Bust through to find the secret tunnel that will take you below the level. As stated before, Robotnik is back to prepare his ultimate battle fortress, the Death Egg, for the destruction of Sonic's home world! You must explore six levels of play, each with three huge stages filled to the brim with action, animation and total challenge. Sonic's sprite is a little larger, with additional detailing and a nice twist as he leaps off buttons and into the air. The game features no game saves or passwords. Bounce at least three times on Level 2's see-saw springboards to get the maximum height when you jump. It's a quest/adventure loaded with hidden items, power-ups and surprises. Sonic is a blue hedgehog living on South Island with his friends. If you collect enough Rings and the right Monitor, you can try your hand at collecting an Emerald from the Special Stages. An evil scientist has captured Sonic's friends and trapped them inside these evil creatures, and only Sonic can set them free this way. The fastest video game character to hit the Genesis and the Master System is now the most portable video character, too. Sonic is back in this fast and cool multiplayer racing & battle game! Get ready for some truly intense levels that are twice as long as those in Sonic the Hedgehog 2! Sonic must retrieve three Chaos Emeralds from the caves to advance to the next round. Plus, they've added an upright turbo move called the Super Peel Out! Want to see something really special? Well, today might be your lucky day thanks to me and t_aires ;) I present you all Sonic Advance Android! Sonic's got everything a hedgehog could ever want: tricks, gadgets and speed. Best of all, it's all in Q-Sound. This is truly one level that can give you motion sickness! The evil dude has also carelessly left behind computer terminals that hold special powerups. Well uh, at least he was here. Sizzling graphics, super 8-bit speed, sharp game-play, and sinister foes make Sonic sing....and you will too! Try free for 1 month. Battle Robotnik and save the forest creatures. Explore six levels of play, each with three huge stages filled to the brim with action, animation and total challenge!! Be aware of the many hundreds of tubes scattered about the level, along with rocket powered gun-like things that send you flying! As expected, the graphics and sounds are great. It is very similar to the 8-Bit version of Sonic which is very similar to the 16-Bit version of Sonic. The Genesis shouldn't be able to put Nintendo's 16-banger to shame so early in the contest. Run, jump & race through incredible worlds in Sonic's first endless runner game! Other than this uncharacteristically choppy Bonus Stage (what happened? C-Place Item. If you make ft to the top of Level 3, Act 2's treacherous waterfall, you'll find a 1-Up on the left side of the screen. Sonic has lots of skills and the game focuses on his abilities, such as springing, sloping and others. Think fast. Sonic bounces off the bumpers and walls like a pinball, and needs to obtain Chaos Emeralds. Check out the next issue of GamePro for more on what looks to be the SMS game of the year. If you lead him too close to a precipice, he'll teeter on the edge and flail his arms, trying to regain his balance as he looks down with apprehension. You'll want to cross Sonic's world anyway you can, of course, but along the way you'll notice that some stages feature different levels of action.

