The danger had only been thwarted temporarily, and they needed to prepare a new plan for saving Ciri. Each of the portals will be defended by the Wild Hunt warriors (24) and the hounds of the Wild Hunt (22). Who will be in the castle to participate in the battle will depend on who you managed to recruit to help. You, Lambert and Letho (if available) will get on your horses and go into the forest to close the portals through which the Wild Hunt warriors arrive. We're anticipating a spicy reunion between the two, but it wouldn't be The Witcher if it were all sunshine and roses. You have to fight the Wild Hunt warriors who are in the middle courtyard until you hear Vesemir shouting that you should check the gate to the main courtyard, then run to that gate. When you kill all enemies, Triss will thank you for your help and Ciri, who will appear on the walls of the upper castle, will inform you that Eskel is in trouble and that she is going to help him. © 1991 to And what will happen with Lambert if you didn't ask for Keira Mez's help. In an uncontrolled outburst of rage she pummeled both allies and enemies alike with a blast of pure Power. Ground Floor(1st floor for North Americans), First Floor(2nd floor for North Americans). After a while, when Caranthir starts using magic tricks, and thus tip the scales of victory in his favor, Ciri will join the fight and save Eskel. From among those witchers who called Kaer Morhen home, only a few survived the massacre, due only to the fact that they were not present at the time. All Rights Reserved. In older times, witchers trained and underwent mutations here, but fanatics who considered witchers an abomination attacked the keep and killed most of the teachers. After completing The Battle of Kaer Morhen you will get or will be able to get Blood on the Battlefield. If Zoltan is available, he will kill the Wild Hunt warrior who walks towards you. She's also likely to die from hoarding gaming collectibles. You'll be playing as Geralt again. So I guess you… Years ago a horde of fanatics, their hatred incited by various publications defamatory to witchers, such as the Monstrum, laid siege to Kaer Morhen. You may also be interested in something from the list below. Since production for Netflix's The Witcher began, a number of details regarding Season 2 have surfaced, including the show's introduction of new characters and potentially new events, exclusive to the series. However, she won't defeat Caranthir because after a while, at the sound of the Wild Hunt horn, Caranthir will use the teleport and retreat, and only his warriors will remain on the battlefield. The action will move to the castle and you will take control of Ciri for a while. You can take two bombs at a time, but the supplies are unlimited. ), and Charge (Very strong and fast attack that can knocks down foes). You, Lambert and Letho will jump on the horses and head back to the castle. Practically all those who were in the old fortress during the assault perished. Go help Triss. From shooters, to RPGs, if it's out - she's playing it. [6] The geography of the area, while more fully fleshed-out, is faithful to the original game, including the interior of the keep which has preserved the same floorplan. Go to the main hall of the castle, where everyone involved in the battle will gather to establish a plan of action. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Because as I know she saved him from dying during the Battle. Those who survived buried Vesemir, but had little time for mourning. The defenders' lives were hanging by a thread, when suddenly Ciri's magic talent revealed its full force. You'll be playing Ciri for a while now. Geralt and Ciri had no choice but to teleport away from the Isle of Mists when the Wild Hunt threatened to attack. The premium module "The Price of Neutrality" is set in and around Kaer Morhen. Are you excited for Netflix's The Witcher season two? You must close one portal on the right side of the castle and one on the left side. Lambert will get into serious trouble and his life will be in danger. Witcher Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. There was no time to lose. Kaer Morhen, being located high in the mountains as it is, is known for being particularly windy. Friends who will always take part in the battle are: In addition, if you managed to recruit them, they will also take part in the battle: To begin The Battle of Kaer Morhen you must first complete The Isle of Mists. It was during season one's finale that Geralt believed Yennefer died in the battle itself. They spared a few seconds for a tearful reunion - then began preparations to repel the Hunt's attack. In older times, witchers trained and underwent mutations … | Contact us. Vesemir will try to help Ciri escape but will be captured by Imlerith.To save her friend, Ciri will want to surrender to Eredin. It's a bit of a miracle that Ciri isn't blown from the peak at any point during her training there. Grieving yet determined, season two will take Geralt and Ciri back to his childhood home in Kaer Morhen where he was raised by Vesemir and trained among the other witchers. Some of the people in Ru comminity saying that there is a way, when Lambert can die instead of Vesemir. That was something. 29. It was really painful to see that place deserted and lonely. Do you have any information? If only Vesemir died in the battle: The Battle of Kaer Morhen was over. The defenders fell back beyond the inner gates of the fortress - and so began the last phase of the battle. Kaer Morhen is an old keep where the witchers used to be trained. This page was last edited on 21 April 2020, at 01:22. This objective will only be available if you have failed to convince Keira to come to Kaer Morhen. Since Eredin could trace where Ciri traveled to with her abilities, the duo did not so much flee the Hunt as buy a few precious minutes of time. Triss is in trouble and you have to help her. Together with Eskel, kill the Caranthir's warriors and then proceed towards the main gate. Those who survived buried Vesemir and Lambert, but had little time for mourning. Spoilers for the Battle of Kaer Morhen (surprise!) The outer courtyards of the keep are where Deidre Ademeyn, a princess allegedly affected by the Curse of the Black Sun has taken refuge, aided somewhat by the witchers wintering there: Vesemir, Lambert and in particular, Eskel.