The Teacher/Student Relationship of Beethoven and Haydn: Teachings by Josef Haydn used in the…, Stevie Wonder Quotes: The Soul Legend In His Own Words, Johnny Cash’s ‘At Folsom Prison’ at 50: An Oral History, The Music Plays On — Brahms Violin Sonatas, 2 Chainz’s Rap Career Is a Case Study in Irrational Self-Belief, “They Were Amazing”: Charles Peterson On Photographing Soundgarden, Back To The Beach: How Sun, Sand And Surf Inspired Beach Music. Whether it's a rapper having a go-to ad-lib or a production style being so unique that you know it every time a song plays, artists within the genre want to stick out. "Party Pack" (featuring Future and Rae Sremmurd), 10. Sort. LaïoungLaïoung in your eardrumLafDaDonDaDon got that bassLahLahMaurice "Lamb" McAdamsZamn, Lamb, what you doin' with that?LandfillLandfill'RingeLaudianoLaudianoLauky BeatzLauky BeatzLaykxLaykxLeague of StarzLeague of StarzLeekeleekIt's a LeekeLeek bangerLethalL-L-L-LethalLex LugerLex LugerLex Luger on the beat so what the fuck you think?That nigga Lex Luger!Lezter BeatsLezter, you going crazyLil CrowCrowley, turn that shit up!LilJuMadeDaBeatAnd if the beat live, you know Lil Ju made itLil Ju Made This BeatLiL Medic BeatsM-M-M-M-MedicLiL Medic BeatsLil MexicoAyo, Lil Mexico, pass the gasLil ReeceLil Reece produced itLil TadekLil Tadek on da beat, hoLil TeccaWe love you, TeccaLil VoeYou know it's Lil Voe on the beatLT MoeLT Moe music!LoesoeLoesoe going crazyLondnBlueCook this up (Cook this up)You know Bluey had to cook this upLondon on da TrackWe got London on da TrackLondon on da Track, bitch! Perfect[23], Drake and Future – What a Time to be Alive, Rico Richie – Realest Story Ever Told Vol. MooktovenMoonshineMoonshineMothzHere comes the–Here comes the painMothzMothz, MothzMPC CartelOoh, MPC CartelMr. "Iced Out My Arm" (featuring Future, Migos, 21 Savage and T.I), 04. YamumotoMoto, Moto, Moto, MotoYGOnDaBeatYGOnDaBeatYoungBoyBrownYoungBoyBrown, on my kidYoung ChopYoung Chop on the beatYoung GrindYoung Grind, stop playin' with meYoung MilesYoung Miles!Young ShadYoung Shad, you killed this trackYoung KicoKico on the trackyoungkimjKimJ ballin' on these hoes, huh?KimJ with the heatYoungKioKio, KioYoung Kros BeatsYoung Kros on the beatYoung Trill BeatzBeatEmTrillYungcansCansYoung QuillY-Y-Young QuillYung LaddThat nigga Ladd got the juice, hoYung LanYung Lan on the trackYung LandoLando made this track, so you know we about to turn upYoungProducersMafiaYoungProducersYung RoaminAyy, Romo, you crazyYung StarYung Star on the beatYung SkrrtSk-sk-sk SkrrtYung TagoAyy-ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy, that probably TagoYoung TaylorTaylor 'bout to fucking flexYung TingYung Ting, you goin' crazyY2tnbY2, is that you? Yo, yo, Pi'erre, you wanna come out here? "Drop It Girl" (featuring Lil Capp, P Ceeze and Gates), 15. "Brick Squad Monopoly" (featuring P Smurf and Mouse), 07. MusicM.W.A. Southside is currently at the helm of the group. Southside gained recognition in the hip hop industry for producing songs for prominent artists across the American hip hop sphere. You can argue that, when it comes to Future’s discography, Mike Will has produced the most memorable hits, Southside possesses the deepest collection of songs, and Zaytoven has the