Robotnik's out to destroy the world by building a powerful weapon with the Chaos Emeralds, and this time he's bamboozled Knuckles into helping him. Rings are just as important as ever in Sonic CD. Each Act is packed with familiar hair-raising obstacles, including perilous cliffs, deadly spikes, and cascading waterfalls. Try to keep your shield when fighting the end boss of the level. 'Cause the Spiked Wonder's at it again in another high speed multilevel adventure, this time on the Game Gear. Nothing compares to Sonic in every category: music, graphics, animation, theme, and control! Here's an old Sonic standby: Always, always, always keep at least one Ring on hand. If you don't destroy them, you'll inevitably encounter them again, usually the hard way. If you run into mountain walls with enough speed, you can blast them apart. And although you might expect this to be a back-to-basics all-Sonic affair, he's not the only hedgehog you'll be controlling. But don't expect anything astonishingly new, or you'll start feeling a little blue yourself. Unfortunately, if you're tired of Super Mario clones, there's nothing I can say to hide the fact that Sonic is one of them. Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game developed in Japan by SEGA, and published for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. There is a secret shortcut with a 1-UP. Sonic can also collect 100 rings throughout the game to get an extra life. No Genesis game squeezes more fun out of just running and jumping than Sonic. When a creature forces you to drop rings, try to grab at least one while they bounce around. With his speed, of course. When you get to the yellow spring board, jump over the spikes to find a secret room with 50 rings and another 1-UP. You'll find a 1-up. Destined to become one of the hottest games ever, Sonic the Hedgehog rips into the Genesis and pulls out everything you can think of, even rotation! The psychedelic backgrounds here are awesome! Join this spiny fellow as he embarks on a crazy journey over land and under sea, in search of evil-doing creatures such as Insectoids and Ghoulies. Sonic Games Online feature the famous mad hedgehog that you have to control. His latest invention, the volcanic Veg-O Fortress, has enslaved thousands of helpless forest creatures and turned a once beautiful island into a toxic waste zone! Get speedy with portable Sonic. on Sonic. In addition to the fancy corkscrew road and the pictures shown previously, here are more pix of the later levels that will totally blow your mind! Sega of America, Inc Sonic is the first game in the series and was developed by Sonic Team. Speedmeisters can concentrate on zipping straight to the end of each Act, or explore the usual tons of hidden rooms and secret passages 'til they get a hole in the soles of their red tennies. And Sonic's trademark speed is fairly intact-in fact, it's just about the fastest 8-bit game you're likely to see. Journey through a lush jungle, a bridge zone, and even a warship! Use the conveyor under the Boss to melt its base. For right now, we've collected our latest updates to give you this report on the next Sonic boom! It is challenging but never to the point of frustration. This time our blue wonder is out to stop him for good, and to help out he's brought along his young side-kick Sonic-wanna-be, Tails. Sign in to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, or mark it as not interested. Using Sonic's patented Super Spin Attack, penetrate the Pinball Defense System that protects the Veg-0 Fortress, destroy the rotten Robotnik, and save the day! Wow, Sonic really has grown up., and gotten kind of freaky, too. To spice up the action even further, Sonic's gotta do a little time travelin' to beat the game and see the real ending. Now, turn around and run back up the ramps to find the computer unblocked. Despite the familiar feel, this cart isn't completely lost in the sequel doldrums. Beautiful, bright graphics light up each Zone, and the crisp details won't leave you squinting. Read more about it in the, There are no more reviews that match the filters set above, Adjust the filters above to see other reviews. Don't hedge your bets on Sonic the Hedgehog! All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Just jump into the boss eight times to send him running. Overall, this adventure's mechanical menaces are more aggressive and much larger than in past Sonic sagas. But Sega came pretty close! Take home the gold with Sonic! Robotnik has trapped one of the Emeralds in a toxic vat; Sonic must drain the slime from the vat before he can get the Emerald.

WOW! ProTip: To defeat the Palm Tree Panic incarnation of Robotnik, wait until he steps back and retracts his arms. You'll feel right at home behind the familiar controls. Also watch out for the laser that can zap you down into an itsy-bitsy little Sonic that can fit in small crevices and many other places! To top it all off, Sonic even has an attitude!! The player has six levels to pass, and the game is split in three Acts. Collect 100 rings without touching the lamp posts and then die. The Sonic game that started it all is now free-to-play and optimized for mobile devices! Sonic the Hedgehog's multi-scrolling graphics are a knockout, easily the most impressive pix and animation in a Genesis game yet. Enter up to 375 characters to add a description to your widget: Copy and paste the HTML below into your website to make the above widget appear. Take out the hovercraft dude in the Green Hill Zone, Stage 3 by standing under the floating hunk of land on the left side and then jumping onto to him after his pendulum passes by you. We're talking BIG levels here with the little blue blur travelling through time zones! But many Sonic fans may find the new dangers and overall adventures a refreshing change of pace and a welcome semisequel to the Genesis original. Look for more in May! In this level, get all of the rings up to point 1. With all that competition and the usual pack of robotic nuisances, Sonic and Tails have their work cut out for them. Sonic takes on an army of bionic creatures including motorized bugs, mechanical wasps, metallic crabs, and scaly scorpions. The act is a 360° rotating maze. Sign in to see reasons why you may or may not like this based on your games, friends, and curators you follow. Watch out for the Freeze Beam in the Wacky Workbench Zone. And you'd better get ready for it.

He faster than anything you've ever seen. This stage can actually make you dizzy--heck, the music alone is mesmerizing enough to put you in a trance! He's got to race across six humongous Zones each with three stages, all packed with thumb-blistering action and eye-popping graphics.