R.L Stine Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. While there, Madeline gives a signal, and Violet and Shawn run for it, but they land in a banana cart filled with tarantulas. However, it did pick up towards 3/4 to the end of the book as you wonder if the two kids are going to get to the island alive or not. The narrative itself was pretty good, but the ending just felt terribly rushed. They spotted land, but only Celeste made it, and Danny died. Welcome back. https://stine.fandom.com/wiki/Attack_of_the_Jack?oldid=4354, The title of this book is an allusion to the book. is the 2nd book in the Goosebumps SlappyWorld series. A pirate's chest. Then, suddenly, the ship starts sinking, and they lose their map. Personally, the conclusion at the end with the cat (no s. I liked the story, especially how it started out definitely intrigued me. Violet and Shawn Packer have been sent out to sea. It was a good way to bring the story full circle. I had to agree. Jack tells Violet and Shawn his canary named Captain Pip is trapped on Clam island, and tells them he wants Violet, Shawn, and his crew to get the bird back. Slappy concludes the story, jokes about Jim, talks about how him and Jack the Knife have much in common, and wraps up the story. Luckily, another pirate ship comes, and it almost crashes them. Media type Published ?oldid=141755, In one scene, Uncle Jim drank something that he claimed was Diet Sprite after Violet assumed it was grog. The correct title is Slappy's World, A dummy's diary. Very odd quick read. Refresh and try again. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. A pirate's chest. It was more of a suspenseful adventure than horror. 137 I don't want to spoil the book but the ship they get on isn't waterproof. by Scholastic Inc. See 2 questions about Attack of the Jack…. Attack of the Jack The whole concept of two kids visiting their "mysterious" Uncle had me hooked. Then it just goes completely bonkers, loses its way, rushes to a strange conclusion and just ends. I wasn't too big a fan of this one. I enjoyed reading Goosebumps Attack of the Jacks because it was interesting and if you like spooky books you should read this one. At dinner he tells the story of how his cat, Celeste, is able to talk. It sounds eerie, like horror movie music, then a loud deafening explosion occurs. The ship ride to clam island is a nightmare. He was stranded at sea with the black cat for 300 days, and to keep himself from going mad, he taught the cat how to talk. However, it did pick up towards 3/4 to the end of the book as you wonder if the two kids are going to get to the island alive or not. Goes the Weasel!. Devin and his sister Violet are visiting their Uncle Jack for the summer. It really fell short of what I expect from this author. I read all the Goosebumps series when I was younger, and really enjoyed them. The ghost of Danny Lubbins takes Celeste, and thanks the children, then vanishes with the cat. Well, more like sent out to visit their uncle Jim, who lives near the ocean. Start by marking “Attack of the Jack (Goosebumps SlappyWorld, #2)” as Want to Read: Error rating book. However, he tells Violet and Shawn that he was not going to bring Jim back; he was going to leave him a toy forever. 2 Also wondering if they can save their Uncle and get things back to normal was a fun plot line. Stine Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But they manage. One of the silliest Goosebumps, but deserves an extra star for being unique in a series that's probably 300 books by now. But they manage to get it open. But Violet and her brother realize quickly that the lighthouse is full of Admiral Jim's secrets. I Am Slappy's Evil Twin The pacing seemed off, and the characters weren't really that great. Next book He says he is afraid of ghosts, so Jack and his pirates shrink to toy size and go back in their boxes, turning Jim into a human again. Maybe it's due to my age, now, but overall not too spectacular. Definitely not my favorite of Stine's, but I am looking forward to SlappyWorld #3! Violet and Shawn Packer have been sent out to sea. The next morning, after their lobster omelet breakfast, Jim leaves the house, and while gone, Violet and Shawn sneak into the forbidden room. Author(s) Violet and Shawn then find the canary. Attack of the Jack! Goosebumps Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. A treasure chest that is full of the strangest items. Slappy interrupts again to brag about Celeste. It is a very intense book I really like it. June 27, 2017 As they turn each crank, Celeste comes in, and tells the children she is going to tell Admiral Jim on them. Fun, twisty and tricksey! They are glad that they were rescued, but then it turns out that Billy rescued them so he can have them as slaves, working on the nearest island, picking bananas. Will Violet an… Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of.