Brian and Karin are extraordinarily good at changing plans — a necessary skill when sailing around the planet — so instead of jumping right back into sailing life, they did what might be the best possible thing new parents could do. The team invites additional crew members aboard who contribute to sailing, boat maintenance, and filming. “When I came up with the plan,” he told me, “I just decided to sail to New Zealand because that seemed like a pretty big adventure. Their extended family of followers and fans, dubbed “The Delos Tribe,” spans globally. It’s quite a bit of sailing.”, Sierra, the honorary captain of the SV Delos. “We really can’t go anywhere else besides the U.S. right now. Since Sierra was born, they’ve traveled an extraordinarily long way, with or without a baby. “Snow? We were back on the boat, just the three of us, and we were going to run the business, take care of social media, take care of the baby, and sail around.

Initially, it started off as a blog with a few photos. “She takes a lot of time and energy,” Brian said as Sierra giggled at her mother in the background. Brian, Karin and Sierra plan to stay in Maine for a few more weeks. I don’t think we’ll be here that long," Karin quickly jumped in. With such popularity, one would assume that Brian and Karin’s show would be of interest to network television — and one would assume correctly. It was in New Zealand that he met Karin, the woman he would eventually marry. SOUTHWEST HARBOR, Maine (WABI) - While many of us just learned the phrase “social distancing" in the last few months, the practice is nothing new to Karin and Brian Trautman. We don’t have any experience with babies — I knew pretty much nothing. Photo: SV Delos, The vlog, which has become an incredibly important part of their life, evolved organically.

[5] The crew has taken numerous steps to make their boat friendly to the environment. “Sometimes we need a reality check. “We thought, ‘if we can make videos, then that would be a very cool way to show what it’s all about.’ Like, a normal day in our life — what it’s like to cross an ocean. But I was just really not looking forward to that for the rest of my life. Raised in landlocked Arizona, he had no real experience on a sailboat. The domes are disinfected between each use, SV Delos anchors in Maine after adjusting sails to COVID-19, YouTube sensations bring inspirational message to Maine, Chellie Pingree thanks voters for re-election, Maine CDC: Worker at Bangor Texas Roadhouse may have exposed others to Hepatitis A. She gets to spend all of her time with her mother and father. They realized that, if people were interested in their lives, maybe they could use it to help fund their sailing. [5], The crew has engaged in numerous philanthropic endeavors, such as contributing to restoration efforts on the island of Dominica which had been ravaged by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

I broke a lot of things, but I didn’t hurt myself too bad… It’s so cliché to say that it’s a life-changing experience, but it really was. But he thought to himself, “the only thing I can lose is my savings. Congresswoman Chellie Pingree was reelected for a seventh term to represent Maine’s First Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. By June of 2008, SV Delos was Brian’s and his dream to sail to New Zealand began to solidify into something tangible.

@svdelos HAPPY HOLIDAYS “He was like, ‘when are you going to come home, Brian?’ And I kept telling him, ‘dad, I am home. We just sat there with the beach and the baby and the sunsets and eased ourselves back into the life.”, Little Sierra is growing up in a fantastic way. Six months later, they were back on the boat with a newborn. The Downeast Community Partners THAW fund is once again working to keep Mainers warm this winter, Photos or videos from Downeast Maine vacations during the pandemic could win you a prize. I had enough money saved to live for about 18 months. And then, 14 months ago, everything changed.

When he moved to Seattle for work, he played around with it, sailing around Washington and the Puget Sound on a small boat. He was still a bit nervous, however, as one might be when considering a life change as drastic as the one Trautman was contemplating. As I spoke to them it was easy to tell they’re confident in their abilities to handle just about anything, but not in an arrogant way. A few years later Brian met his now-wife, Karin, in New Zealand. They had an adorable baby girl named Sierra. Now, all these years later, it allows them to make a life doing exactly what they want. We want to be going to adventurous places where there are no hotels. We want to do whatever we want.’ There’s always a trade-off, right? Subscribers rolled in. [5] Trautman bought it in 2009.