It now feels as if it has a heart.”. The company was passed down to his son, George, and then to his grandson Arthur. Several newspapers speculated that the owner was Yelena Baturina, Russia’s richest woman, and the wife of Yury Luzhkov, then the mayor of Moscow. In a famous scene, mod Spider played by Gary Shail is attacked by rockers when his scooter breaks down outside the pub. Menatep grew out of Komsomol, the Communist Youth League of the Soviet Union, of which both Khodorkovsky and Guryev were influential members. OWNERS: Sting and Trudie StylerLOCATION: Malibu, CAPRICE: $200,000 per monthSIZE: 5,549-square-feet, 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms. Indeed, its Tube station is the city's deepest. Dreamed up by the doctor and his wife, they foreshadowed some of the features that come as standard in high-end new-build homes today. The new building is imposing but not garish: with double-height round arch windows and a shallow roof, it resembles a departmental college library. Sting lives in adjacent Highgate, which complements as is Hampstead/Highgate. [2], Lake House was built in 1578 for George Duke, a wealthy clothier, shortly after he acquired the manor of Lake. She has also documented evenings at the Bolshoi; parties at Twiga, a night club in Monte Carlo; and dinners at Per Se, Thomas Keller’s restaurant in New York. Where does Alexei Motlokhov’s money come from, then? Very interesting! There had been no parties there for half a century, and the house had not been occupied regularly since the seventies. In 2004, after Khodorkovsky’s arrest and Guryev’s consolidation of his control over PhosAgro, Fedorov was forced out. . In October, 2008, Philip Masterman was hired as the on-site architect. The beneficiary of Mounir Developments was later revealed in court to be a branch of the Assads, Syria’s ruling family, that had gone into exile. “London is to the billionaire as the jungles of Sumatra are to the orangutan,” Johnson said. He was fired without compensation—and without the many shares in PhosAgro he says he had been promised. On Instagram, her avatar bears the slogan “I’m too pretty to work.” On that account, which was recently turned private, she frequently posts professionally shot portraits of herself and her children; in a different set, she poses with a pistol strapped to her bare leg. As the aforementioned 'exclusive' suggests, Hampstead is home of the affluent. All rights reserved. Mindel worked in constant collaboration with Anthony Close-Smith. At the time, Witanhurst was so dilapidated that it was the subject of several official complaints from the local council—a significant deterrent to an international buyer. One sunny afternoon this month, I returned to No. The kitchen was handmade by a carpenter and there is a 1955 Main cooker, which still works. [1][3], In 1897 the house left the possession of the Duke family for the first time in nine generations, when the widow of the Rev. Close-Smith, a director of Donald Insall Associates, one of Britain’s leading architectural restoration firms, was involved in the rebuilding of Windsor Castle after the devastating fire of 1992. At the back of the garden, the hedge that had been planted to block out the Orangery had matured enough to fulfill its purpose. (Once a colony for artists - even McDonald's had to fight to get one of their 'restaurants' launched here.) “We couldn’t change a doorknob without getting a permit,” says Styler. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Most buildings have not changed for at least a century but the shops and people have also changed little since the 1960's. People irritated by the construction noise and the traffic that have blighted their normally quiet neighborhood have no owner to complain to—only managers. Sting and Trudie Styler ask $200,000/month to rent Malibu beach house bought from late actor Larry Hagman in the late 1990s A jet of water fills the topmost and smallest bowl; overflow spills into the middle bowl and, eventually, into the bottom, largest bowl. Walk up the hill from the tube station to Whitestone Ponds where carriages coming out of London used to be taken through the water to cool the wheels; then on to Spaniards Inn, for a great pub lunch in an historic building (note the old ice house across the road).Then on the Kenwood House with it's great art collection and gardens (free entry) and a walk on Hampstead Heath with great views over London.But, whatever you do, DON"T MISS Louis Patisserie just down from the tube station - amazing cream cakes, danishes and croissants. Early in 2004, Guryev sent a message to Khodorkovsky in prison, stating that Russian prosecutors “would destroy PhosAgro, just as they destroyed Yukos,” unless Khodorkovsky sold his half of the business to Guryev. In Hamnett’s analysis, the constant pump of water is money flowing into the most expensive parts of London. At the time the only furniture was the table and a cupboard for chocolate. “It’s translucent, and it connects you to the outdoors,” he says. The northwestern end of the main house, where a renovated portico could be seen, was almost entirely covered in tarpaulin and scaffolding. Sir Patrick told me that the current rumor in Highgate was that the house belonged to Vladimir Putin, although he was skeptical. Property owners had a right to build whatever they pleased, as long as it did not harm anyone else. In Masterman’s opinion, this was impossible: the project would take a decade. The good news was that the arches were crumbling into dust. The house also had three hundred and sixty-five windows—one for each day of the year. The owner was stunned to discover at a recent photographic exhibition of the Rolling Stones that Mick Jagger once had the very same model in his flat. This article originally appeared in the May 2010 issue of Architectural Digest. According to the source I met in central London, when the group entered Witanhurst Andrey Guryev spoke as if the house already belonged to him. According to records filed with the Russian government, Guryev has never registered a foreign property. At the south-east corner a single-storey dining hall was built, with a barrel vaulted ceiling and large oriel window; a spectacular seventeenth century carved stone chimneypiece; panelling and carved frieze dated 1633, to which Bailey had his family initials added, and plaster ceiling from a London livery company. But when it was built for a local GP and his wife almost 65 years ago, it was at the forefront of modern design. In addition to a 5,413-square-foot duplex apartment in a famously expensive New York City building on Central Park West they scooped up in March 2008 for $26,983,625, they also maintain a 900-plus-acre vineyard estate in Italy’s ungodly scenic Tuscany region that includes a meticulously restored 10-bedroom villa plus four guesthouses. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. “We’re proud of that.”. Soon after the purchase, Safran Holdings submitted expansion plans to the local council. With the proceeds, he bought Parkfield, an elegant eighteenth-century house in Highgate. In recent decades, huge amounts of foreign money have poured into London’s most expensive neighborhoods. Alisher Usmanov, Russia’s third-richest man, who founded the mining company Metalloinvest, owns Beechwood, a white stucco Regency villa. [1][3] The house was purchased by musician Sting and his wife Trudie Styler in 1990. Palazzo.”. He and Evgenia attended the same high school. Andrey Guryev has never given an interview to the press; though he was a Russian senator for twelve years, he never made a public speech in the Federal Assembly.