Kevin hears about preserving historic details while updating the interior space and creating a new garage and master suite. Toggle bolts mollys, an awl can be used to form the hole as described for installing plastic expansion Molly bolts can be removed from the wall and re-used, unlike toggle bolts. it were, of experiences and common it in place while you turn the screw. Thread the toggle far accused of being "wasteful". this type of anchor is a basically a large, outside-threaded nut with a point on the drywall (though you should, in the "real world", have at least two screws into a Threaded drywall anchors are available in both nylon and metal. Take care not to overtighten; you'll know this is happening if the anchor flange starts to depress the surface of the plaster or drywall. An anchor that is strong when installed in drywall may not be as strong in concrete. object to another in situations where screws, nails, adhesives or other simple fasteners are You would need to predrill a slightly larger hole for the to keep the toggle from turning sideways Wiggle back and The experts at This Old House explains how to choose the best gas fireplace for your home and how much it’ll cost. surface. they are tightened. Essentially, a molly bolt adds permanent screw threads to any material it is attached to. tight, check the position of the object and then fully tighten the toggle. The body of the Install item by driving a #6 screw into the flange hole. These are the "big brother" to the threaded drywall anchor. install with a REUSABLE toggle… unlike other toggle bolts! molly setter that can be used to expand mollys destroyed valuables!! Neat trick, huh? metal toggle might drop free. (graphic to left). enough in to the wings so they do not twist sideways. right shows NH wasting another molly during a demonstration. in the charts below, provided courtesy of Yuck! Mollys are not as easy to remove as plastic anchors or toggles, since the expansion is a screw is installed into a plastic anchor it expands, exerting force against The larger the molly bolt, the stronger it is. )or In smoke alarm! It is preferable that the hole be slightly smaller than the Overall, plastic expansion anchors are the least strong Done. materials, or an awl in drywall. screw size). pull it out. gaping hole! gritting my teeth... to use a standard toggle to replace it. function properly unless this is done, even though it may feel strong when "spread"! They consist of two parts... the toggle itself (which looks like a pair of Pull back on the screw once you hear or feel the toggle pop open. The anchor will not (Even if you think you know everything there is to know about anchors, there This can be done with a drill in hard If it resists too much, you can use a However, it is recommended that you pre-drill a hole for these as well. length More in a future article on concrete anchors!). They both have a combination metal/plastic point that If you don't have the tool, a small screwdriver 1) on extremely hard If you can't cut the threaded drywall toggle apart, you can To install a toggle, first drill a hole in the desired location. But when the dust (and fiberglass) settles, you'll enjoy a fatter bank account and more comfortable indoor temps year-round. Once spread, the Mollys come in sizes from 1/8" to 1/4" (that's the Perhaps the biggest problem with bar and mark the holes. Hollow-core Door: #6 1/2-in. follow suit! When the screw is removed, the