Shumard oak is a very adaptive tree species. my shumard oak that i planted in april is dead/dying. Nonetheless, there is some lf spot on the lvs combined with some sort of environmental stress. Contracting a certified Fort Worth arborist company will always be beneficial. I remember that the nursery worker planted both those trees raised higher due to what he termed as too much clay soil that he encounterd after he had dug only 12 inches down. Cut the branch back to a point in the healthy wood, 1/4 inch above a lateral branch. Shumard oaks are low-maintenance trees, requiring little care once established. Any transplanted tree I have seen go in shock and that is not able to push off the dried leaves, has usually produced such a situation for that tree, which results in proving that the tree is either well in the process toward death or already dead. And don't be fooled into thinking you can save money buying from the likes of Lumber Liquidators! If the leaves are falling off your shocked tree, that is a good sign. In this blog, we aim to give you Several tips that can help you overcome sick or declining Red Oak Trees. A local nursery delivered and planted them for me in the late fall part of our growing season that year. There were two very large popcorn (tallow) trees here before the oaks. The flare is now slightly above ground. my shumard oak that i planted in april is dead/dying. Here's the diagram the BH includes on her tag with every tree she plants, and includes on her instruction page: Today about 90% of the leaves are brown. But after that the trees became a pain due to their abundant acorn crops. The results of this each year was sprouting trees from acorns I had missed picking up or had not seen due to them having been planted by squirrels.Keeping those oak sprouts pulled would not have been so bad, if I had not also encountered tons of maple and dogwood saplings, which had drifted from my neighbor's yard into my landscape beds. If your doohickey was used at teh edge, water may not have dispersed evenly. [slow to dry anyway and repeatedly, unfortuanately, DAILY watered - daily = "oxygen stressed"]Picture appears as (NOT guarantees) either oak anthracnose or overwatering appearance.My tendency is to go with Dan Staley's environmental factors.The first thought is the likelyhood of overwatering. I have had much more success with planting shumards in their whip stage and during their dormant season. Sick Tree Flood the ground around the base of the tree with a garden hose. However, the tag on the tree says that it is called magnolia grandiflora "teddy bear". I'm inclined to think it just wasn't enough water or not getting to the right place. It looks like the typical Southern Magnolia that is native to this area. If it doesn't pull through, I'm thinking about planting a 8ft tall potted magnolia that I have access to. I don't remember the exact size of the pots but I think they were 40" wide and 30" deep. Use only sharp, clean pruning shears or loppers to prevent unnecessary damage or the spread of disease. This might not be the proper selection because of its high maintenance and damaging root system. Why lots of people choose Red Oak Trees? Watering should only be needed for young trees under 3 years old. your spots on leaves probably means there's a problem from a bug or fungus etc. and the limbs and stems are still green. All the other leaves are brown and starting to fall. I figured the oaks couldn't be any worse and a least are native. These trees for me have grown agressivly. Hopefully the tree makes it. Those two trees survived just fine, but that was probably only because the heat of our summers had passed, and that year's September, October and November month's temps were moderate enough to not stress those new transplants which allowed the trees proper time to go dormant for the upcoming winter, and for their roots to acclimate better over that fall and winter prior to winter freezing, and then to resume as early as the winter freezing temps broke in that then, following late winter and early spring. The bark of the northern red oak is a darker gray to almost black color, with the oldest individuals possessing deep fissures and ridges. The "Teddy Bear" magnolia did pretty well in that loaction. If the tree survives the summer, it'll look nice all butchered up to keep off the overhead wires. Will second what musical said about the rootball being above grade. The sick tree also had several wasps in it if that matters. Making sure your root flare is exposed for proper Oxygenation is critical. The hole was about a foot deeper and 2 feet wider. Before we moved along the lakeshore (sandy soil here), I became resigned to only having a few plants that needed well drained soil so I could concentrate on the small area I put them in. Once again for all your tree care professional needs contact your local Tree Service Fort Worth company to have one of our license arborists come visit you at your property. I planted two 12ft tall Shumard oaks in my front yard in April. For more on horror stories on Lumber Liquidator floors, search them on It has been dry for a few days now. I guess one thing I'm having trouble with is the fact that we have a coffee table, 2 end tables, and a console in this room, and although I hate the matchy-matchy look, I don't want them to all look disjointed! Center point tree: Great centerpiece for backyard or front yards. Should not consider planting in smaller yards. Remove any broken branches or limbs that are crossing or rubbing against others. I had to pull it up today. The tree is about 7 feet tall. [half day to dry things out and supply oxygen to the roots]"The ground is thick clay and we have had a very wet May and June." Watered both for awhile. Here's a tree showing proper root flare above the ground. BTW, the rebar is marking the edge of the root ball. Could these problems be from too much water, not enough water, lack of fertilizer, fungus, pests or what? Your trees even though struggling are certainly doing better than the potted Shumards I have attempted to plant during the growing season. The same pale green leaves are still pale green (but not brown!) Yes, indeed - insufficiently caffeinated, apologies. It's still potted so should I be able to plant it or let it stay on the patio for a while? I first purchased those in the fall and planted them without removing their pots. Please read the article at the link I have provided below. Water the area thoroughly to activate the fertilizer. Did have two 4 inch wide trunk and 14 feet tall sized Shumard oaks planted in my front yard decades ago. Fast grower: Perfect for a fill in tree or a principle tree. It got dark before I was able to do much. Off Spring could be problematic: Acorns can be a bear from season to season. That is the top of the root ball as it came out of the pot. This most recent option may work because it appears to be similar to the wood of the corner console... ay... decorating! So, I decided to cut my loses and remove the tree. Not sure how it will do but it at least it was free. Updated on December 27, 2018 at 10:40 am by Tree Service Fort Worth. Bacterial leaf scorch isn't down in the OP's area yet. If there is mulch around the tree and you find the soil wet or gooey, pull the mulch back to the outside of the planting ring. Red oak trees will do better in larger yard with plenty of space. November 2018, All The large, stately Shumard oak (Quercus shumardii) tree's primary landscape use is for shade. In April while the weather was dry I was giving each tree two gallons of water a day through a 1.5 inch pvc pipe with .25 inch drain holes drilled in it. They also developed tiny rough textured dark brown specks on the bottoms of the leaves. Here is a link that might be useful: Planting depth info. I went to the plant sale and talked with a nursery owner about the problem. Wanted to know the pros and cons of planting oak trees in my garden. Now that it has been lifted, it is just as if it was planted yesterday - in Texas June heat in waterlogged clay. I'll try to get some better pics tomorrow. Any chance of a quality pic of the bole where it meets the ground? The sick tree has very few green leaves left. It doesn't hurt to have your soil ball a little higher than grade. Very Large Tree: Normally will hinder other trees in the yard and stunt their growth. Remove no more than one-third of the tree's canopy at one time. You need to keep the whole rootball moist too. Next time you buy a tree in a container, remove all the soil covering the rootflare first (or better, before you even buy the tree). It was wet underneath. We've been in a hot dry spell lately. Your Co Extension should have a list of trees suited to the area. The second time around, this interior designer gets her kitchen just right, There might not be a more important tree to have in your eastern U.S. landscape — if you can fit one in, Keep it dense or prune it for more light. And 30' will be reached by the tree in ~a human generation. In May and June it's been so rainy I have not watered them. Bear in mind that in general the faster growing tree, the weaker the wood.