I am an ex-Combat Arms Training and Maintenance Speciaist (CATM) for the USAF and have shot most firearms used by our personnel. Détente By the end of the event that had all changed. A revolutionary recoil system does not require a buffer tube, allowing for side-folding and telescoping stocks. Et les pellets sortiront par un bec en acier strié qui nous permettra de faire des tirs précis et cohérents à 20-25 mètres. I have always heard to only use light oil on Sig firearms.

1; 2; First 2 of 2 Go to page ... Sig MCX Rattler PCB Sig MPX-k Gen2 Coyote Sig P229 Legion RX Compact 9mm Sig P320 XFIVE Legion 9mm (DeltaPoint Pro) Sig P365 9mm (PMM slide work, Shield Sights RMSc, TiN Barrel, Lightning Steel Striker & Sig Flat Trigger) Sig P365 9mm (wife's) Save Share. Larue Tactical’s surefire scout offset mount. Canon en acier au chrome molybdène, protégé de la... CARCTERISTIQUES: Weighing in at 5.1 lbs.

No wonder Sig has filed for bankruptcy ! Prev. Ambidextrous, AR-style controls and a folding and adjustable stock enable the MCX VIRTUS SBR to be tailored to any shooter. Catégorie Arme:  B-4

Last week I even let my twelve-year, old nephew shoot it and he had no problem repeatedly, connecting at 150 yds with the weapon lightly, braced on the bed of my Chevy.

For those of you out there who haven’t been brought up to speed yet, I’ll run through my favorite features.

Enough of the backstory and fanboy-ism, let’s get to the real reason your reading this; the 300 Blackout semi-automatic SIG Sauer MCX Rattler SBR. WT...?, Tactical Time Lord. Tested from -8 to 80 degrees in four different states it’s yet to fail.

Since muzzle brakes are usually a no go for me, their three pronged flash hider attachment was added. So, this series will be regular, at least monthly, covering every configuration I can put together using a single Sig Sauer MCX Virtus lower and multiple barrels, calibers, handguards, stocks, optics, and other accessories. Others are as reliable, some modular, none out there as modular as this. out of stock (1) sig sauer sigl mcx virtus patrol semi-automatic .300 black (7. All right reserved. $75 Battle Arms Ambidextrous Safety – Short Throw vs. $6 Standard Selector, http://skbcases.com/sports/sku.php?cat=27&pid=46, https://www.sigsauer.com/store/sig-mcx-virtus-sbr.html, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykTfyrMiXps, Remington at Gunsite!

You will notice a little muzzle pressure if you approach someone shooting the 556 from the side. $105 Radian Raptor SD Charging Handle vs. Brownells Standard $20 Charging Handle.

Longueur canon (mm-inch) : 610-24 2700g If you are into the “one gun” game, this should be at the top of the list, especially since you can turn that “one” rifle into about ten in just a couple minutes! SIG Sauer MCX Rattler SBR 5.56 Feel free to Call Xtreme Guns and Ammo on all your SIG SAUER Rifle needs at 832-363-3783 or chat with us online during regular Chat hours. FUSIL D'ASSAUT SIG SAUER MCX VIRTUS SBR C/5.56 NATO.

Capacité chargeur Over the years I have tried to get companies with similar modular rifles to send me multiple barrels. When Sig Sauer introduced its MCX it was mostly a rifle caliber MPX to me, anything but earth shattering.

Make sure you check the gas setting for how ever you are running the platform. An adapter allows an MCX upper to work on a standard lower, but they are otherwise incompatible. The Sig MCX Virtus SBR was my choice for the aforementioned application. Funny, none seem willing to let me test that theory or listen to those who have in combat.

It sports a 5.5, inch barrel with a 1:7 twist for the 5.56 and 1:5-inch twist for 300 Blackout. Carry magazine is a Gen3 20 round PMAG loaded with Black Hills 55 grain Barnes TSX, the remaining magazines are BCM Teflon Coated Mil-Spec Aluminum with Magul (green) followers and CTT Solutions magazine pads. In this case, throw that info out and put a good layer of oil in it. Barrels can be switched in a minute or two and the handguards can be removed without tools. Choke : Inner HP... CARCTERISTIQUES: Copyright © 2020 SHWAT™ | All Right Reserved. En soumettant ce formulaire, j’accepte que les informations saisies soient exploitées dans le cadre de la demande de contact et de la relation commerciale qui peut en découler. I was pulling the bolt back with the charging handle at the same distance as my Colt and successfully locking it in place however, the bolt was not actually in its fully retractable position. Grade bois : Composite

With the options and features offered and engineering that went into this sweet little thing, you wouldn’t expect it to cheap. Sig Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol Stealth Gray Rifle 16" 5.56 NATO 30 RD M-LOK MPN: RMCX-16B-TAP-P. Out of Stock.

Calibre Coming from a full sized Colt AR platform with a 16" barrel, clearing houses became problematic when your barrel telegraphs your entry. Turn the gas down and there is very little gas in your face with a repeatable three o’clock ejection pattern. Poids Calibre Out to 300 yards this rifle is deadly accurate hitting 10” round steel pretty much at will using the magnifier and the Romeo 4T. Dans le stock, vous pouvez voir comment le réservoir d’air PCP est inclus, avec un manomètre sur la gauche, d’une capacité de 215 cc à 200 bar (3000 psi). Reply. Drive by reviews covering guns that were barely tested (if at all) seem to be the rage. U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- I’d like to start off this piece with some background.

De plus, la culasse ainsi que le récepteur nous permettent une bonne prise en main, ferme, conçue pour nous empêcher de glisser pendant l'action. It keeps things light, easy to maneuver in tight spaces and provides the ability to store it in racks, bags, packs, or in the trunk.