Check the link now. My advice would wait a little on QBs, see how much the top 3-5 guys go for and go from there. One thing that's almost certain is prices will generally go down later in auctions, but all it takes is two owners with money to drive up the price of a specific player. Earned Values Auction Values All Draft Tools Draft Software Draft Software – Mac Custom Rankings Rankings + Outlooks Cheat Sheets Auction Values Strength of Schedule Projections Mock Draft Sleepers ADP Report Advice & Draft Strategy Ask An Expert Team Previews NFL Magazine Preseason Pro is our flagship product where the top-ranked players in the world reveal their respective top sleeper, bust, breakout, comeback and stash & cash players of the year!

Find value in your fantasy football auction leagues by taking into account the FFN consensus auction values. Don't let that happen to you! Create custom auction values based on consensus projections. 2 elite to really good QBs, 1 starter QB, and 1 young QB. Get depth at qb and wr, trade for and draft RBs in subsequent moves for long term success. Below is a list of some quarterbacks I think fit very nicely into my Superflex strategy if I try to find two QBs of similar value. Press J to jump to the feed. I'd go for a rookie because they went crazy undervalued in my draft and they gain value VERY quickly in leagues with these settings.

Over the years, fantasy football leagues have changed their scoring systems from touchdown-only to standard scoring to half-point & full-point PPR. You don't need to bid up a player simply because he's about to go for $10 when his projected value is $16. One of the many formats available to play as part of the Fantasy Football World Championships. Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Superflex and 2QB Top 200 highlights best values at ADP Top 200 for 2QB leagues plus highlights for favorite values at ADP. Feel free to discuss and ask your questions regarding Dynasty Leagues here. While the rules are almost similar, the strategy may be a little different than a normal league. Now reserved for SI Fantasy+ subscribers only, the WR Matchups Report tool shows you how well (or how poorly) each pass defense is performing against the pass! How much money should I spend on my two starting QBs in this format? Many fantasy managers are familiar with best-ball leagues where they draft players, and the best players’ statistics count each week. However, Superflex leagues are slightly different as they allow you to start a quarterback in the flex position. Even the worst quarterbacks tend to put up better fantasy numbers than touchdown-dependent position players. Everyone else went for low 20s and mid teens. Most fantasy football leagues use one starting quarterback. Hi. If so what are the assumptions behind them? Posted by 2 years ago. My slow auction just started today and I am having a hard coming up with auction values for this format. It happens to all of us who participate in auctions. I have never done a 2QB league before, but I have heard QB is king in this format. The answer is unequivocally, yes. 2020 STANDARD FANTASY RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker | Superflex | Top 200. I call it the Magic 30 strategy. 12 teams... I’m guessing top players bring 75ish dollars.

SI Fantasy Senior Expert Michael Fabiano gets the ball rolling toward the 2020 season with his latest PPR rankings update. I’d make tiers just like I would at ever position. Separate yourself from the pack! Conversely, if I draft Patrick Mahomes (QB1) and Philip Rivers (QB27), my magic number is 28 (1+27). 2020 FANTASY SLEEPERS:6 QBs | 16 RBs | 14 WRs | 10 TEs | 5 D/STs | One from each team, DRAFT STRATEGY AND RANKINGS TIERS: Quarterback | Running Back | Wide Receiver | Tight End | D/ST, FANTASY DRAFT STRATEGIES: Snake draft | Auction | Best ball | Dynasty | IDP, MORE FANTASY FOOTBALL:IDP Rankings | Projections | Mock draft simulator | Team names, Assuming those numbers are correct, the QB in the Superflex position would average somewhere between 15-20 points per week.

I did my start up last year in the same exact settings you have (albeit only 2WR and 1 Flex with Superflex) and QBs were kind of undervalued TBH. You still need to highlight potential sleepers and busts ahead of an auction, but if you could only have one piece of data on your cheat sheet, it would be dollar value projections. If you haven’t tried Superflex, give them a shot.

Again it will really depend on your league. ASSIGN FLAIR.

Recently, the two formats that have gotten a lot of attention are best-ball formats and Superflex leagues. Anyone have a link to a chart for this format? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hopefully, I have convinced you that starting a second quarterback is the way to go in Superflex leagues. SI Fantasy insider Dr. Roto goes through his weekend observations and helps to prescribe the winning combination for fantasy managers looking ahead.

My slow auction just started today and I am having a hard coming up with auction values for this format. Rather than having to go through the auction sheet. I would almost certainly pass on all top tier guys, but the first qb and the first wr you consider a major steal, and go from there.

