Kanya has her eyes on Shacho, but Tom's life story intrigues her.

They're invited to a wedding, and love is in the air. After a few days in Uzbekistan, some of the members' feelings start to change. When the remaining members get ready to climb a mountain, Depparin vows to change for Junki.

After Moa shares her painful secret, an emotional Dr. Morimori ponders his response.

At the same time, the producers have created a show with an incredible amount of meta-awareness.

On a journey through Asia with strangers, their goal is to return to Japan as a couple. あいのり Asian Journeyのメンバーであり、「おやすみなしゃい」でお馴染みの“シャイボーイ”。詳しいプロフィールをまとめました。 あいのり、シャイボーイの本名、プロフィール名前:佐藤 貴義(さとう たかよし) 呼び名:シャイボーイ On the way to Thailand, one of the members vows to make a fresh start. Later, Depparin talks things over with Hidekun, but Tom is far too traumatized to forgive and forget. ShyBoy learns something disturbing. Kasuga didn't do anything wrong she just told shachou that his shorts is too short twice andshy boy got … He plays Depparin a song, and then they give Tom a pep talk about confessing his feelings. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles. Isamuchan is happy to spend an evening with Yuchan, but he soon realizes that drastic measures are required to make her notice his feelings for her.

The group meets their new member Tom, who has a very unusual relationship status. Yumechin makes a confession to Hatomune, who has one night to decide his response. Watching ainori after Asuka and Yuchan left the show become hard. ShyBoy tries to make things right with Kasuga.

The members learn about India's rapidly growing economy, including its IT prowess. When Margaret's Christmas coronation complicates her love life, her double Stacy steps in to save the day.

At the same time, the producers have created a show with an incredible amount of meta-awareness. The members learn about the problem of child prostitution in Nepal before visiting the Ainori school. After hearing of a legend foretelling good luck to those who catch a glimpse of the Himalayas, Yuchan climbs a mountain and makes up her mind. After his confession, Tom waits for Sakurako's reply.

Depparin struggles to choose between Yuchan and Akira. Depparin struggles with the clueless Yuchan, while Hatomune spends time with Asuka.

The show originally ended on March 23, 2009 but returned under the name "Ainori 2" … Smitten at first sight, ShyBoy begins spending time with Kasuga. The group heads out on a yurt camping trip, but not everyone's happy. The staff have a surprising announcement for the remaining members. You can change (your cookie preferences); by clicking accept, you accept all cookies.

Hatomune confesses, then waits for an answer from Asuka.

Depparin and Asuka both have their eyes on Yuchan. The members start their journey in India. By clicking the button and adding OpenSub search Chrome Extension, I accept and agree to abide by the. まさかのシャイボーイが『あいのりAsian Journey』シーズン2に出演することになりました。 シャイボーイといえば、『あいのりAsian Journey』シーズン1で かすが に劇的な告白を果たし一緒に帰国をしたのですが、再びあいのりに参加とはどういうことなのでしょうか。 Knowing Mya has feelings for him, AI decides to let her down easy.

ShyBoy worries about Kasuga hitting it off with Tom. A stray remark from Hatomune devastates Yumechin's confidence, giving Asuka a chance.

His lyrics inspire Asuka to make a decision. On the mountain, Depparin must face her terror and find her courage.

After talking over his worries with Shacho, ShyBoy finally tells Kasuga how he feels. Depparin starts to have feelings for someone.

Then it's on to Malaysia! Yumechin and Taka hit it off at the beach, but their time at the night market doesn't go so well. Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey: Season 2 (Trailer), Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey (Trailer). I was rooting for Shy Boy and Kasuga but Shy Boy's weirdness went to the next level and he hurt her. The group learns about gender expression in Thailand before visiting another orphanage. But will a third look-alike ruin their plan? The next day, he waits in the pouring rain for her answer. Your language. After they return to Tokyo, one more surprise awaits.

The love wagon rides again! Hidekun fails to make a move, while Tom develops a deeper crush on Sakurako after seeing her dance performance.

Depparin gets a huge shock when Kasuga and ShyBoy arrive. Shacho takes Kanya on a nighttime boat ride, but fails to foil her interest in Tom.

Then the love wagon rolls on to its next destination: Kazakhstan.

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The members have dinner at the home of their driver's friend and learn about bride kidnapping.

The love bus rolls into Vietnam for the start of the trip, with female members Yumechin, Depparin and Asuka joining the guys in Ho Chi Minh City.