Joe, throughout his career, has had difficulty seeing his son.

But you slipped, you [?] Now there's only pain

Data protection is of a particularly high priority for the management of the SuperbHub. But we ain't gotta hate each other (Nah), I tried to make it work Lexington Budden’s Instagram account mostly contains videos and photos of his alongside his gorgeous mother Cyn Santana, father Joe Budden and at times with his elder half-sibling, Trey Budden.

Now there's only pain

“Dear Angela” is Joe’s letter in the form of a song to Angela, who is the mother of his first child, Trey. Learnt my lesson, on one hand you gave me such a beautiful seed

I ain't want it like this I wanted a family, not just a baby mother Even though we argued the pussy was the best that I encountered Many JBTV users believe this story to be exceptionally corny bullshit. Lol, — Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) February 14, 2018. Joe, throughout his career, has had difficulty seeing his son. Joe Budden has been supportive of his son Trey in his musical journey and helps him on his studio works being a music veteran.

Just like that, ma, you at the precinct with my son But prior to you miscarried (Thank God) I wasn't ready for a kid I'm good now, you not the only one fed up (Uh-huh)

Both of us was acting confused (Uh-huh) His mother is Angie. (But) You said some shit, good thing my dawgs got me up off you (Uh-huh) Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License. ), remembering all the tears from your eyes

Inseparable us, no matter what looked out for the kid

Joe’s son Trey Budden has spoken about the strained relationship with his father and gave tribute to his mother Angie in his first musical release “Thought’s After the Courtroom”. Should of known that we couldn't whether the storm

Yo, what's goin' on? [Chorus: Crystal Gayle & Joe Budden] I left the hospital, you came home from jail, we'll be united again She is the subject of several Joe songs, as she is reluctant to allow Joe to visit his child. (I don't understand)

[Chorus: Crystal Gayle & Joe Budden]

_taboola.push({ Where And What Are They Doing Now? My oldest son called to tell me he dissed me in a song & he wanted me to hear it from him before the streets told me….. that’s my baby!!! Now there's only pain

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Together they make a complete and happy family, whereas Trey’s biological mother Angie’s whereabouts are under wraps and away from the Limelight. They really changed after birth, I guess you got what you wanted Angie is Joe's baby mama.