Q. A . My broth-e rs a re happily staying in the village along with our mother.and Chandraswami meet? Q. Two people who had been accused by the police in the beginning of the case were exonerated in 1998. A. Why are you talking o f religion and Hindu-Muslim amity? This was however denied by Wahid’s family. I have a lot of Muslims wo ing with meandIconside Muslims my brothers. So you killed Wahid to avenge the killing ofKukreja, who was supposed to be your financier. As a close associate of his observes, "Unlike Haji Mastaan or Dawood, Chhota Rajan doesn't h ave a re a l ly good sense of strategy. Covid reinfection confirmed in US man, second bout was more severe, Is 2020 the worst year for civilisation? This article was originally published in onmanorama. Nor do I have any political godfathers. From her, the police got some important information, following which he was nabbed from Jakkanpur near Patna, Saxena said. A . I will not rest till I finish him off. A. Now I am looking for Dawood. So it is true that sort of a communal di/ underworld? Wahid, the MD of East-West Airlines, was gunned down in November 1995. It is compensation enough that the operation was successful. The Bombay Police believe that your gang is behind the killing of Thakiyudeen Wahid, the managing director of East West Airlines. The number, in fact, was given to me by Sawant. That number has obviously changed but I know from my sources that he is still there. A. Before that, Sunil S awant, another ve ry close associate of Dawood, was bumped off on the streets of Dub ai. Wahid used to come to Dubai-where I also met him-often and Dawood told me that he was starting an airline. What about Wahid's killing? MUMBAI: Gangster Ejaz Lakdawala, wanted in several cases of extortion and attempt to murder, has been arrested by the Mumbai police''s Anti-Extortion Cell (AEC) after being on the run for two decades, a top official said on Thursday. He tends to be impulsive and that's very dan -gerous in this business. After all they are also keen on returning to their country and living a no rmal life. Not just tha p a ss p o rt had gone t Indian Embassy fo n e wal and I never back. When Chandraswami wante. His brother Mohan was a friend of m i n e and I used to speak to him occasionally on the phone. I a m ve r y co nfident. But Dawood too has hit back by killing both Mangesh Pawar, the man who is said to have carried out the attack on Pil oo Khan, and bui lde r Om Pra k a s h Ku k reja, believed to have been Chhota Ra -ja n's finan cier in Bombay. Dawood, in fact, is under pressure. He was Dawoo d's financier in India. How did you finally leave the gang and escape f rom Dubai? A . A.I am not scared of him. Chhota Ra j a n played a prominent role in wiping out the Pathans, and followin lent death in Septembe with Dawood was cem, The two finally pa later in 1993. C.P. "I will return to In dia and face trial but only after I have completed my task of t ea ching Dawood a lesson," he. “Even when we took them [eyewitnesses] to the police station, the officers concerned were reluctant to take their statements. Sawant wa s Dawo od's main hitman and we got him despite all his security guards. What about the hundreds who were killed in the blasts and what about their families? The assailants shot him seven times, but as the incident took place near a hospital, Lakdawala got medical help immediately and survived the attack, the official said. A . Faisal, the younger brother of Wahid, had alleged that the investigation in the murder of the East-West Airlines boss was not in the right direction. Yes, and that is the only regret I have. Later, because of the company I kept, I became involved with the underworld. Q. That is the big g have heard. He was in Dubai even during the riots and before the blasts; Tiger and D awood wen t t o Ka rachi toge t h e r where they stayed atTaufiq Jalliawala's house. A . Chhota Rajan even of -fe rs his "servic es" to the Sena and vows to p rotect Tha ck e ray. Why ould I offer myself to them when I w that they must also b e in search Tie? Q. Q. It was his wa surising me. Q. There are smugglers in Pakistan who are opposed to him because he is stepping on their turf. He stayed i to four days at Chhot close aide of Dawoo where Dawood used and meet him. In a bid to challenge Da -wood, Chhota Rajan is also ex p a n d i n g o p erations in Bombay in both the eastern and wes t ern suburbs. T h at doesn't h u rt me as much as the blasts do. Just as Dawood benefited in the '80s from selective police action which helped de -stroy his rivals, in the '90s Chhota Rajan and Gawli can make the most of the fact that Dawood, after being implicated in the bomb blast conspiracy, is already weakened. Q. With the arrest of fugitive gangster Ejaz Lakdawala—wanted in connection with several cases of extortion, attempt to murder and rioting—police hope to solve the mystery over the murder of Thakiyudeen Abdul Wahid on November 13, 1995. Three men, one of whom was Chhota Rajan’s trusted lieutenant Bunty Pandey, allegedly broke the wind-shield of Wahid’s car and fired 30 bullets during his drive from office at Bandra to his house around 9.30pm on that fateful day. Ever since the serial bomb blasts that rocked the city in March 1993, B omba y's c riminal frat er -nity has been divided more than ever, with Dawood for the first time being seen as a 'Mu slim' don. It is yo u press people who have made a petty smuggler and criminal out to be a don. Khashoggi. Th ey were truly innocent. Chembur and Ghatkopar were under the control of one of Va rd a ra j a n's lieu tenants, Rajan Nair, a fo rmer fa c t o r y wo rke r. Nikhalje drifted into petty crime and was soon black marketing cinema tick ets for the gang of 'Bada Rajan', as Nair was known. Wahid should never have involved himself with Dawood. According to another official, to evade arrest as well as a possible attack by the Dawood gang, he kept moving from one country to another for nearly two decades.