Anyone is free to learn to, do a magic trick. "Royle has a Unique Take on the Russian Roulette Plot which is certainly worth a closer look and takes it to the next level. The remaining three discs are blank. New Arrivals Umm, cheating who? Stage Magic Great Gifts I checked and, of course, typical ones like card tricks and stuff like that are a dime a dozen (guess someone is REALLY being cheated there) & I did not have time to finish researching the "smash and stab" With nothing mechanical to go wrong. do a magic trick. But I have to say His version blew me away, and is totally different version to mine or in fact to any version I have seen, and I have absolutely NO idea how he did it!" Thank you. NEW:Bestsellers "Smash & Stab" is the close-up, cabaret version of "This Is Your Knife," Wayne Dobson's stage illusion based on Russian Roulette but using daggers instead of a Gun. Still have questions? tricks. NEW:Premium Decks Although not cheap it's still in the range of most performing magicians pockets. And good luck with the rest of the tour. © 2002-2016 Penguin Magic. my family wants me to spend more time outside my room? Supplies/Refills Using 6 cups ( not the usual 4 ) the spectator puts a 6inch metal nail onto one of the cups facing straight up, then the spectator mixes them up so no one knows where the nail is, the cups are then numbered 1 to 6 and Mr. Royle simply just asks 5 audience members one at a time to simply choose a number..." "And then as each number is chosen that is the cup he slams his hand down onto, I have not got a clue how he did this and in a way I'm happy about this fact as I loved it." 2 of 2 registered users have found this review helpful. How to stay entertained in a town at home. And they are free! "Eddie Burke (Leading British Mentalist & Magic Dealer) "Lots of amazing effects, very funny, off the wall, and for me the highlight of the evening was the Table of Doom (Russian Roulette) - impossible! DVDs All Rights Reserved. DRM Downloads Each disc has a distinct 'Pyrography' detail on the outer rim, not only adding to the beauty and appearance of the prop, but this system also conceals the method of 'sighting' and detecting the disc with the spike during performance. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. It's a versatile magic prop that can be played for comedy or high drama! How to find activities that suits your fancy? You get Legal Rights and Permission to Perform Jonathan Royles Routine, allowing you to use the Special Video, The Atmospheric Music, The Unique Hypnotic Verbal Psychology and all the other elements that have had his audiences on the edge of their seats and has consistently blown the minds of lay people and experienced Magicians and Mentalists alike. Money & Coin Tricks NEW:Subscriptions, Top Inventors Carl De Rome - (Norway's Leading Illusionist) This is a routine that truly does pack very small and plays massive, and using the instructions within this manuscript one of the methods Royle uses can be built easily at home for a lot less than $50. Well done and I hope it sells well for you and wish you every success with it. Stand-up/Comedy Pages: 20 - 8.25" x 11.7" - PDF FORMAT. I see this trick being sold for $300! Smash and Stab is the complete opposite. Such a nice change from television style acts. Levitation Effects Get answers by asking now. History & Theory "Starting off with a warning Video on the big screen of other magicians getting it really wrong and warning the audience of the dangers and NOT TO TRY THIS THEMSELVES." And above all else that is what you are buying here, a Proven Professional Routine! Free magic tricks, Within this 20 Page PDF accompanied by 3 Videos and 18 Photographic Illustrations, you will learn Two Unique Methods for performing a Spike "Smash & Stab" Style Russian Roulette Mentalism Routine. There are a number of similar effects like this but most of them require a large board or stand and use knives. Instant Downloads At times he had the audience on the edge of their seats and overall this show was top notch" Peter Turner (The Devil In Disguise, Jinxed & Bigger Fish) "I think this is excellent routine! In fact, the internet has thousands of websites listed on how to learn these. And yet, on some magic. Is 24 years old too old to play Pokemon Go? Mentalism "Gary Kennedy (Mentalist) "Lastly Jonathan performs a trick I also perform Smash and Stab? Penguin LIVE Card Tricks The Magic Café - Visit us to discuss with others the wonderful world of magic and illusion. Most of them are large and are only suitable for stage or Platform use and are also quite expensive. trick forums people post comments like "anyone stupid enough not to have figured this out without paying good money?" © Copyright 2010, Magic By Design, Inc. |. It uses the same method as the original "Smash and Stab" effect but now fits into your pocket and it looks a 'million dollars'. 1.Tony Anverdi2.Colin Mcleod3.Greg Wilson4.Brent Braun5.Peter Eggink6.Max Maven7.Dan Harlan8.Gregory Wilson9.Reynold Alexander10.Chad Long11.Ammar12.Juan Tamariz13.Michael Ammar14.Greg Gleason15.Nicholas Lawrence16.John Bannon17.Richard Turner18.David Regal19.Masuda20.Robert Neale, Categories Magic Books, Other Stuff Included are four numbered cards, a "Smash & Stab" sign and a wooden plinth, wallet, and polystyrene cups along with Wayne's complete routine and performance notes... Once again, you have all the comedy and fun that Wayne Dobson is noted for. In fact, the internet has thousands of websites listed on how to learn these, tricks. I particularly like the Nail (Russian Roulette) presentation. And they are free! Haunted Magic, Shop by Venue Coffee Shop Magic, DVDs + Books Close-up Tricks Your deale is not liable for any misuse and any injury that may incur due to carelessness on the part of the performer and will not sell it to anyone under the age of 18. Four hand-turned wooden discs, one containing a polished aluminium spike are presented. Within this 20 Page PDF accompanied by 3 Videos and 18 Photographic Illustrations, you will learn Two Unique Methods for performing a Spike "Smash & Stab" Style Russian Roulette Mentalism Routine. The original "Smash and Stab" is an effect Wayne conceived in 2001 and it became a phenomenal worldwide success with both magicians and mentalists. But even if you have a method for performing "Russian Roulette" that you are already happy with, the real value of this PDF is permission to use Royles Routine and Presentation that truly do take this to the next level. One of these methods makes use of a main prop which you will have to buy from a Magic Dealer, however the main bulk of the manuscript teaches you an EXTREMEMLY SAFE way to make your own props and perform this routine. NEW:Premium Decks This brand new miniature illusion is a recent addition to "A Kind of Magic" range of effects and ideas by Wayne Dobson. Wayne Dobson presents Mini Smash and Stab - Four highly polished aluminum discs one which houses a copper bullet. unless 'Touch wood' you're not concentrating it is perfectly safe. Performance Music What's the secret? Whichever way you choose, you will leave your audiences spellbound!