But now, living in the era of designer dogs, pedigree hybrids can be big business.

Because this mix is a hybrid, you never really know what you’re going to get. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. Panosteitis is a painful inflammation of growing bones, often referred to as growing pains. Before you jump on the Schnauzer Lab mix train, though, it is essential to figure out if this dog is an excellent choice for your family. But we can definitely learn from looking at the histories of the parent breeds! Schnauzer Lab Mix temperamento y comportamiento Como sin duda se ha reunido, la primera generación de cachorros de mezcla de Schnauzer Labrador es una completa lotería genética. If I could find another Dudley I would adopt in a heartbeat.

Given their often wiry, low shedding coats, this mix may be a hypoallergenic option for dog lovers with allergies! While the Labrador doesn’t typically vocalize, the Schnauzer can be quite vocal.

But if i could find just one that just had half of her qualities, i would be very happy. Once fully grown, a Labrador cross Schnauzer will need upwards of two hours of vigorous exercise every day. If you want to be added to the list, just comment below: These dogs can be very loving family dogs.

Both Standard and Giant Schnauzers are more likely than Labradors to be wary of strangers–a hark back to their days are guard dogs. With two such popular and widely-owned pedigrees, it’s likely that litters of Labrador Schnauzer mix puppies have been born by accident or design for decades.

Asking your breeder about all of these conditions may feel uncomfortable, but rest assured a responsible breeder will be happy to answer them. But Labs can come in quite a few colors.

Oh and i must say that Annie never ever made a mistake of doing her business in the house. Fortunately, this behavior can be trained down as a Schnauzer’s bark is very loud. This mixed breed is somewhat rare. To give you an idea of the extent, one report estimated the total number of pet dogs in the UK in 2009 as 9.4 million, of which just 216,856 were registered as pedigree pooches. Dogs, Cats, Birds, as well as Rabbits – You name it, we have you covered. Standard Schnauzers sometimes have a reputation for being willful. They are known to be playful, energetic, and friendly. She does have hip dysplasia in her left hip though. An ethical breeder will not breed dogs that are particularly prone to these problems. Without thrusting them into complete existential crisis. Luckily, there are tests for many of these conditions. Schnauzers are alert watchdogs with a loud bark and excellent hearing. Dog breeds come and go, but the noble Schnauzer has been around since medieval times. Schnauzer Lab Mix Temperament.

Therefore, it’s no surprise they are also a sought-after contributor to many doggy hybrids. Labrador Retrievers are the golden (or chocolate, and or black) boys of the dog world. Labradors are all about the same size, while Schnauzers come in miniature, standard and giant versions, which impacts the size of the mix. Labrador Retrievers are the most commonly registered pedigree dogs in both the USA and UK. One thing about him is that every one we meet on our walks admires him for the handsome dog that he is (can take no credit there). Labrador Retrievers are the most prone to obesity of all dogs, due to excessive eating habits.

And any other food they can lay their chops on! Tell us all about them in the comments section below! I have had a dog ever since i was 10 years old and im 75 now. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? The one thing that confounds me though is his fur. Alternatively, wait until you have more time to commit. I wonder if there is a third breed that gives him the white or if that is a standard recessive trait. Originally, they were bred to retrieve fishnets out of the water. Both breeds are considered highly trainable and family-friendly. A quality leash is essential to keep everyone safe and frustration-free. Sometimes one wishes he might be a bit cooler not always being 100% full of energy.

As your Schnauzer Lab mix breed grows, watch out for signs of lameness which may shift from limb to limb, accompanied by a loss of appetite and lack of energy. Both breeds are considered highly trainable and family-friendly. Out of the 8 dogs I have had or currently have he was the perfect dog. “Comparison of urine composition of healthy Labrador Retrievers and Miniature Schnauzers.” American Journal of Veterinary Research. The one down side is that at times she can be quite standoffish or even aggressive with other dogs, but on the whole she’s a joy to have around. One more thing to note is that pedigree crosses pose a greater risk to the health of puppies if there is a big difference in size between parent breeds. Giant Schnauzers will produce larger puppies. The color of this mixed breed will depend mostly on the colors of the parent. Or they could look like an even mix of both. I am so lucky to have him in my life. So, you may spend quite a bit of time looking for a dog of this breed.

