Sway bars accomplish a different task than strut tower/brace bars. I did the APR ECU chip a couple weeks ago and now I want to upgrade the intake I was thinking APR carbonio carbon fiber intake and suspension (havent really decided which way to go. The sway bar reduces the difference in travel between the 2 suspensions - ie, it reduces sway. I have mine set at the lowest setting (22mm). I believe there was also a mods face off with wheel diameter, iirc the difference in wheel diameter and weight made little change with the torque monster Hemi's. Also, what kind of handling characteristics would I get from each if I were only to do one or the other. Strut braces are a great thing because they do help and are cheap, but as far as making your handling better a good set of sways will be 100x more effective at improving feel. Copyright ©1999 - 2019, North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club, Inc. How can a bar attaching the two struts on top on the wheelwells provide any difference in handling of the car? 22mm adjustable front and rear, along with a new set of endlinks. Currently I am looking for better quality sway bars and probably the same thickness would be ok. Strut bars reduce the wear-and-tear on other vehicle components. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. As others have said, a ‘strut bar’ or ‘tower brace’ is used to add rigidity to the body when it’s going around a corner. Too much anti roll stiffness can adversely alter the geometry and contact patch of the tire during a turn, limiting ultimate cornering capability. Thoughts? both are fairly easy to install and can be don in a few hours. Do not make the msitake of just buying the largest ones available like so many do, consult a suspension professional! A good one is “How to Make your Car Handle” by Fred Puhn. Strut tower braces and Sway bars...which ones? If you replace struts it's probably best to do all 4 to get some even wear. 4. Thoughts on sway bars and strut tower brace? Strut bat attaches attaches to the top of the strut/shock towers and stiffens the body. I need some advice. Any recomendations? Important note, front strut braces don't do anywhere near as much on Skylines as they do on cars that actually have struts. check out the. If you can’t accurately determine the required steering input, you’d be constantly making steering corrections thru the turn, which is very unsavory for those looking for a sports car response. Sway bars actually are a bar of spring steel connected to each wheel and secured to the chassis. I'm deciding on how to use my Mopar Bucks and having trouble deciding between the front/rear Sway Bar vs the Strut Tower brace. If you have new stuff rear struts and squishy front struts I'm sure it'll feel goofy! It's like replacing two tires and having 2 worn down ones. I do agree with Chunky that too much antiaway becomes counterproductive. I would suggest you buy some books on suspension and handling. does it matter which order I do things. It seems like for the price, these may be the better upgrades. I'm mainly trying to do research right now and see 'what will do what'. Looking to do some upgrades on my MK7 and I would like to hear anyone's advice on this. And what benefits I would receive from each, and the cons of each. If the car starts to roll as it changes direction, you can accurately determine how much steering you need. sway bars will make it stay flat and let the car rotate better. As you turn the car, because the center of gravity of any car is above the tire’s contact patch, the car tends to roll in the opposite of the turning direction, kinda like kicking a floor lamp at its base. JavaScript is disabled. I'm looking to get a rear sway bar and a front strut tower brace. This bar merely prevents stiffens the where the strut is attached. For the general driving public, the delay caused by the flex of the body is so minor that most car manufacturers do no bother installing a brace. Please join the Roadfly Facebook Group where members will be more than happy to answer your questions and provide help. Larger front bar -- 22mm or 24mm. totally recommend it. My forester has driven over 110k km and roads we have here are far from its perfectness. Inproper use of antisway bars can adversely affect handling also. I did run for a short period of time with them on the hardest setting (26mm front and 24mm rear). the sway bar helps to keep the car more level when cornering, giving you better grip and a more stable platform. This bar merely prevents stiffens the where the strut is attached. Thank you I really appreciate it! What do each of them do? Sway bar and Strut tower brace questions. If u do larger sway bars, do end links too. well i have read in other threads that some FMIC will not work with some strut bars. Some small modern SUVs have suffered from this also. myfastgti.com is not in any way affiliated with Volkswagen AG. Perhaps you provide some context to your question, I have seen Honda use some odd names, “compliance bushing” is one that comes to mind. Can you please elaborate, thanks very much. Completely removing that “understeer” can result in a driver not reailzing that the vehicle’s limits are being pushed and losing control suddenly and unexpectedly.