He got 7k from UBC. UBC Award Search. External awards. I wouldn't worry too much about it if that doesn't really apply to you. You can't just send a doctored transcript to enrolment services or the government and get a loan/bursary lol. Is the only assessment of unmet need provided by studentaid funding decisions? Does anyone have experience with the UBC Bursary and how much money they received from it? UBC Bursary Verifications. I agree with the person who said you come off as a bit of an asshole when your immediate reaction is to report the girl because of something you've heard from a secondary source. Please report it to enrolment services with any proof you have. If this person worked during the summer and applied for loans/bursaries that fall, his income would not count and he would receive funding either way. I always got fuck all when I used to apply several years ago. Stuck in Zoom calls. It took quite some time, I think it was December when I got an email saying I had received a bursary and honestly I had kind of forgotten about it. I wanted to throw up. UBC’s General Bursary program is designed to help fill your “unmet need,” which is the gap between 1) your assessed educational and living costs, and 2) your available government assistance and … I once dropped below a full course load in the summer and was notified that my funding was withdrawn within the week. 562. They gave me the maximum amount one is able to receive grant and all and so I have an unmet of around 5.5k. I explained my situation in the application but received no bursary :(, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. They could just be terrible with money and qualify because they are in a lot of debt. You could always ask Enrolment services, but it's going to be hard for them. making barely enough to cover tuition so I would much rather get some free $$$... That’s crazy. Edit: This was when I was in Science, not Pharmacy*, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I knew someone who did this... lied about volunteering during the summer so he didn't have money, when he was actually working in oil and gas and making quite a bit. You need to have an active loan account as well as unmet need on top of that to qualify for a bursary, and course information is regularly updated by UBC and communicated to StudentAid. I think asking Enrolment Services if there is anything you can do regarding the matter may be a start? It’s like people that shit on large corporations for avoiding taxes. You can find information on award criterias, descriptions on the faculty, scholarship donor, and student reference. You have to have student loans and unmet need on top of the loan amount to qualify. On top of that - not that I've ever tried - but I've been studying under loans and grants for over 5 years now and AFAIK there is absolutely no way of falsifying your course load. I would not know tbh, but the asssessed one from studentaidbc would be more legitimate than one's one claim(from what I believe). Personally, I had 2 straight years where I received the full amount of my "unmet" needs (approx $6k each year). How many words do you think would be adequate to explain my financial scenario to UBC if my unmet financial need is ~$2000? She was able to demonstrate a false "financial need" because her parents do not work (but have financial assets under their name) and money overseas. If this person received bursaries, he must have had unmet need assessed by StudentAid BC. Her parents also pay for her tuition. Come on. UBC Bursary Voluntary Info I know this section is a little bit personal for people who are applying for the Bursary, but I would like to ask the individuals who have applied for the Bursary in previous years and have received adequate funding for their unmet assessed financial need. Failure to provide the requested documents in a timely manner may result in the delay or cancellation of your UBC bursary funding, and/or a reassessment of your application. Overseas income? For me, I just honestly explained my financial situation and why I needed that bursary. If he lied about his income the following year, then it would likely have to be straight up lying to the CRA and a much bigger deal. OP thinks she's committing fraud. Complemented by UBC Profstats, which offers grading variations by instructors. Make sure to focus your energies on increasing good governance. See, UBC determines financial need based on the BC Student Loans program, and BC student Loans verifies data using CRA information, and now you see the problem. I have an acquittance that gets nearly $3000 in bursaries every semester just to fund their lavish lifestyle (dining out, designer clothing etc.) Sincerely, Your first name. CourseRatings.ca - Reviews of UBC Courses Abuse of the bursary and student aid system hurts everyone, especially those who need the bursaries the most. With that said, If $3k over 4 months makes even a slight difference for this student it’s not like they are filthy rich or anything. IMO OP lost all credibility when she said the girl falsified her course load. The UBC Award Search is a listing of UBC scholarships, bursaries, prizes, and awards. I am kind of outraged by this because I (along with many fellow students) am working part-time just to (barely) fund our studies, yet I was unable to secure bursaries every year. Don’t blame the student blame the system. Last year I got the full amount of my "unmet need", Unable to comment on the likelihood of receiving any amount (or at all!). For example, if I actually need 2000 but studentaid only assessed it at 200, will ubc take my word over theirs if I explain why it's 2000? Then don't be the type of person that people would snitch on. Or do they just review your loan assessment and give that regardless of your input? I think as long as you have a valid reason, and unmet need you'll receive the bursary. You may be eligible for awards offered by external groups. As soon as you as much as drop a course, StudentAid is notified and UBC bursaries are withdrawn. Am I able to define my own unmet needs?