Deb invites both Karen and Keith to the annual basketball appreciation party and, having decided to stop hiding from her past, Karen agrees to attend, much to Dan's dismay. He also become a better friend to Peyton and they are more like brother-sister figures now. Hair color: He is faced with a challenge as Lucas, his biological half-brother, joins his high school basketball team, The Tree Hill Ravens, and threatens to steal his spot as shooting guard. Nathan disowns his brother and moves back home with Deb. Marital status: Nathan's mother, Deb Scott, Nathan and Haley on their first date. After the game, Ian signs the contract and Nathan asked to go to the bathroom. They agree to be strong for each other and Deb goes to rehab to overcome her pill addiction. After a year with the Chiefs, Nathan got called-up by the Charlotte Bobcats to be their new point guard, where he played for one season and had his contract renewed despite struggling, but due to issues with his back, Nathan was forced to retire from basketball and pursues a career as a sports agent in Clay's agency. Haley, not being the party girl, ends up puking on Dan's lap. He gets her drunk at his family's beach house, but then Dan shows up. Most of the main characters' storylines throughout the series revolve around who they're currently in love with or fighting with or sleeping with. Nathan and Haley soon look out the window to see him lying face down in the pool. After struggling during the training session he returns to see the photos of Haley and Jamie ripped up, as well as one of him and Quentin. Nathan and Lucas eventually find their love for each other and decide that they are now officially brothers. He is wracked with guilt over his father's current state and blames himself for it, but he, along with Deb, Jamie and Lydia, says his goodbyes to Dan and reconciles with him. Nathan was a born rich kid, unlike Brooke he never flaunts his wealth or his money. After hearing that, Haley buries her head in Nathan's shoulder as she begins to cry and he tells her it's finally over. 4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad), The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most, With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept, Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends, You Have To Be Joking (Autopsy Of The Devil's Brain). Eye color: He received a scholarship to Duke University, but after the public found out he had been point-shaving in the games leading up to the State Championship, Nathan lost his scholarship. After Nathans hospitalization, Coach Whitey Durham suspends basketball 'until further notice', and Nathan sees the opportunity to spend even more time with Haley. Mostly in the beginning of the first season, they got off the wrong foot. Nathan goes back to college, and isn't well liked by his college professor, Dr. August Kellerman. Nathan's parents, Dan and Deb Scott should have filed for divorce much sooner than they actually do in the series. First he wanted to date her, just to get close to her to mess with Lucas. They are both rushed to the hospital. Nathan Royal Scott Dan and Deb's relationship is so volatile, Deb tries to kill Dan at the end of season two by burning his car dealership down while Dan is still inside. ("I And Love And You"), birthday and a woman named Renee asks to take a picture with Nathan and later the woman tells Clay that she slept with Nathan. "Deb" Lee (formerly Scott) was one of the main characters between the first and second seasons of "One Tree Hill". But he struggles to deal with his own feelings as Clay's status continues to worsen. Nathan wanted to change himself and be the guy who he used to be. Karen eventually agrees to let Deb help her and she leaves Deb in charge. She finally stood up to him, when she saw Nathan collapsing in the Gym. After the death of Keith. He opts to drive the ball in for Neno to score. He confronts Professor Kellerman, who at first denies involvement, but then admits responsibility a short time later in a separate meeting. ("My Way Home Is Through You"), she can't keep living like this. Believing Nathan isn't happy, Deb decides to cut back at her work to ensure he is okay. NEXT: One Tree Hill: 10 Best Episodes Of Season 1, Ranked By IMDb. Deb and Skills make their relationship public during Quentin's funeral and although Nathan is disturbed by it, he eventually accepts as Skills makes Deb happy but he doesn't want to see their affection in front of him. Nathan chats with Haley and Lydia via webcam before leaving Europe, showing them both a pink moose he bought to bring back home for Lydia as a gift. She is obviously living in Tree Hill as she comes to be Jamie's nanny in season 5. Scared that his father almost ended up becoming what he once was, Jamie makes him promise that he will stop playing Slamball, which he agrees to for his son's sake. ("Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You..."). She and Dan finally patch things up in season 9. Appearances: After going through doubting Nathan and offering to pay the woman off, Haley decides to support him and not pay her anything. She also tries to get Nathan to divorce Haley, after Haley goes on tour. Later on the roof, Lucas and Nathan exchan, Haley goes into labour. In a much later season, Dan gets Deb to sign full partnership of Tric over to Karen after Deb was arrested. The couple do eventually get their happy ending. Nathan also asks his coach if he can wear the number 12 instead as a tribute to Jamie ( which is actually written in but is for Jenny Lynn Snyder, 17, a fan of the show who died of a heart attack that year). It's love at first sight for Julian, but he has to work hard to win over Brooke's affections, which of course, he eventually does. But when Dan killed Keith, it was never about the dealership fire. This angers her, and she goes to find comfort in Nathan. Some time later, Nathan has an argument with Haley. ("One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning"). ("All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone"). While he is at Lucas' bedside, Lucas wakes up. He was that close to turning into his father, until Lucas joined the basketball team. At the cafe the following day, Deb and Karen talk as Karen receives a letter inviting her to join a six-week cooking course in Italy, but Karen is insistent that she can't go because of Lucas and the cafe. He and Jamie have a tight bond. Whitey accepts a coaching position with a nearby college, and asks Nathan to be his new star player recruit. To try and persuade Karen to go, Deb offers to run Karen's Cafe for her while she is away. Quentin gives Haley trouble as her English student as well.