The aquatic elves attempted to drive the shalarin out of the Inner Sea following both the First and Second Passings in unprovoked attacks that devastated the shalarin population and in the later case prompted the Fifth Serôs War. The elves attempted to wage war on the genies, but their settlements were too deep for the elves to reach, making most attempts to quell them futile.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Eye color is usually dark, from deep blue or green to black, only giving a faint glow. Sea elves are natural explorers with a healthy wanderlust. The latter had blue skin with white stripes and patches. Water genasi who served Deep Sashelas sometimes worked as emissaries between aquatic elves and their surface cousins.

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The grugach set pits filled with stakes, snares that leave an intruder helpless to grugach arrows, and other snares designed to kill rather than capture. [3], Aquatic elves either went lightly clad or wore no clothes at all. (. The most common and widely accepted is worship of the Sea Mother, believing certain occurrences, which appear natural, are actually ways of Her communicating with the sea elves. Once every two or three generations an aquatic elf showed a talent for arcane magic,[15] making magical talent about as common as it is in dwarf communities rather than in human or elven ones. Elves love nature and magic, art and artistry, music and poetry. Thinking about other classes? The blasts were so large they created new bays in the coastline. Your fury can carry you through anything. [15] Most revered Deep Sashelas, the elven sea god of knowledge and creation,[5] but Corellon Larethian was still revered as the father of their race and they acknowledged the other Seldarine to a much lesser extent. He then placed Kyron the Mad (a traitor to the rebel merfolk and fellow worshiper of Dagon) on the throne of the subdued Thalorlyn.

However, the coronal was soon poisoned by his top general and old friend, who wished only to preserve the peace.

[48] Aquatic elves did also sometimes reproduce with surface elves (generally sun or moon elves), which resulted in an elf who looked like the subrace of their surface parent except for the greenish tinge to their hair. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL ELF 5E VIDEO GUIDE!

Their trust did not extend far beyond their clan and others of their kind, and their communities were very tightly-knit.
Any aquatic elf could take one of these items whenever it was needed and regardless of who had possessed it previously, although individuals were allowed to keep relatively private dwellings.

Sea elves are a boisterous lot, and take celebration, vengeance, and pride seriously.

Alignment Alignment. Alignment Shadar-Kai Also called shadow fey, think drow but significantly more pale and goth.

Mechanically they’re best suited as wizards with an Intelligence boost and a free cantrip. An eladrin might choose the season that is present in the world or perhaps the season that most closely matches the eladrin's current emotional state. The aquatic elves had established peace along their borders as well as with the Marid States that had been established in Serôs, ushering in an era of peace that lasted for 5,000 years. An elf typically claims adulthood and an adult name around the age of 100 and can live to be 750 years old.
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A pretty face infatuates you in an instant, but your fancy passes with equal speed. Deep green with brown stripes and patches, shades of blue with white stripes and patches. This marked the end of the war, which had thrown much of Serôs into turmoil.

2nd Edition Statistics[3]

[62], In the Year of Shattered Walls, −387 DR, a group of aquatic elves exploring the coastal shallows of the River Verire made contact with green elves from Cormanthyr, learning of Lake Sember and the peace to be found in Semberholme.