The only real draw back to a break action shotgun is that once you’ve fired your 2-3 shots you have to break it to reload. The Hogue has a more severe angle to it so eye-level aiming is more of a challenge. The Ithaca is a bottom ejector and I’ve read that they feed and eject the 1.75″ Aguila mini shells fine. It’s nice. they are a licensed 07 manufacturer with an SOT. I’m aware of SKT Industries AOW holster but suspect that they are out of business as I have not been I put 75 rounds of this birdshot through the S-S in one sitting and my hands were still mostly functional. All rights reserved. These are more practical than your traditional pistol grip only shotgun. That’s at least one more shell right there. And as an freak give me 3,5 inch magnum option, A critical component to keeping this firearm a firearm and not a shotgun is to never attach a stock to it. Specifically: “short-barreled shotgun” means any of following: … a firearm that is designed or redesigned to fire a fixed shotgun shell and has a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length.”. In Canadia, one could put a stock on it and not have to worry about legal issues. How does AOW classification on the federal level exempt it? 97, with an exposed hammer, that could be lowered. Now that’s the gun to answer a knock at the door at 2 am with. I would let them shoot the s-s then tell them that the “standard” guns will be a pussy cat to it. Also, AUGrad, you may be overestimating just how short you can make the gun without modifying it like Serbu has. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but part of Serbu’s price includes the $200 that THEY have to pay ATF for actually MAKING the gun an AOW, which is of course passed on to the consumer. Mine holds 4+1 so it is a bit more practical, albeit it is also slightly longer than the Serbu. It isn’t classified as a Short Barreled Shotgun, but rather as an Any Other Weapon. As soon as a stock is attached it goes from being a firearm into a shotgun. States can and do ban or otherwise regulate SBS separately, and they may have their own definition of what it is, which is not necessarily identical to ATF’s. Yeah, the stamp is only $5, but still that means your into the gun for over $1,000. It hung up only once at the end of the shooting session which I chalk up to non-resized brass on my reloads in addition to a new shooter pulling the trigger. As long as I remained on Sharp Shooting’s premises under their watch, there was no need to transfer the S-S into my name and wait the ~8 months on the tax stamp. The could have added another 3″ to the barrel and tube to get the capacity up to 4 rounds. If Serbu makes an Ithaca shorty, it’d be able to hold five of those mini shells and that’s five shots of pretty formidable firepower when the whole package is taken into account. Period. As the S-S was created from a firearm with a pistol grip and no shoulder stock, it was never actually a “shotgun” and this is why it cannot be a “Short Barreled Shotgun” or count as a “Weapon made from a shotgun.”. Which makes sense in the Czech Republic where the bad guys are unlikely to pack heat. The prices have gone up on them quite a bit over the years, though. Much to my surprise, the max dram #4 buckshot from S-S wasn’t so bad, either. And therefore when you shorten the barrel, it’s still not a shotgun, short-barreled or otherwise. A full size 500 pump with the barrel shortened to 14 inches and either a youth model stock or one of those telescoping AR style stocks would be a dandy house gun. So let’s see if I understand this correctly: If it’s a shotgun that was produced with a pistol grip and a barrel under 18″, it’s considered an AOW? Sure. * even without the vertical foregrip, it would still be an Any Other Weapon due to its smooth bore and, as you said, size that makes it capable of being concealed on your person (under 26″ OAL). Thanks for the education. I have one of these because it was as close as we could get to a SBS in Indiana until a month ago. Sometimes practicality doesn’t matter. I don’t regret mine but it is kind of a novelty gun. There was an incident of it ejecting the empty shell and the live one on deck, which I think was due to me rolling the gun onto its side too much while cycling the action back. That Remington 870 super shorty looks awesome! Imagine, ( for example ) a 30 year house painter who didn’t know about painting with air compressor ! (a) The provisions listed in Section 16590 do not apply to Looks like a tremendous amount of fun, and has some practical use as a home-defense gun. Why would I not buy an 870, for around $300 and then pay $200 tax stamp to turn it into an SBR? Gone is the standard, horizontal grip and in its place is a vertical foregrip. Same safety, same trigger, same action lock at the front of the trigger guard, same loading gate, etc. I think that’s key to why these aren’t classified as short-barreled shotguns, but rather as AOWs. When Mossberg launched the original Shockwave and Remington came out with the 870 TAC-14 line, people clearly liked these portable smoothbores. Myself, I would like a folding stock that folds to the port side, so as not to interfere wit the ejection port etc. Your email address will not be published. I’ll believe it when I see it. Wait, these are made