The hour-long premiere first premiered on July 29, 2011. Panthro explains to WilyKit and WilyKat that Grune lost his sabertooth when he ripped it out while fighting Spidera, a mythical giant, The ThunderCats have been running a series of, In a mountainous region, Lion-O seeks guidance from the Book of Omens for their next potential course: upwards. Lion-O uses the Eye of Thundera and finds a button that opens the way to the Tower of Omens, which Tygra opens with his whip. Tygra stops the young king, telling him the Book of Omens is more important than Cheetara. The origin of the stones and the cat's relationship to Mumm-Ra and the other animals is finally revealed! The series is produced by Warner Bros. Mumm-Ra wants the stone in the sword which he claims is his, and tortures Jaga to force him to remove a curse that prevents evil from touching the Sword of Omens. On their way back to Dog City to meet with the ThunderKittens and Snarf, the five adult ThunderCats pause in the middle of a forest to think about their next move, while Mumm-Ra spies on them using his, After making it back to the City of Dogs, Panthro wonders why the Book of Omens is pointing to the sky. Lion-O is angered by the doubts and disrespect of his group. Mvideo24h. Exploring a secret. Panthro fatally wounds the king, then reveals himself to be Mumm-Ra (an ancient nemesis of the Thundercats) in disguise. They tell Lion-O about a monster bird known as Viragor. They reach a desert-like ocean, but are captured by a boat crewed by a group of Fishmen. When a butterfly catches Baby Lion-O's attention, he follows it through town, narrowly avoiding disaster along the way. Lion-O confronts Tygra about his frustrations that the Sword of Omens is not working. Jaga's spirit sends Lion-O into the book's data to see how history unfolded through the eyes of his ancestor Leo. Lion-O tries to avenge his father, but he and Tygra are captured along with Jaga and Cheetara. Captain Tygus recovers the Warstone, but it is taken by Leo, who then uses it to complete the Sword of Omens. Meanwhile, Cheetara shows Wilykit how to masking their scents in an attempt to kill a female Chib-Chib. 12:31. However, Panthro avoids talking to him and shows little respect for Lion-O's authority. Leo and his second-in-command and girlfriend, Panthera, arrest the Jackal and Lizard perpetrators. Lion-O discovers that Leo is the commander of the cats, who serve Mumm-Ra as his jailers of the other Animals. Iratecrushed. King Claudus congratulates Snarf on a job well done and appoints him as Baby Lion-O's personal caretaker. Lion-O returns on Viragor to tell the rest of the Thundercats the truth, much to the Wood Forgers' disappointment. Eventually, Panthro says he needs to get Thundrillium to recharge the Thundertank from a nearby Lizard-controlled, Panthro and Tygra try to rig the Book of Omens to the Thundertank, which damages the entire tank. Studying the book, Jorma concludes that one of the stones the ThunderCats are after is somewhere in the sky. Bustle. Mumm-Ra manages to put himself into an emergency capsule, but Leo and Panthera destroy the controls, trapping him inside. Tygra threatens to keep the stone if he finds it, while Mumm-Ra lurks in the background, hoping that the brothers' rivalry will lead to their deaths. Animation with animation production by Studio 4°C.The series has aired on Cartoon Network and aired in North America on Adult Swim's Toonami. Lion-O discovers that they are planning a rebellion with the Animals. Tygra implies that Lion-O is not the right person for the sword, displaying his jealousy towards Lion-O's confrontations with Cheetara. Leo uses his mages to construct the Sword of Omens and the Gauntlet. Mumm-Ra and Lion-O square off in battle, with Jaga sacrificing himself to save Lion-O and the others. Panthro and Pumyra use. Tookit is arrested and remanded to The Pit, but he already has a means of escape with a pin he stole earlier. Their father was an ambitious farmer who died in a, The ThunderCats reach a city inhabited by dogs, who host a, Arriving at Mount Plun-Darr, the ThunderCats and Pumyra discover that the Thunderian, After defeating Ratar-O, the ThunderCats do not have enough time to hide the Sword of Plun-Darr, as Mumm-Ra and his Lizard Army have already arrived. Cheetara is momentarily incapacitated and Lion-O attempts to save her. SPIN. In a nearby town getting supplies, Lion-O has an encounter with a Drifter who warns him to stay away from the town. Lion-O uses Sight Beyond Sight and finally locates the stone's next location. ThunderCats is a reboot of the original ThunderCats TV series. Featured channels. In the Forest of Magi Oar, the Thundercats send WilyKit, WilyKat and Snarf to search for firewood. Mumm-Ra returns to finish the battle, and seems to be winning, until Leo adds the