This is not a full-on knock on how the Air Coryell Chargers dressed; it just set the franchise on a course from which it has not recovered. Randall Cunningham's Eagles career ran from 1985-95, the same duration of these green-on-gray uniforms. Maybe it was the plain silver helmet or pulled-up blue socks. Just in time for one of the more interesting quarterbacks to come through the NFL, the Eagles restyled their scheme. Had they won that game, they would have tied for first place in the NFC East division and taken the division championship on a tie-breaker; then, the tie-breakers would have simply led to a coin toss between Dallas and Detroit for the NFC wild card. Oakland's 1963 concoction proved vital. While it's simple in design, these uniforms are clean and classy, not overplaying the age of the designs in some cheesy manner. The colors remind onlookers of the '70s, but they're done in an updated fashion which enhances the overall look of this jersey. We love them anyway. In 1974 the Bolts ditched powder blue — a staple of their previous uniforms — and they did not reintroduce their still-signature jersey as a full-time alternate until the 2000s.