At the Restoration he became master of the faculties under Archbishop Juxon and licenser of the press. 1, Savoy Tivoli, San Francisco Ca. Sir James Gordon Partridge Bisset, CBE, RD (15 July 1883 – 28 March 1967) was a British merchant sea captain who served as Commodore of the Cunard White Star Line (1944–47). On 19 Dec. he pointed out that Ralph Montagu had concealed Danby’s letters since March; if they were treasonable, Montagu was guilty of misprision of treason.6, At the dissolution of the Cavalier Parliament, according to Aubrey, Berkenhead. educ. He also acted as chairman of the Mersey and Weaver navigation bill. More info for Sherlocks. 'A man witty and well-learned', according to (Sir) John Bramston*, 'but he had some qualities not commendable.' Whither shall he go? We will contact you if necessary. Berkenhead apparently had few friends, even among the Tories. He helped to draw up reasons for the conference that followed, and instructions for disbanding the army on 29 Nov. 1661-2, Westminster 1663-d., Mdx. An old whoremaster, remarkable for his excellent speech for the players ... and in fine the epitome of insolence.’ When Parliament reassembled in 1673, he defended Shaftesbury’s election writs with the question: ‘If you tie up the hands of the lord chancellor, how will you be supplied with Members when you come to sit?’. He objected strongly to the address of 25 Mar. 1664, Berkenhead replied to the debate in the name of the commissioners. he ‘would have his Majesty moved to put the laws into execution’, and on the following day, with Henry Coventry, Sir James Smyth and (Sir) Edmund Wyndham, he returned the thanks of the Commons for the King’s favourable reply. went down to be elected, and at Salisbury heard how he was scorned and mocked at Wilton, whither he was going, and called "Pensioner", etc. He was again busy with the affairs of the loyal and indigent officers, reporting on 2 Mar. 5th August 1976 - Pt. All of these shows have been in circulation among collectors for years and it is very obvious that these tapes are sourced from the trading circuit. Here is another: his name is General Sir James Outram, the ‘Bayard of India.’ But his arguments were listened to with increasing impatience. Sir James Bisset, right, presenting a barometer to Thomas Playford, premier of South Australia, during the opening of the Birkenhead terminal, 29 September, 1950., Sir James Bisset, right, presenting a barometer to Thomas Playford, premier of South Australia, during the opening of the Birkenhead terminal, 29 September, 1950 [picture]  1950  , 1950,  Sir James Bisset, right, presenting a barometer to Thomas Playford, premier of South Australia, during the opening of the Birkenhead terminal, 29 September, 1950 [picture]  . Enjoy a CovidSafe visit to the National Library. On the address for the removal of Lauderdale, he exclaimed: ‘If you will not hear me to one point, let me go to another. for assessment, Wilts. 1639-48, Aug. 1660-1; commr. 7-CD-set in cardboard box. Bennet obliged him to hand over responsibility for the press to Roger L’Estrange, in spite of an attempt by Berkenhead before the commission for loyal and indigent officers to blacken his supplanter’s reputation. Returned presumably without a contest, he became a very active Member of the Cavalier Parliament. Apparently Berkenhead was considered to have worked his passage in this session, for he was made a master of requests with an annuity of £100, and marked as a court dependant. Stirnet: Drummond 04. with an address for the recovery of the money collected for the redemption of English slaves in North Africa. he was among the six to attend the King with a request for a national day of prayer for victory. -- typed in ink on label below the photo. On 4 Mar. 1665-74, the Household 1671, loyal and indigent officers, London and Westminster 1662.2, Editor, Mercurius Aulicus 1643-5; licenser of the press Oct. 1660-3; master of the faculties, province of Canterbury Nov. 1660-d.; editor-in-chief, Kingdom’s Intelligencer and Mercurius Publicus 1661-3; master of requests 1664-d.; commr. For example, the Manchester show was not at The Hard Rock but at the Free Trade Hall, the Sir James Club where the 1984 show was recorded is in Birkenhead (not mentioned at all). He helped to manage the conferences on the general naturalization bill and on building 30 warships. Sirens and accompanying tugboats marked the Attenborough's departure from builder Cammell Laird's wet dock at Birkenhead.. Four years in the making, the £200m vessel is about to venture out on a series of sea trials. According to Sir Robert Howard, Berkenhead’s arguments over the issue of commissions to Popish officers did Secretary Williamson more harm than good; but his speech on exempting the Duke of York from the disablement of Papists was among his most effective: Do you think the King will give his consent to this bill, to restrain himself thus? He was appointed to the committee to consider the militia laws and helped to prepare a statement on the coercion of juries for the concurrence of the Lords. BERKENHEAD (BIRKENHEAD), John (1617-79), of Whitehall. In 1674 Berkenhead was appointed to the committees for the test and for investigating the condition of Ireland, but he took no part in the attack on the Cabal ministers. He acted as chairman of the committee for the press bill, which he carried to the Lords on 19 May, subsequently helping to manage a conference. But his attack on the Declaration of Indulgence was contemptuously handled by William Garway and (Sir) William Coventry. With five other Members he was ordered to bring in a bill for the better repair of London streets on 13 Feb., and on 1 Mar. He was chosen to ask the Dean of Wells to preach on the third anniversary of the Restoration, and afterwards to thank him for his sermon, and he was also one of those chosen to ask the King to grant preferment to the chaplain of the House. SAD! Sir James is a custom built camper van available for hire through Quirky Campers or directly with the owners. On Nicholas’s instructions (or so he alleged) he refrained from printing the appointment of Sir Henry Bennet until the King personally took notice of it. Elspeth Lockhart; Evidence from the National Records of Scotland 1 Cipo did not only play at the Keystone gig but also in Manchester and at the Savoy Tivoli. No further Information available. Many of his family were clients of the Earl of Derby, and on 17 Mar. He was appointed to the committee for the conventicles bill. Sir James Bisset presents Mr. Playford with a Barometer as a memento of the opening of the Terminal." He resisted the proposal to impeach Lord Sandwich (Edward Montagu I) as liable to undermine his authority as ambassador in Spain, and in the next session expressed surprise that any man should deny to Sir George Carteret the common courtesy of reading his own defence.