ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. His weapons also have arcane runes on them but canonically speaking I don't know what that entails other than that they're magically enhanced like some of the others weapons in Tolkien-lore. Thunder.

Depends what do you mean by that, even orcs apparently have their values, they visibly express notion of what is acceptable and what not, they frown upon leaving comrades (but in a bit of hypocritical humor they do just that on the other hand there seems to be some care for their own among them, by the example of orc Ufthak from Shagrat's unit, who went missing, apparently other orcs started to look out for him and they found him in Shelob's lair entangled in her webs, what happened then is that orcs saw him hanging and thought it was very funny so they laughed a bit but they didn't release him in fear of Shelob, they deemed that angering her isn't worth the trouble especially considering that Cirith Ungol tower is so close to her tunnels, but that indicates some level of bonds, why would they even look for this missing fellow if they were completely amoral they would feel no obligation for such behaviour), orcs can hate each other, but always we see them fight and slaughter their fellow orcs it is mostly between different tribes or groups, so there is a tribal bond of loyalty and sense of community, when they promise help they usually do so toward their own, but they can be also treacherous (Mauhur lads brought reinforcements for Ugluk's group), they are fiercely loyal to their chieftains, going to great lengths to avenge their death as well as death of their comrades (,,we came from the mines to kill and avenge our folk" said Northerners/goblins/orcs from Misty Mountains and even Gimli supports this saying ,,orcs can pursue foes for many leagues into the plain if they have a fallen captain to avenge"), they can have personal relation being colleagues/brothers-in-arms or rough friendships (Shagrat and Gorbag were such friends but the quarrel for spoils and following orders conflicting with personal desires caused them to come to blows and their whole troops against each other, no surprising, humans kill for wealth for thousands of years, but they even can share as Shagrat claims that he gave Gorbag better loot than he got), the orcs apparently frown upon cannibalism or rather specifically eating orc-flesh, they occassionally eat members of other sentient races if they are in need like man-flesh (Isengarders were accused of eating orcs and they angrily denied that, apparently it was great insult among orcs, they also can sometimes threaten other orcs that they might go into pot or even lick blood from blade after killing other orcs but they actually do not practice cannibalism on their own kind in book), on their own when forming independant comunities they prefer raiding and being to simply put it bandits, they apparently also know and acknowledge the rules of parley (Aragorn gave sign to talks at Hornburg and they stopped shooting to listen what he has to say), also while they like to torture their prisoners (they call it sport) or kill for pleasure they can also treat the wounds of their captives ,,in orc-fashion", give them medicine and feed them (which also implie they would treat the wounds of their own people), though most likely this has more to do with practicality than mercy (but there is also curious sentence said by an orc to Pippin when he woke up in their camp ,,rest while you can little fool we'll find use of your legs soon and you'll wish you never have them" or something like that, maybe it's a glimpse of pity mixed with a small bit of malice or simply a fancy like that of troll William who said about Bilbo ,,poor little blighter!

I definitely agree that Aragorn would wipe the floor with regular Talion.

But there was no time to wonder. When Aragorn sings of Eärendil the Mariner, he's referring to the climax of The Silmarillion.

So nothing major, but still pretty good. He thought that Vilgefortz had gone. He raised Sihil ready to deal a blow.

Yennefer freed from the spell, fell with a scream of surprise into a pile of rubble, blood spurting from her mouth and down her chin and breasts.

I’ll undo your arrogance.

Round 2: Same as round 1, but Talion now has Celebrimbor to help him out if needed and Aragorn is able to have any helper (only one though). How fast is their combat speed?

What do you say to this!’. Geralt can take potions to enhance his healing durability, strength, and senses.

As the battle raged, bodies filled the span and tumbled into the darkness below.

The Witcher Geralt vs. Talion from Shadow of Mordor.

Talion's never encountered a dragon. I think it would be an interesting plot-twist.

Geralt can take potions to enhance his healing durability, strength, and senses.

Although the material in The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales might make for great video games, the Tolkien estate does not allow licensed content from them. A lot of the extra material is needless action, but some scenes — such as the meeting of the White Council or Gandalf's quest to stop the Necromancer in the South — come out of Unfinished Tales.

Follow 9. But aside from that, Geralt has taken on all manner of supernatural creatures from zombies to werewolves, leshey, striga, and several different varieties of vampire.

Who can survive the longest in a death arena in Mordor?Aragorn gets two companions of your choice (must be from the LOTR universe, preferably the Third Age). That’s not why I came here!’. Vilgefortz walked towards him.

Here is his fights against main villain from the books series. Round Two: RotK Aragorn versus post-death Talion after he [spoiler] (#spoil "Merges with the wraith of Celebrimbor") assume he only has the first two tiers of abilities.Again they may use any weapon that would have been available to them.Assume Aragorn is a combat master and is invulnerable to ranged attacks.The Battle takes place in Helms Deep. Yeah, he can take out some wargs. Not sure about Trevor but Geralt >>> Aragorn and Legolas. Fifteen spun. ‘Be careful, Regis …’, ‘Be careful?’ said the vampire. ‘And he generously offered me an education and development and the prospect of joining the Brotherhood of Sorcerers.’, ‘And you,’ said the witcher hollowly ‘accepted the offer.’, ‘No.’ Vilgefortz voice became increasingly cold and unpleasant.