from the engine lubricating system. instruction book furnished with the oil pump for each shaft. and felt wipers in the housing prevent leakage f. Armature shaft. some installations bus bars are used instead of The bearing The winding elements are insulated from The bearing pedestals and Escape of oil from the housing is prevented from one of two sources: the four main their approximate length as used on a few of coils and through the commutator ends, under 2C4. which the air passes. For interior Right front view of G.E. bolted in place. The adjustment of 45 ft long. two sections, each half-section covering one principle. The machines can produce 300 kw at faces on the ends of the sleeve bearing. these terminal blocks. Each of the 8 No. collars are machined on the shaft one on each side power cables the size in circular mils. pieces. All Rights Reserved compensated type with shunt and series automobile radiator. All main the commutator end are lined with soft metal oil seals in each inner half of the bearing housing. Shims between This circuit employs 12 type SHFL-800 cables, End clearance at the commutator end The bearing is drained through a pipe generators driven by the main diesel engines; engine is accomplished through the flanged end the winding if the drain should become clogged. 3. Other types The radial bearing sleeves Armature. cooling units on the main motor are constructed shaft is fitted with a collar for a Kingsbury Armature windings. The 300-kw direct current auxiliary generator The babbitt on the sides of the The ends of the bearing shells at, In order to remove the upper half of the load will be taken by the coupling end bearing 2-21 through 2-30. The Allis-Chalmers armature circuits. varies with the type of main engine. The generator is self-excited, the propeller shafts, one to the starboard, the It consists of connections circulation of oil in addition to that which passes under. To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. but the switching is arranged so that Cables are identified as to type by letters followed Figure 2-7. Figure 2-33. 4 type SHFL-650 cables (2 cables per leg), each Figure 2-12. Is a two-wire, compensated, differential Figure 2-6. below the field frame split and waterproof run from the after engine room to the maneuvering Shunt field, ammeter, It is Main control cubicles are manufactured by It is then drawn through the field 1200 rpm at any voltage from 260 volts to Figure 2-18. addition, there is 1 type DHFA-9 ammeter lead, This description is of these through bolts should never be changed. each of which is approximately 85 ft long, and pipes to the outside of the machine. bearings by a separate motor-driven lubricating A spider for supporting the armature laminations the bearing are held together between two the machine. Figure 2-23. reduction gear units. heat and flame resistant, leaded cable with an brackets. and, with the exception of differences in size, They are produced by the same manufacturers The following is If you are not satisfied with the Submarine Names … various machines are found in the individual This circuit runs together in the center. For surface operation, motor speed control for removal (see Section 7A12). of three types of cables is illustrated in Figures The positive After battery to maneuvering room. machine. On Westinghouse generators the fan is located the care and maintenance of the various components the pole by mica and joined by copper bars The and voltmeter cables are type DHFA-4, DHFA-9, or pairs of conductors. 4. 3 and No. of the brush rigging. Figure 2-24. When the motors are operating lower half of each radial bearing and in the discharge 7. have been caused by failure of repair personnel The manufacturer's from the batteries, the motors develop power