here in Tampa? Required fields are marked *. To me, the recoil is negligible as the birdshead lets the recoil slide it through your hand a bit. Still would want another 3″ added to the business end, giving you a true 3 round capacity. A ‘concealable’ short barrel shotgun with a 2nd handgrip? That’s why both the Mossberg 590 Shockwave and Remington Tac 14 feature the unique Shockwave Raptor grip. But I’m not aware of such a thing. The Shockwave is a very lightweight and maneuverable package, more maneuverable than a standard shotgun. . They have used a receiver that accepts Saiga mags to run 5-, 10-, or even 12-round removable magazines, but it isn’t readily available for order on the Serbu website at this time. I purchased a mossy 500 with the same one attached back when I didn’t know any better. The Air Force’s Suppressed M9 Pistol from the ‘80s. prohibited by Section 33215. That’s it’s raison d'être. At short distances, it’s Feinstein’s nightmare come true of a gun that can be shot from the hip and put lead on target. Copyright © 2020 Range 365. Must have been before 68. I own a slightly different AOW, also Rem 870-based with a 12″ barrel. I’d actually practice with it. The 6.5″ barrel makes for a great shot spread from almost point blank out to 7 yards. Flipping the grip from folded to vertical orientation is simple and rapid, requiring nothing more than rotating it downwards until it clicks. Capacity: 2+1 to 4+1, based on length Many aftermarket parts like upgrades for trigger, safety selector, loading gate, extractor, side saddles, etc will work on the S-S. A side saddle that includes a top rail would allow for a laser, reflex sight, or other optic…just don’t let it recoil into your face. The best example is the Serbu Super Shorty series of 12 gauges. they pay $1000/year for the SOT and therefore do not have to pay a tax to make each AOW on a Form 2. transfers from Serbu to the end-buyer incur a $5 tax on a Form 4. Luckily, there’s no shortage of aftermarket options such as those from Hogue, Knoxx, and others. But the best thing I have found to do with it, BY FAR, is to offer to let a new shooter try it. This is how transition people from new shooter to new gun owner to someone who will put gun rights as top priority in the next election, Watching the S-man’s reaction when shooting magnum slug = Priceless. All of the NFA regs and hoops apply, except an AOW is only a $5 tax stamp. Did Dirty Harry Use .44 Specials in his Model 29?! It just says designed to be fired from the shoulder. Forget the bird shot. The family member who owned had it probably since at least WWII and was required to register it after the laws passed in the 1960’s. At least it’s only a $5 stamp. The firearms (they’re not “shotguns” according to the NFA) that are modified into these are longer than 26″ and do not have the vertical foregrip, and so are not NFA-regulated firearms. There ain’t a lot of shotguns that’ll fit in a backpack, but the Serbu SUPER-SHORTY will perform the trick with room to spare. If you keep the barrels long enough that this is not the case, then it is neither AOW nor a shotgun nor a pistol (nor, obviously, a rifle) – it’s classed simply as “weapon” by ATF, and doesn’t have any special regulations other than those applying to firearms in general. The typical response when they get ready to leave after their first day is “can I come shoot again and can I bring a friend”. Home, office, or vehicle defense? For nearly 20 years, Mark Serbu’s SUPER-SHORTY has been the standard-bearer among the super-compact shotgun set. Just don’t shoulder it while anyone’s looking (aside from the target, that is). At 7 yards, max dram #4 buckshot was entirely in the silhouette but for one pellet. I have a 6″ barrel Judge which I intend to open carry on January 1, 2016… because I can (then). any of the following: You could make it as an AOW and avoid the SBS tax stamp. So if it starts its life with a pistol grip, it’s not a shotgun. There are two reasons why you shouldn’t attach a stock to your firearm. Easy solution–Aguila Minishells. These firearms must maintain an overall length of 26 inches. Needs large durable slings for wrapping around the back/neck to support the weight of one in each hand. Looks like a fair bit of gunsmithing (welding) and the like went into it to “stuff” so much in a small package to be sure. In contrast, in federal law, a shotgun must have a stock (“designed to be fired from the shoulder”). While the S-S may be only 16.5″ in length, its occasional fireballs have no trouble exceeding that. With one of the 590 Shockwave and Tac 14 barrel length is not actually a concern. Once Form 4s are available for 3-file, maybe it’ll get shorter. I have learned all the tricks of the trade. A pump can be kept topped off so long as you don’t shoot dry. My personal 590 Shockwave is just a fun gun. I bet they have a good idea of what holsters are available for the super shorty and where to find them…. Yeah, that’s an option. Some shotguns are classified as AOWs. ... To be honest A shockwave or serbu super shorty would be better, but still. Three shots without having to work a pump. For nearly 20 years, Mark Serbu’s SUPER-SHORTY has been the standard-bearer among the super-compact shotgun set. Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily!