He would not. And my mom's car got shot up. On your first night out in the big bad city Dr. Nuhkbane Albert Collins I went to pick her up. Jenny's personality is the complete opposite of Lola, her babysitting rival and later best friend. Bobby is a kid that Jenny has looked after in the past, until Lola volunteered as a substitute claiming that Jenny recommended her. Oh, God! Brad And you outta luck. : : You're outta luck. Thors my hero! : Brad Chris Chris Here we go again. The reason why Zac ended up saying that was because when Zac called Jenny on the phone, it was Lola who answered it (since Jenny and Lola got their phone switched) and Lola said that she is not interested since she hates concerts and it's so "juvenile.". How's the car? I got it right there in the glove compartment. And we all got hijacked. : Daryl Dead? : : Your friend is dead. Brad Chris Brad [to Joe Gipp]  How much? We'll go eighty. Release Dates Rated Teen for strong suggestive content, action, and more.. "The Babysitter: The Gambit Cut", chapter 2 by BitterSweetTeller I'd love to hit you. Chris ... We ain't got a nickel. Yep. When they arrived, Jenny got a makeover by Katy and Lola, but because of that makeover, the concert already ended and Jenny thought that there's no way that she could find Zac. Really? : She gets paid double the amount of money she gets for babysit during the holidays. NO! I don't like watching my kids by myself, too much pressure. Daryl Brad : Ha. And we're in trouble. You kept it? Because of that, it is shown that she is an experienced babysitter since she knows all the babysitting rules, and know what she was supposed to do. Chris Lola was also Jenny's babysitting rival at the beginning of the movie. I got this call from Brenda. : Take back what you said about Thor! I'm not your girlfriend, I'm not your friend! [still covering his eyes]  Brad I don't think your parents will ever ask me to babysit again. : Jenny is the perfect inside-the lines, straight-laced girl. }; Is she all better? song: "On+This+Way", Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Me too. And they should be in bed! No it's no not Sara. : Hi, Sarah! : : Go ahead.