sound that best matches the rapper, but one producer — Metro Boomin — is most responsible for making Future a superstar. "Stunt On Ya Haters" (featuring Waka Flocka Flame), 03. In hip-hop, there's always been appreciation for having a "calling card." (Ayy, yo, K.i.D.). While most rappers spend their entire careers searching for a producer who brings out the best in them — a Dr. Dre to their Snoop Dogg — Future has found several. Metro Boomin. JB made thisJD on tha TrackJD on tha TrackJermaine DupriY'all know what this, so def!JetsonMadeOh Lord, Jetson made another one!Jim-E StackJim-E Stack on the beat, manJohnny JulianoJohnny JulianoJohnny Juliano dot comJordan GranadosJordan, Jordan, JordanJordan GranadosJoyztiKThank you for listening. "100it Racks" (featuring Future, Drake and 2 Chainz), 09. Not to mention, on 56 Nights — which, it’s worth noting, some media outlets rank ahead of Monster and Beast Mode, as Future’s best mixtape—Southside produced nine of the tape’s ten songs. Fuck Drownwithtoga, nigga, bitch ass nigga, Friman on the beat and he always keeps finessin', FBG FXX with me, it's more number ones to tend to, Hit-Boy on the beat so, bitch, you gotta go berserk, Futuristic Family affiliate, Indy J on the beat, What Juicy say? Despite such similarities, Luellen's sound is distinctly known to be more gangster, bombastic, gritty, rambunctious, and menacing compared to that of his collaborators. Producers are listed in alphabetical order with their respective tags underneath in alphabetical order. K HendrixK Hendrix, how you comin', nigga?K Hendrix cold as a motherfuckerK. Bentley (Mr. Bentley)MrBlackOnDaTrackMrBlackOnDaTrackMr. [10] The music video for the song was released on February 10. Along with 808 Mafia's TM88, the single "Danny Glover" became a breakout in early 2014 for Gucci Mane's protégé Young Thug, produced by Southside. Male, Female and Kid Voices available. got that dopeD.A.D.A. Ah, nahAh, nah, you ain't make that motherfuckerNeighborhood WatchNeighborhood WatchNessNess on the beatNew Lane AntYou got this beat from AntNEXXどうした? こいよ。どうした?どうした?こいよ。NiaggiNiaggi, this that overseas dripNick EBeatsNick E on the trackNick MiraNick, you're stupidNico BaranNicoNikko BunkinI'm not goin' anywhere NikkoNikko Bunkin in the trap, yeahNittiIt's a Nitti beat!Noah CuzNoah, why you do that shit?NOCNYNocny, ale dałeś bit kurwaNo GenNo GenNoisy JayNoisy JayNoisy on the beatNonbruhAlright, put the money in the bag, put it in!NonbruhNonstop Da HitmanN-N-Non-stopNorbert RoninNorbert, what have you done?NuezLemme know when it drop, NuezNumber 4848 on the beatNygeIt sounds like Nyge, OdeceOdeceOFASHOOFASHO, are you kidding me?OG ParkerOG ParkerOh!ZoneOh wee, it's Oh!Zone on the beatOil BeatzOil Beatz, sukoOK (@₪)Don't stop!What have you done?OkthxbbThxbbOmenXIIIOmenonlytheflyestOnly the Flyest on the trackOogie ManeI'm workin' on dyin'Oogie Mane, he killed itOohdem BeatzOohdem BeatzOsémio BoémioOsémio Boémio, Osémio Boémio, Osémio Boémio...OsterOster on the beat, watch out!OtxhelloGo 'head, Ooutby16outby16, or dead on the scene but together foreveroutby16, or dead on the scene but together for fucking everoutby16, or dead on the scene togetherOZOZ on the beat, yeah, P.A.F.FP.A.F.FPalazePalaze, what you cookin'?PANDORA