[7][8][9] A co-owner of the campground later said that Diane Schuler appeared sober when she departed. Apparently, it happens. Many brain abscesses begin from an infection to tissues near the brain, including an abscessed tooth. Her behavior does not indicate suicide, the evidence in the autopsy report absolutely and unequivocally proves she was NOT an alcoholic and did NOT have any addiction issues, and quite frankly was not thorough enough. I think she decided that day to carry out an action she’d been contemplating for a while. He was ruled to be drunk. In marijuana. The combination of drug and alcohol intoxication creates even more issues. Josie, The only thing I have a hard time with is her being an alcoholic. It specifically does NOT state alcohol. Alexander Pisch set up an easel to paint and then vanished, Amelia Rose Brooks, 22, missing from Billings, Montana, Bernadette Walker (17) reported missing in July, parents now charged with her murder, Pregnant Kassanndra Cantrell missing under unusual circumstances-body found, arrests made-. Aside, there’s no evidence to suggest mental health issues. Ruskin told reporters in September that he had interviewed over fifty people who knew Diane, none of whom had ever seen her in a drunken state. He further stated that Diane did all the packing for the camping trip, so she must have moved the bottle into the van. [9][14][16][17], Investigators have not determined what route Schuler took from the bridge to the Taconic State Parkway ramps near Briarcliff Manor. I completely agree about the DT’s. Some sick pathetic stuff in this. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Medical Examiners are not Gods, they overlook things, and they don’t do everything on every autopsy. Barbara has also mentioned an abscess that had persisted in her mouth for seven weeks before her death and a lump in her leg, about which he said could have been a pulmonary embolism. Caller: There’s an accident. I don't know how Diane was able to accomplish childcare,household chores, doctor appointments,events at work and planning events for others. He was drinking behind my back for years and years, I’m convinced of it. Quickly browse titles in our catalog based on the ones you have picked. In addition, maybe the marijuana in her system was from the night before to help her sleep. Did she sleep 2-3 hours a night? I agree about with Georgia Perry’s comments. In June 2010, the New York State Police issued its final report on the accident following eleven months of analysis. [25] On November 7, Ruskin announced that the Schuler family had raised the money to retest Schuler's tissue samples and that the retesting would take place soon. [28][29], Daniel and Barbara believed that Schuler drove erratically due to a medical issue, such as a stroke. first of all, the autopsy report states they checked several areas in her brain and found nothing out of the orinary. Schuler, her daughter, and two of her nieces were dead at the scene of the crash (the children did not appear to have been in car seats, or even to have had seatbelts fastened), along with the three men in the TrailBlazer: 81-year-old Michael Bastardi, his 49-year-old son Guy, and their friend, 74-year-old Dan Longo.