stone he took to his gauntlet. Panthro decides to teach the kittens about survival. Lion-O, always outdone by his adoptive older brother Tygra, undergoes the ritual to be chosen by the Sword of Omens as the next king of Thundera. After they bump into him again, Tookit takes the trio to introduce them to the Forever-bag and its child inhabitants Albo, Gusto, and Jenyo. Mumm-Ra is after the Warstone, which Lion-O recognizes as the Eye of Thundera. Captain Tunar dies as he makes one final strike at Ramlak. Lion-O travels into the Book of Omens to live out his ancestor's past as Leo, who led the rebellion against Mumm-Ra millenia ago. During the event, Lion-O defends a pair of captured Lizards and convinces his father to release them. After entering the temple, each member of the Thundercats solves one of a series of deadly puzzles and reaches the Tower's entrance. After they return, they start a fire and lay down to rest. As Snarf prepares Baby Lion-O for bed, several butterflies appear, much to Baby Lion-O's delight, and to Snarf's chagrin. The ThunderCats make their way up the mountain, but they either oppose or share their doubts regarding Lion-O's judgement as their course puts them in danger. Soon after, King Claudus welcomes the return of his friend Grune and holds a celebration in both his honor and in memory of the fallen Panthro. They begin to fight, and Lion-O and Viragor crash into the forest. However, as a concerned Wilykat and Wilykit leave Avista to get help, Pumyra worsens the group's predicament when she abducts Vultaire and attempts to take the Tech Stone, even after being told that Avista needs it for its people to survive. Thundercats 2011 clip 1 - Lion-O learns to use the Sword of Omens. ThunderCats is a reboot of the original ThunderCats TV series. Toy Spot - Bandai Thundercats 2011 Deluxe Sword of Omens. Lion-O learns that the town doesn't accept Thunderian currency after what happened to Thundera. The series has aired on Cartoon Network and aired in North America on Adult Swim's Toonami. Thundera is attacked by Lizards who have acquired salvaged technology. 3:13. After everyone is safe, Lion-O is devoured by Ramlak, but he cuts his way out with the Sword of Omens, releasing the stolen waters from its body. The Thundercats come to their aid when the Forest of Magi Oar is threatened by Viragor, and Cheetara loses her staff to the monster. The Constable exonerates them. Lion-O, Cheetara, and Tygra hold a funeral pyre for King Claudus, and Lion-O etches the Thundercats symbol into the broken statue of his father. However, the other three stones were lost all over Third-Earth. A fierce battle takes place in the Tower, during which Mumm-Ra transforms into his muscular winged form. Lion-O finally regains use of his sword and defeats Zig. Pumyra suggests that they use the Sword of Plun-Darr to help lure away the Lizard Army through the mines while giving time for the. Erik Spoelstra Pregame Interview - LeBRON makes Finals - Celtics vs Heat - Game 6 Eastern Finals. Grune has joined the Lizards and Panthro is being held hostage. He has the group take a break after discovering some nearby Candy-Fruit, the group is ambushed by Slithe, Kaynar, Addicus, and the Lizard Army, and the ThunderCats are defeated. While Lion-O practices with the Sword of Omens, Mumm-Ra forces Jaga to reveal the location of the Tower of Omens, where the Book of Omens is hidden. ThunderCats Episode 21 Birth of the Blades ... - Dailymotion Their captain, Koinelius Tunar, is obsessed with tracking down and killing a creature called Ramlak, which sucked up the waters of the Fishmen's homeland. Watch Thundercats 2011 full episodes free kisscartoon. Lion-O comes to his father's aid, allowing Claudus to rescue Panthro. More from. Snarf is in charge of watching Baby Lion-O. TheReviewSpot. The Thundercats find a way to reach the next stone and arrive at the floating city of Avista, which is ruled by Birds. Eventually, the Ramlak snags the ship with its tentacles and tears it to pieces, forcing Lion-O to forget his obsession and save everyone from drowning. This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 17:04. His father, Claudus, does not feel his son is ready because he is too lenient and easily distracted by flights of fancy like the myth of ancient technology. Animation with animation production by Studio 4°C. After recovering the Book of Omens, Lion-O is able to power it up and his soul is sent into the book. Lion-O and Tygra rescue Jaga and Cheetara (who is revealed to be one of Jaga's clerics). Mumm-Ra uses the two remaining stones to create a battle armor powered by magic. Panthro attempts to teach Wilykat about tracking and use of traps with a male Chib-Chib as the target, but Wilykat, unable to bear the idea of killing another animal, helps the Chib-Chib to run free.