TRVP / BEATSPandora, Pandora, PandoraPasquéPasqué, heat it upPe$o PiddyPe$o PiddyPenachoPenachoPeyotePeyoteBeatsPJ BeatsPipe it up PJPliznayaPliznaya, Pliznaya, PliznayaDamn PlizP-LoP-P-P-Lo time to bring the bass backPlutoBrazyAyo, Pluto, you going brazyPlu2o NashNash EffectNash effect fuck niggaP-NastyMmm boy, it's nastyPolo Boy ShawtyPolo Boy Shawty on the track, so I am killin' itPops On Da BeatPops On Da BeatPotentGYFTThis a motherfuckin' gift from Potent, yeahProdByCadeAyy, Cade, let's turn upC-C-C-Cade made thisProdbykaiKai gon' blow this shit upProducer 20I got 20 on my beatPhosphatePhosphatePi'erre BourneDamn, Pi'erreDamn, Pi'erre, where'd you find this?Yo, Pi'erre, yo, Pi'erreYo, Pi'erre, you wanna come out here?Yo, yo, Pi'erre, you wanna come out here?Pooh BeatzPooh, you a fool for this onePowers PleasantYo, Power, this a really great beatGot the beat by Powers, and we just made a bangerPrxzPrxzP. All hailing from Atlanta, they’ve helped Future establish his recognizable sound, while going on to become superstars in their own right. Its name comes from the drum machine commonly used in hip-hop music, the Roland TR-808. Throughout the early 2010s, Southside's productions have been featured on numerous mixtapes. got that dopeDalybDalyb, Dalyb, DalybDAMNKCDamn, KCDamn LokeeDamn, LokeeDa-da-damn, LokeeDamn, Lokee, you killed this shitDanienOh my God, it's DanienDanny WolfTrust me, Danny!Danny, I see youDanny WolfHoodrich!DarkchildDarkchild '99Darkchild ForeverDarkchildDatBoiGetroGet that bag, GetroDavid BannerDavid BannerDavid MorseDavid, wake upDaysix BeatsSix, chill, fool, for real, for realDavyDaDonDavyDaDonDbackinyaheadDbackinyahead motherfuckersDeskhopDeskhop make it drop, yeahDiMuroDi-Di-Di-Di-MuroDJ DaddaIt's anotha'!Take a DaytripDaytrip took it to ten (Hey)​deadman 死​人Omae wa mou shindeiruOh my God, it's DeadmanDean HallAyy yo, what's up Dean?DeCicco BeatsAyy, DeCicco, what up my nigga?DeCiccoDekoDe-De-De-DekoDee BDee B got that heatDee MoneyDee Money, niggaDee Money, babyMe and Dee Money want millionsDeeMarcDeeMarc got the heat onDeemzDeemz na bicie, szmatoDeemz na tracku, dzieciakuDeeJay TrapTurn it up, TrapDeltah BeatsMy nigga Deltah in them potsDem JointzIncomingDeraj GlobalBelieve thatDevislitDevo this shit hardD. In 2011, Southside co-produced the track "Illest Motherfucker Alive", from Kanye West & Jay-Z’s critically acclaimed album Watch the Throne. Monster standout "Commas" was released as an official commercial single in March 2015 and spent 20 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at number 55, simultaneity earning an RIAA gold certification further cementing Southside's career boost.[13]. HahahahaI'm in London, got my beat from LondonThe LoopHolesThink we found a loopholeLorenLorenLORDFUBUFUBU got that flameLostKidSamySamy chasing racksLouBeatsAyy, cook that shit up, LouLouBeats on the beatReal right shitLouie BandzLouie Bandz made another oneLow KiddMobLucas DepettiAh, Depetti, DepettiLudwigI-I-I-It's Ludwig bitchLuke RoswellIt happened in 1947Luke WhiteLuke White on the beatLT StudioLT is healthy, M1onTheBeatM1onTheBeatMaaly RawThat be Maaly RawMaddoxMaddox on the beatMadeByTripMadeByTripMaestroMaestroMalikOTBIt's Malik on the trackMallDidItYo, who made this beat?