This isn't some virtual reality focused addendum to the existing game though - this is the entirety of No Man's Sky playable in VR, and is compatible with existing saves made before the update too. That means you can go from a planet's surface, into your ship, to the Nexus and back again all within VR. That means you can buy PSVR games for PS4 then play them on the PS5 - as long as its a backwards compatible title. In that way it’s fun trying to stay calm under pressure and getting a laugh when it all, inevitably, blows up in your face. Apart from a few cool demos, VR seemed like vaporware. Resident Evil 7 is a bit of an anomaly on this list: this entry in the long-running horror series takes the experience into first-person for the first time, but, more impressively, can be played in its 18 hour entirety in VR. Some people might have an impression of VR players slowly sinking into their couch as their virtual body flourishes and their real world body withers away.

The game throws players into the arid Southwest of the United States, an area overrun with zombies. By Vic Hood, Mark Knapp, Nick Pino, Emma Boyle, Gerald Lynch, Jordan Oloman 30 September 2020. It makes an already drool-worthy racer extra tempting, and is a must-have for PSVR owners. It’s also fun, as a goofy announcer keeps everything lighthearted even while racers try sabotaging one another with a handy arsenal of weapons. Copyright 2019 UVR Media LLC. There are several levels (with the potential of the developer adding more later, as has already been done), and each sets you in a unique environment that plays out much like an escape room. The standalone Oculus Go headset is a less pricey entry into the VR fray, but we don’t specifically cover compatible experiences for that system here. The campaign can be played in co-op, and there’s also a multiplayer Horde mode. These cookies do not store any personal information. Chances are, the original Battlezone might have passed you by if you're under 40 – Atari's 1980 arcade game doesn't quite hold the same iconic status as Pong. The fantastic I Expect You to Die will have you feeling like a classy Cold War-era spy, like James Bond as played by Sean Connery or Roger Moore, not Daniel Craig. The Best VR Games for 2020 Virtual reality headsets are only as good as the experiences they offer. If you've got a PlayStation VR headset then this is one of the best PSVR games you can get. We’ve been hands-on with it already, and it shows promise. Essentially you play regular games of Tetris, except that the environments you're playing in change. Something of a cult classic, Double Fine’s 2005 platformer Psychonauts left a serious cultural legacy, which eventually resulted in this virtual reality spin-off, which is a very natural fit due to protagonist Razputin Aquatos’s psychokinetic powers. Black Friday is coming at the end of November, followed by Cyber Monday 2020, meaning we're likely to see some fantastic deals on PlayStation VR games. Tetris Effect is the latest iteration, and perhaps, one of the best ever. So, even if you're holding out for the rumored PSVR 2, it's worth picking up as many discounted PSVR games as you can around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. In this game, cost-cutting robots try to terminate your employment by any means necessary. Check it out for games that are both immersive and fun. Definitely deserving of its place on our best PSVR games list. Excitingly, controls have been tweaked too. It’s always been a game that lets you “get in the zone”, but with VR head tracking, Rez Infinite becomes almost hypnotic.

Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! Even if you've played through the game multiple times, it's still something quite special to actually be standing in Solitude, or climbing the steps of Bleak Falls Barrow with your own two feet. With an insane sense of speed and spot on head-tracking enemy targeting, it’s easy to completely lose track of reality whilst playing Rez Infinite, and it’ll be hard to stop yourself dancing along to the grooves your shots produce. Fans of nearly every genre have excellent choices and should find at least a few games of interest in our roundup. HoloLens, for example, has more professional and commercial applications. Beyond the gripping story, Iron Man VR provides exciting and replayable combat arenas, complemented by a fun control scheme that has you flicking your wrists to swap between rockets and repulsors.

Sony has confirmed that the PS5 is backwards compatible with 99% of the PS4 games it tested - and it looks like PSVR games will fall into this too. Along the way, you can explore as many of the game’s innumerable procedurally generated planets as you want, build a home base, and battle enemy ships in space. First coming to the Venice Film Festival this week, Agence is a new type of VR experience that has players interacting with tiny AI-driven characters. Part of the game’s charm is that whenever you start feeling good about your skills as either a decoder or disarmer, something else comes up that ruins your day. Click Accept to confirm you're OK with this: New VR Games July 2020: The Biggest Releases This Month, June VR Games 2020: The Biggest Releases This Month, Oculus Pauses Quest 2 Elite Strap Shipments Amidst ‘Quality Reports’ (Update), Wands Is Making Its Wands Much Cooler In New Update, Realistic Soccer Training App Rezzil Launches On SteamVR, Incredible VR Movie Spheres Is Coming To Oculus Quest With Hand-Tracking. After a slow August, the year’s releases are picking up steam as we head into the holiday season. New VR Games September 2020: The Biggest Releases This Month. Star Trek: Bridge Crew puts Star Trek fans right where they’ve always wanted to be: on the bridge of a Federation starship, or even in the captain’s seat. Please refresh the page and try again. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? That couldn’t be further from the truth for players of Sprint Vector. No, but recommended. By Michael Walsh Last updated Jul 1, 2020. We had a blast with Farpoint. PCMag is obsessed with culture and tech, offering smart, spirited coverage of the products and innovations that shape our connected lives and the digital trends that keep us talking. After a slow August, the year’s releases are picking up steam as we head into the holiday season. There’s two main modes here – offline campaign and online multiplayer. You’re plopped right into the middle of truly precarious situations, such as standing empty-handed before three enemies with shotguns who have you dead-to-rights, with only your wits and time on your side. It’s lonely out there, but there’s hope on the horizon of other humans that haven’t been infected. Each player has a role to play, specifically Captain, Helm, Tactical or Engineer. We’ll update this story from time to time, so your choice could appear in the next update.