Rodgers went for the most at $41, Brady went for $30, Cam for $27, Brees for $25, Wilson for only $20! Fantasy Pros is the place to go for all of your auction needs. As with all types of rankings, these projected dollar values aren't meant to be treated as gospel. It's gonna depend on how the rest of your league values them. The top tier of QBs is worth the top tier of wrs and RBs. SI Fantasy NASCAR contributor Brian Polking races through his "Quick Picks" for this weekend's Coke Zero Sugar 400. The bottom line is as long as you don't blow all your money on the first 10 guys nominated, you should be fine if you use the values below as a guide for roughly how much you should pay for a player. Know every detail & every stat with a little help from Shawn Childs' weekly fantasy football rankings & projections. If I decide to take a top QB early, these are some of the QB I don’t mind taking: I hope that this has given you a guide into Superflex drafting strategy. Ideally I'd roster 4 though. A mediocre start from a quarterback is normally 200-240 passing yards and 1-2 passing TDs. All the high-stakes experts use this tool to DOMINATE! Here’s an example assuming your league uses .05 points per passing yard and 4 points per passing TD for QB scoring: Washington QB Dwayne Haskins has a miserable day and throws for 170 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. 2020 Fantasy Football Auction Values. I’d say the third tier of QBs is worth a little less than the second tier of RBs and wrs - then after you get past the third tier of QBs there are a couple tiers of wrs/RBs and a few tight ends that need to go higher than your fourth tier QBs. Hi. That’s the beauty of auction over snake draft: You don’t have to settle. I’d say the next tier of QBs is worth slightly more than the next tier of RBs and wrs. All the content and tools available at your disposal to dominate the competition! Quickly tailor dollar values to your league settings including scoring, number of teams and draft budget.

Here’s how the Magic 30 strategy works: I want you to rank all the available starting quarterbacks from 1-32 on a list. 2020 Fantasy Football Auction Values I took /u/elboberto's auction spreadsheet and converted it to use dynasty values. Updated the spreadsheet so that you can just input keepers on the keeper's table on the leagueinfo tab. Dynasty Leagues are growing and many players are delving in for the first time. If they have a huge game, it could easily be 25-35 points per week. This is the one I would use. Fantasy Pros also offers the best mock draft simulator, just in case you play in both auction and snake formats. 2020 PPR RANKINGS:Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | Superflex | Top 200. The draft strategy is simple: try to draft two quarterbacks whose total ranking number is less than 30. Just get guys on this list and let the rest of the league scrap together players ranked lower on other lists. However, Superflex leagues are slightly different as they allow you to start a quarterback in the flex position. Spending something like $40 (20%) for a stud QB would not be the worst idea. For instance, if I have Matt Ryan as my QB8 and Jared Goff as my QB17, that is 8+17=25, which means I am under 30. Auction Values in 2QB Superflex dynasty league. It seems as if there's an endless supply of fantasy football rankings, draft strategy advice articles, and mock draft breakdowns this time of year, and while that can help any fantasy owner prepare for the upcoming season, it doesn't quite get the job done for those participating in auction leagues. Do you factor age in your calcs? Adapt to your auction as it's happening, and remember: There's a finite amount of money available to all owners, so if players are getting overbid early, that means others will be underbid late.

If I am under 10, then I took my two quarterbacks too early; if I am over 40, I took them too late. Welcome to Dynasty Fantasy Football. Well first off QBs are extremely valuable in this format. In a Superflex league, the strategy is somewhat different.

Now let me give you some sound Superflex strategy! I will say though you can still get really good deals on QB so you'll have to get a feel for your draft. QB QB/flex RB RB WR WR WR TE FLEX FLEX DEF 13 Bench. I have always preached waiting on selecting my quarterback until Round 7 or later. ASSIGN FLAIR. I’d definitely try to buy guys that fell wel below others in their same tier. I just found this googling. All the high-stakes experts use this tool to DOMINATE!

12 Teams - $200 budget 24 man rosters 4 pt passing TDs, PPR scoring.
Bidding for studs seems to take off and the potential to overspend sinks in. Try a Superflex league!

You may notice that these values don’t add up to $2400 (12 teams x $200 for each team). 2019 Fantasy Football Auction Values Settings Teams: 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 Budget: 100 … A RB or WR would have to have a TD or a 100-yard game to get similar points in a standard league. Even more than snake drafts, the "value" of players varies wildly in auctions, particularly relative to when they're nominated.
I'd make sure to get two solid starters and at the very least 1 back up. The values below are based on 12-team, half-point-PPR, $200 budgets and will be updated throughout the preseason. I'm curious to see how you use that as a factor when valuing Dynasty players. What I don’t want to do in a Superflex league is ever have my number be under 10 or over 40. Close. I could argue that a top RB/WR is usable in PPR, but most QBs won’t have that type of disastrous game most weeks. To customize values for your specific auction, use Fantasy Pros' Auction Calculator.

$200 total budget. Allocate 18-25% of your budget for your top 2 QBs, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

You'll have some sleepers you really like and bid more for them, which is fine. They are really fun and high-scoring! ... Michael Fabiano's Top 200 Fantasy Football PPR Rankings with Auction Values.

DOMINATE YOUR DRAFT: Ultimate 2020 cheat sheet. I am happy to build my running back and wide receiver depth first before taking my quarterback.