The four man who did not get the ball on the basket cut will exit out the direction he came to the corner. This means the screener’s bum should be facing somewhere between the player with the basketball or the basket. Recommended DVDs and Books for Youth Coaches. I just felt that fellow coaches especially young coaches need to constantly work on their “game”. The on-ball screen can be used after any pass in the offense. At the time, every coach was running Flex, 5 men passing game, or a simple motion offense. for a shot – the shot however, needs to be well calculated else, it fails. Diagram HP-2 - if O5 is athletic, let him/her shot-fake and dribble drive to the hoop for a lay-up. Players must square up to the rim when they have the basketball – A player can’t telegraph what they’re going to do by facing a certain direction. The answer to this question will depend more on the personnel on your team and how aggressive you want to be rebounding the basketball. 1 passes to 5. This action of the pick and roll is often very effective because the offensive players are spaced out well. 5 looks to throw a lob pass to 1. 3. The Open Post Motion Offense. Wings then set a screen right above the block area. surreal if we were to imagine a player just dribbles for the fun of it in a If you have any tough and athletic players on your team, expect them to grab a lot of offensive rebounds! Elevator For a 3-Pointer. In this scenario, the player with the basketball may decide to dribble towards another player at a different spot. This can be used when a player with the basketball is being heavily pressured and the only options to pass are being denied well by the off-ball defenders. But instead of filling to the same side, 2 sets a flex screen for 5. It seems in the last ten years; those concepts have gone the way of the dodo. • Players can get stuck in the motions of the offense – When you first implement this offense with your team, you’ll find that they’re so focused on running the offense properly, that they forget to look for scoring opportunities. • The best players to away screen for are those that cut hard to the rim and can finish the layup or close shot. peculiar kind of shot that puts him in an offensive position. 1 dribbles upcourt and sets up at the top of the key. You can start players as you see fit, but having big’s screen for smalls is always safe in a simple motion offense. • To set up the defender and get open on a front cut, after passing the player should take one step away from the ball and then explode to the ball-side of their defender on the cut to the rim looking for the basketball. The pass could go to either O4 or O5. to say the number of defense to use, but to also agree on the spot each defense There are different types of screens that are used in offenses such as down screens, cross screens, back screens. Once your players are comfortable with cutting and screening away, next up is the action of setting on-ball screens. what the game of basketball is based on. Dribble fascinates, always talk about which of the players can and should take it on the court. The 5-out motion offense is a fantastic primary offense for basketball teams at any level, but especially youth basketball teams. O3 rotates out to the point. With enough testimonies to ascertain the fact that they are indeed lucid, and useful. any player to make a shot. Often, players are 4 takes a hard dribble to the middle of the floor and swings the ball to 1. 3 breaks through the lane and sets a downscreen for 1, who pops to the top of the key. In frame 3, the ball has gone to the two man, and the five is now posting up. Another variation of this offense I wanted to share with you is the option to ‘cut through the nail’ every time a player cuts to the top of the key. • Players learn how to play basketball – Don’t overlook this benefit. For high school teams and higher, you can allow them to read the defense and perform the most appropriate option. Although, I am aware that having a shot to your name gives you that Frame 3 – players pop to the wings, and the ball can go either right or left. follows the player about the court. O4 seals the X4 defender for inside position and steps into the paint for a pass from O5. If O2 does not get the pass, he/she goes on through to the opposite side and fills the O3 spot. • Remind your players that if they’re being overplayed, they must back cut immediately when the player with the basketball is looking at them. 3 can either front cut or back cut towards the rim depending on how quickly the defense reacts to the screen. Here’s how it works on a top to wing pass…. Miami Heat EOG SLOB v Bucks- Game 4 BY CHRIS FILIOS, Elam Ending & The Basketball Tournament by Chris Filios, Combination Ballhandling / Shooting Drills for Guards by Wes Kosel, Steph Curry Driveway Ball-Handling by Chris Filios, Ball Handling Drills To Improve Your Training. Another important concept in passing is to shorten the pass. So, learn to pass on the shot to the person who is  more likely to hit the jackpot. You’ll have more success from this point on, because you now have a guard in position to back screen for the top of the key. I see more set plays, pick and roll, and “get out of his/her way’ type offenses, today in high school and youth basketball than ever before. 3. The Dribble Drive Motion Offense. You want players 1, 2, & 3 to have good ball handling skills. yes! O5 flashes to the ball-side elbow. The screen must be set in a proper angle. The 3 point shot is a good shot and when it is handled by a  Important they take a hard line to the middle of the key to the block • On the down screen from the top: o A player getting the screen can pop up hard off screen for 15-20ft shot. Also read " Get 8 other plays inside the practice planner app. That way depending on what side of the floor you start, you can get a shot or dive with a ball handler or a post with a big. Plays are good but it’s more important for your players to understand the principles of attacking man defense. I grew up playing my high school ball in the mid to late 80’s in Orange County, Ca. Once your team is comfortable with the cutting phase (making the correct cut 80% – 90% of the time), it’s time to introduce the action of screening away after a pass instead of cutting. But, a shot done in haste always falls flat. The other four players crash the boards. High Low Offensive System. always worked. Staying between your man and the basket is the basic goal of man to man defense. O4 cuts into the middle of the paint for the quick hi-lo pass from O5. Man-To-Man Defensive techniques. screen are both intertwined. For teams that are quicker in transition from studying the and vice versa. Notice that if the X4 defender over-plays, switches and jams O1's cut, O4 could "slip" the screen and cut to the hoop for the pass from O2. A lot of the initial placement depends on your personnel. DIAGRAM 1: Initial Set. Interested in the print edition of Coach & Athletic Director? or staying at the same spot. play that they often forget to calm down sometimes. Active hands in the passing … 4. This is most commonly seen in Bob Huggins’ Open Post Motion offense. innate that it will, and there is hardly anything players, no matter how skilled