1995 Toyota Land Cruiser LX $27,985. Tell us what vehicle you are looking for and our team will find it! (304) 357-4158, U.S Postal Service N. Little Rock, AR 72231 Government Surplus Auction (720) Wed, Nov 4. Although prices may vary depending on location and condition, a good range to expect is $3,500 to $5,000, at the time of publication, unless you’re buying a new surplus vehicle, in which case the price could be as high as $15,000 to $25,000. 135 A Street Sort by. (913) 295-9167, U.S. Postal Service Boise, ID 83707 147 Quigley Blvd. Government Surplus Auction (1311) Tue, Nov 3. Baton Rouge, LA 70021 Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. 6 Waelchi Avenue Lots of power options too. The prominent SkyLite roof creates an increased brightness within the interior. If you intend to use the postal van or truck as a recreational vehicle, ensure that the brakes, engine and transmission are all in a reliable condition that would allow you to drive the truck for at least six months before it needs any major mechanical work. You’ll find items ranging from jewelry, knife sets, kitchen items, books, watches, women’s and men’s clothing… in fact, you’ll find just about any and every item conceivable. New York, NY 10199-9721 Springfield, MA 01152-9721 A lock ( Depending on the condition of the vehicle, you may also need to arrange for the vehicle to be transported to your address or have someone with you to drive one of your vehicles home. 1165 Second Avenue A guide is also provided for new buyers. Once you have chosen a dealer and the truck that you want, you will need to either pay the total price of the truck upfront or make financing arrangements. Denver, CO 80209 Vehicle Maintenance Dept. This could be used as a daily…, The Land Cruiser is a tough, powerful Four Wheel Drive vehicle, equipped with a large diesel turbo powered engine. The Postal Service must dispose of these items some how. 314 Eva Street All our vehicles are current on all their services and have been inspected by us both in Japan and when they arrive in the US. Postal Vehicles. If the truck is to be used for recreational purposes, it should be outfitted with all of the proper doors and seat belts that a regular car or truck would be required to have. This second generation Odyssey comes equipped with a 4WD system in…, This is our 1994 right hand drive Mitsubishi Delica in black which was quickly sold due to it’s cool and crazy retro looks, spacious interior,…, Very clean and well kept together Mitsubishi Pajero here. Madison, WI 53703 Philadelphia, PA 19104 Lock View All On-Site Auctions. Vehicle Maintenance Vehicle Maintenance Facil. If it’s small enough to be sent through the mail, it’s probably here as well. (603) 644-4022, Main Post Office Atlanta, GA 30304-9721, U.S. Postmaster 1994 Mitsubishi Delica Exceed – 4WD – Turbo Diesel, 1993 Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed – Super Select 4WD, 1995 Mitsubishi Delica – 4WD Turbo Diesel, 1993 Mitsubishi Pajero – Turbo Diesel 4×4. 2000 Vassar Street Maybe you're familiar with the Jeep Scrambler, but then again, maybe you're not. That’s because the postal service has a very large inventory of two wheel drive vehicles. 750 Florida Blvd. state: West Virginia. While the condition of a used postal truck can vary depending on who and where you buy it from, it should be free of any major rust damage, especially to the undercarriage of the vehicle. Depending on the source of the vehicle you find, the condition, price and legal status of the vehicle may be questionable. Check out the U.S. Post Office web site regarding undeliverable, lost, damaged and unclaimed goods at http://www.usps.gov/consumer/auctions.htm . $8,900.00. P.O. 1300 Evans Avenue The USPS and the NRLCA have a Memorandum of Understanding that provides incentives to rural carriers that purchase Right hand drive vehicles to deliver a rural route. 5th Street There are only two categories of items that are put up for sale: “Surplus Jeeps” and “Undeliverable Packages and Parcels.”. Posted 3 weeks ago Vehicles / Georgia / 603 views. Wilmington, DE 19850 Posted 1 week ago Vehicles / Oregon ... 94 Toyota Sprinter DIESEL Wagon HD Delivery Factory RHD Sale Price Featured . 615 S. Capitol Avenue