Fury is brilliant under pressure and good on the battlefield, but he has no powers to rely on other than his training. Tony’s expert inventing skills have meant he’s built things one couldn’t even dream of. Thanos is an Eternal, an elite race of beings, part of which settled on the planet Titan. Older versions of The Prankster used gags like exploding gifts and acid corsages. But a guy like The Prankster, with a similar skill-set and a far more subdued degree of insanity, gets no respect at all. With a BFA in Sequential Art, he brings a knowledge base of comics history, technique, and aesthetics to his articles. He held his own, with the help of his teammate Inertia preventing Hyperion's blows from affecting Redstone. Sentry. So now Reardon calls himself the Ten-Eyed Man and leads a life of crime with the power of... ten eyes. One of those is so different, she counts as a different character altogether. He's also the character that some villains from other comic book universes are loosely based on, such as Marvel's Thanos. There were so many characters Marvel had created that they ran out of ideas. He makes practical use of minions he designates as his "heralds" to seek out new planets to consume. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. He can use flight, can shoot lasers, beams, projectiles, bullets, and explosives all at the same time. The Marvel universe is full of unforgettable characters that fight for both the sides of good and evil. His powers are nothing to scoff at as well, as he can stretch far and beyond to incredible lengths which makes him immune to physical threats. Ultimately, he found his courtship empty and was defeated by the Avengers. As a result, DC retconned over fifty years of confusing comic book history and completely started over with new versions of their heroes and villains. With his extremely hard-hitting offense and invulnerability, the Thing is almost completely unbeatable. It might seem like these individuals are out of their league or outclassed by their peers, but often these characters perform so well it’s easy to forget that they don’t have superpowers that are making all of this possible. Given his limited mental capacity, it could be that his power is much more versatile than it appears. Having control over all of the Infinity Gems gives Nemesis nearly omniscient power over everything, but she can only exist as long as the Infinity Gems are joined. RELATED: Marvel Comics: The Strongest Magic Users, Ranked. When all you have to do is look at a certain thing to combust it into a million pieces, then is it even worth thinking of fighting this being? Doctor Strange could also hurl his opponent at the end of the universe, or trap them eternally in a single moment. They produced a ton of blockbuster movies such as The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man 3, Spider-Man, X-Men: The Last Stand, and many more. This covered up her lack of physical power. Only a massive alliance that comprised of multiple heroes and Avengers from several different universes was able to take her down. She can knock around the Hulk of all beings and easily defeated Loki in combat. Ultron is similar to Braniac in that he is a master manipulator of computers and technology, and can control multiple proxies of himself. He is the human equivalent of a megalomaniacal sociopath, bent on wholesale destruction of the human race. She can go unseen provided she doesn’t come across water or leaves footprints, and her force fields are so powerful they can control the fire of the Human Torch. Even returning him to Earth couldn't save his life. Almighty Dollar can’t read minds, can’t fire lasers at you, does not have a super suit, does not have the ability to fly, he can’t pass through objects, he is not a demi-God, nor has he superhuman strength, but he can throw outdated currencies at you like a boss. Much like with Rocket, Howard the Duck looks far from conventional, but much of his malaise comes from the fact that he's a talking duck who's stuck on Earth without any powers. When the version of the Squadron consisting of refugees from around the multiverse was betrayed by Warrior Woman, she proved a match for almost every member of the team. He doesn't see himself as a villain, but he is remarkably self-absorbed, lacking the empathy needed to understand the ramifications of how his action affect other living beings. Underdogs are always entertaining and characters without superpowers often have to get creative in unexpected ways. 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Hawkeye would lose in a fight against Black Widow if it was in close quarters, but he’s way ahead of her in terms of archery skill. But doing so meant changing the timeline and losing all memory of the previous versions of the multiverse. Elektra is a highly trained assassin and she's even come back from the dead, but these aren't exactly superpowers. Black Widow is skilled in combat and espionage to the point where she doesn't even need superpowers. He was apparently destroyed by Intergang when he refused to join them, but this was later retconned away in the The New 52. However, all of those abilities can do nothing if she would be confronted by one of the strongest villains in the Marvel Universe. The Joker, with no powers, is one of the most iconic villains of all time with movie-stars lining up to play him on the silver screen. Matadors are graceful and some people think they're pretty cool. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The first one was named Manuel Eloganto (Really, Marvel? Initially, this was exhibited in the gadgets that he used. Quill has some fun tricks and he isn't bad with a gun, but he's just a guy with quippy comebacks and an old fashioned attitude. One of the best moves that Captain America has is being able to double jump, which on paper sounds like he’s no better than Crash Bandicoot. He has the loudest laugh in the room and believes in living a life just weird enough to work. He was right. Marvel has graced the cinematic universe for years. Powered by atomic energy, he has the ability to copy anyone’s powers – how awesome is that? Norman Osborn is one of the most nefarious faces in all of Marvel and is almost like a more intimidating version of DC's Lex Luthor. He treated Hyperion's damaged eyes and Quagmire when he went comatose during a mission. How can he fight the ruler of the Atlantis using only his (crippled) exoskeleton battle suit that he invented for himself? And because of these blockbuster movies, Marvel’s characters became more known by the audience and has become the highest grossing film franchise … What’s a guy whose power is to stretch out doing here? The strength that comes from his undersea adaptation is enough to help him overturn a tank, with the help of Power Princess. Braniac is a collector, often absorbing the knowledge of entire worlds and shrinking them down to the size of jars to be included as part of his menagerie. Sources: comicvine.gamespot.com, youtube.com, marvel.com, boxofficemojo.com. Another reason why she is considered to be one of the weakest Marvel characters is that she can turn into a white version of animals - but only animals that are native in Canada. Not only that, but he can then assimilate worlds into himself. War Machine has an added advantage in that he’s an army man, which means you have no hope of beating him even in close quarter combat. He’s more dangerous than the best sniper in the world and is trained enough in combat that he’ll contend with the best fighters – he did fight Black Panther without outright losing. Hyperion regularly exhibits this power, yet seldomly cuts loose enough to show his true power. Ultron has nearly destroyed the Avengers on multiple occasions. But on the other end of the spectrum, its also known for creating goofy villains that think a high-velocity ketchup gun is going to stop Batman. Of course, Krona escaped, and when he did, he had amassed massive power. Your mind will always go first to Iron Man when thinking of an armored superhero, but War Machine is no joke. The Silver Surfer’s powers are such that you could spend decades throwing offense at him and he’d heal himself within the next couple seconds. Here on this list, we give you the 13 weakest heroes in the Marvel Universe - considering their powers, abilities and gadgets. What made him one of the weakest Marvel characters is that it would take him hours to fully mimic all of a mutant’s skills and powers. We saw Captain Marvel punch through an entire spaceship with complete ease, mere moments after realizing her true power. Unfortunately, both Matadors went up against Daredevil, a guy who doesn't need his eyes and sure as heck wouldn't get visually diverted by a cape. With one well-placed sucker punch, she knocked out her opponent.