Gary Taylor was deeply troubled by Cal's apparent lack of concern. "I know what didn't happen to Michele Harris," Aldea said. She bled on the floor of that garage and the defendant cleaned up that blood," said Martin. "No reasonable person who has seen a bludgeoning scene, which is what prosecutors maintain happened here -- and looked at this kitchen, would say that was a bludgeoning scene," said Barket. You cannot get two people to agree on what color your hair is," said Greg's wife, Shannon Taylor. “James loves my baking,” says Stacie, with a big grin. "If he got up in the morning and she wasn't there, he'd be flippin' his gourd," she said. Erin Moriarty asked Cal Harris. "It's a family with, you know, significant stature in the community," said Lester. So on Sept. 30, 2005, four years after Michele disappeared, Cal Harris was arrested and charged with her murder. "Yes absolutely," he replied. But weeks turned into months, and no arrest. Michele had also dated co-worker Michael Kasper -- a secret she kept from even her closest friend, Nikki Burdick. I couldn't breathe. Stacie now hopes to do more television work and to publish a cook book. Sunderland's Stacie Stewart has just missed out on the Masterchef title. And there was another man, Stacy Stewart, who recently moved to town and frequented Lefty's. He never mentioned Michele to me. Stacie Bennett is the Owner of Sugar Love Designs located in Langley, British Columbia. "Anything unusual that caught your eye when you went through the house?" Moriarty asked Harris. The mystery of Michele's disappearance has weighed heavily on her friends and family. Greg says it was a bitter split as Michele fought with Cal over money, demanding a full accounting of his businesses. "The investigators would call and say, 'don't worry,'" said Gary Taylor. Join Facebook to connect with Stacie Stewart Flores and others you may know. ", "...he had the financial means to ...hire law firms to ... find some ...technicality," said Greg Taylor, Michele Harris' brother. In the past 10 years of business, Cami's work has been published in numerous national magazines, been featured on several television programs, and has competed on Food Network. By the time she was 33, she had four children under the age of 6. And we have to do it again. On our recent trip to the BBC Good Food Show, as part of their blogger team, we were lucky enough to meet Stacie Stewart and spend a little bit of time quizzing her about all things food related! "The case wasn't getting any better. Still, the jury does hear from Kevin Tubbs, who once again testifies that in the early morning hours of Sept. 12, he saw a woman who looked like Michele with a man at the end of the Harris driveway. They were now convinced they had found a crime scene. Phone records show that, on the morning Michele disappeared, someone at the Harris home called her cell phone at 7:14 a.m. Thayer says she, not Cal, made that call looking for Michele. In addition to his new defense team, there's a new prosecutor, a new judge and new rules. "Right. "That I did not know about. And it didn't - there's nothing that happened here and we've always been safe here," he replied. Through the Mom and Baby COVID-19 Intervention and Support Fund, March of Dimes is addressing the urgent need to protect moms, babies and families from COVID-19. "What about disappearances?" So just how thoroughly did the police investigate Michele's friends? "48 Hours" Presents: Cal Harris: The Final V... "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty and Cal Harris, Michele and Cal Harris with their children. Moriarty asked Barket. "How soon after Michele disappeared?" And a legal battle spanning a decade began. What if you are?" Lester. "Nobody can credibly point at a polygraph and say, 'Ah ha. "Last person who is admitting to it," Earley replied. "We want the person responsible for her not being here to be held accountable," said Michele's brother, Greg Taylor. "They have not found Michelle Harris and they have not solved this case because they have been investigating the wrong man," said Barket. "I said to the secretary when I walked out of my office, I said, 'I'm going. A few months before she disappeared, Michele said that Cal had threatened her. "Did they ever find any sign that either any of Michele's property or her body anywhere?" "You can't rely on that kind of evidence to convict a man of murder," he continued. he replied. "Was that everything you had?" And he's confident he has the evidence. Yeah on my day I could beat anyone.". Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. "How are you feeling Cal?" Moriarty asked Harris. I remember saying that to her. He has a temper," said Thayer. "Were pictures ever taken of him to see whether he had any injuries to his body?" Then, in June of 2009, Harris went on trial for the second time. "And security codes weren't changed ... And the house was never kept locked.".