But this does not mean that it does not contain good quality and rich content on it. The video player offers average control, users can control the volume as well as the quality. You have the option to sort out the anime videos on the basis of language and another basis too. :heavy_multiplication_x: THIS LIST IS BASED OFF OF MY OWN OPINIONS AND EXPERIENCES. Just below that is a slider-section, it auto-slides and reveals various anime movies/shows which may be of interest for some. © 2020 Fossbytes Media Pvt Ltd. All Rights Reserved. You have the option to check out the anime collection through various categories like full series listing, genres, highest-rated series, random anime etc. At Fossbytes, I cover all aspects of tech but my specific area of interest is Programming and Development. The name and the URL clearly and boldly state the purpose and contents of the website. Most of the content on the site is either Subtitled, or Dubbed in English. In fact, it is counted as one of the premium types of site for streaming anime online. For a more general binge watching, users can simply click on “Browse all Anime Movies and Anime Series“. Or users can use the tabbed-lists provided which sort Anime based on “Most Popular” and “Recent Additions“. The site is dark theme and has a neat interface. In case there are other good websites that you know of, let us know in the comment box below and tell us which one you enjoyed the most. However it is kinda slow but that might just be me. Almost all of the remaining screen is used to display thumbnails and titles for the available Anime. The video-players provide volume, easy-skip as well as quality-controls. If you prefer to watch anime without registering for other sites, you can always use YouTube. From Attack on Titan to Cowboy Bebop and Death Note to One Punch Man, it covers several popular and not-so-famous ones too. Ok anyways...this site is completely legal, safe, FREE, and fast. Some of the sites are paid and some are free but every single one of them are reliable for sure. All of the features makes GogoAnime one outstanding place to watch anime. The dedicated anime pages are informative and provide information such as a detailed Synopsis, Cast, and even display the total views on the Anime. 2 comments. Reviews were positive and it has manga. Yep it has it all. The rest of the screen is dedicated to Anime thumbnails, and banner-ads (a lot of them). save. Kind of. Users can switch between episodes using the episode-list provided along with each videos’ streaming-page. This probably should be No.1 but since I don't use it as much as No.1 it's 3. No registrations, downloads or surveys of any kind need to be completed. They all say it's good quality and has tons of popular anime. The site displays the thumbnail for the content, along with the total number of episodes (in case of a series) right on top of it. So just in case, you are interested in watching free TV shows and movies too, you should definitely check out its other sections. So as long as you are okay watching ads and watching anime in a relatively low resolution, you can binge-watch the entire Naruto series for free! However it's HD and has tons of Dub.