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Also, how do you brag about your good qualities/skills without sounding pretentious/cocky (not sure of the right word here)?

Program rankings will take into consideration a student’s Winter (Term 1 & Term 2) session average and personal statement. 0 comments. 2nd Year Placement is the process by which first-year engineering students are placed in discipline-specific engineering programs for the remainder of their BASc degree. I dont want to potentially lose both spots you know. In particular, any students missing MATH 100, MATH 101, MATH 152, PHYS 170, one of (a) PHYS 153 or (b) all of PHYS 157, PHYS 158, PHYS 159, and WRDS 150 or another first-year English course must have received credit for these courses no later than August 1st. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ubcengineering community. I feel fairly confident with my interview skills but 5, 5 minute interviews seems a difficult situation to really highlight your strengths.

More information on Mech 2 requirements can be found in the Academic Calendar. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This form is available annually July 1st - July 15th. Degree Navigator is accessed through the Student Service Centre (SSC). Program specific degree requirements are listed in the UBC Academic Calendar, and can be viewed using the links below. 80% Upvoted . 99% Upvoted. Students are expected to take their English requirement prior to commencing Mech 2 – in first year or during the first term of summer.

You will need to speak to DSO on this and get this clarified. they let you re-register if the appeal is approved, More posts from the ubcengineering community. no comments yet. My question is that when they review the applications, do they only look at courses that complete the first year requirements?

Program requirements may change between academic years due to accreditation requirements or curriculum updates.

I know a few people who have been in similar routes (one did poorly in MATH, took two years off to work, and rejoined UBC in BASC and then ENPH). save hide report. An additional year is nothing compared to being in a program you didn't want to be in. Upvote those you want to have answered.

In general, students will be asked to complete those courses and enter into MECH 2 the following year. Close • Posted by 2 minutes ago. I am a second year EE student, and although I do enjoy some of the classes we're taking, a lot of the time I feel either absolutely incompetent, or I just completely lack the energy to do the course work required. Posted by. 2nd Year Engineering Placement. Any student who fails to do so will not be permitted to start Mech 2 that year and will forfeit his/her seat in Mech 2 until a subsequent year in which he/she is able to meet the prerequisites by the above deadline.

yea definitely register for your current one; otherwise if the appeal doesn't work you could lose your spot. save hide report. So Andre says: he doesn't want anyone in the program who isn't 100% committed.