He was on no medication except from ant-inflammatories in the last year. Learn how your comment data is processed. I live in Baton Rouge, La and if anyone has any information as to where i can find someone selling this breed i would be most appreciative. But some conditions can still be passed on, so it pays to know which health problems each of a puppy’s parents might be at risk of. This medium-sized dog usually weighs between 15 and 30 pounds with the distinctive Dachshund body, although the Miniature Schnoxie’s legs may be a bit longer. Like we mentioned earlier, the exact type of Schnauzer has a significant effect on size and build. They can be unsure of strangers, so it is important to be around lots of people early on. He was 39lbs. Schnauzers and Labradors are both intelligent, active dogs, so their offspring are likely to need lots of attention. Early socialization is crucial.

Labs can only safely breed with Standard and Giant Schnauzers. If you do happen to find one, however, it is essential to ensure that the puppy is not coming from a puppy mill. Any information as to where i might purchase or rescue one would be greatly appreciated. They earned their keep as rat hunters, herders, and guard dogs. They may or may not shed, depending on what traits they inherit.

Loved swimming,had a good nose and if needed I believe would have made an excellent gun dog.

The Labrador Retriever is an intelligent dog, thus requiring stimulation to prevent destructive behavior. For the dogs themselves, the big advantage of being a crossbreed their health. Schnauzers pair well with German Shepherds as guard dogs.
A particular puppy might look more like the Schnauzer parents or more like the Labrador parent. Sadly I said goodbye to him this summer and miss him every day. Looking for a unique dog? If possible, we recommend meeting the Schnauzer parent at the very least.

The cross has one layer or two of medium-length hair. Annie never met a stranger and she was absolutely the best and brightess dog i have ever had. Schnauzers and Labradors are both intelligent, active dogs, so their offspring are likely to need lots of attention. However, if you intend on breeding them in future, you will need to find out their carrier status. The Schnauzer Lab mix is a crossbreed between these two animals, meaning any or all of these traits may be passed on.

And he just loves to be cuddled. There are several other conditions to be aware of if you’re looking for a Giant Schnauzer Lab mix. As a highly intelligent dog with an unparalleled sense of smell, Labrador Retrievers can be trained to hunt and track. Because these dogs can be somewhat unsure of strangers, it is essential to give them plenty of time to warm up to you and your family. Hereditary hypothyroidism—an underactive thyroid—is a particular problem for Giant Schnauzers. Exercise and training, however, should begin as quickly as possible. At-risk dogs should be screened before they are used for breeding. She does have separation anxiety, but she crate trained easily. Are you wondering if this interesting crossbreed could be the right pet for you? As any Labrador parent will tell you, Labs LOVE their food. Luckily, there are quite a few chew toys you can purchase for your canine to prevent them from chewing on things they shouldn’t. Cardiomyopathy accounts for approximately 10% of all heart conditions in dogs, and large breeds are especially susceptible.

Since the Schnauzer Lab mix is a crossbreed, the puppies can inherit any behavioral traits from their parents. So for the purposes of this article, we’re assuming our pups are either a Giant Schnauzer Lab mix or a Standard Schnauzer Lab mix. Schnauzers are also an intelligent breed.
Our dog was a rescue and we had no idea what she was, but a genetic test revealed her to be 50% schnauzer, 25% lab and 25% mutt. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

He was a gentle giant.

But they also require quite a bit of training and socialization.

As she’s gotten out of her puppy stage, she still loves to play, but will also sneak her way onto the bed for attention in the form of snuggles or belly rubs. Because they are prone to obesity, you must feed this dog very carefully. We’ve included all the information you might need to know in this article – from temperament to health to appearance.

She always, even as a puppy made sure she found you and let you know she needed to go outside. One day, while riding with me in the front seat of my Jeep, and while on a trip, she began pawing at the front window and it took me several seconds to realize what she wanted and she patiently waited untill i found a rest stop. They can also be used to detect explosive compounds, drugs, and even the early stages of cancer. He was an amazing dog. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend.

Until not long ago, those litters would have been regarded as mongrels, and given away or sold cheaply to family and friends. However, there is no way to predict whether a Labrador Schnauzer will molt copiously and shed their coat twice a year like the Lab, or shed very little like a Schnauzer—only time will tell. As a mix breed, a Schnauzer Lab can inherit a random assortment of these traits from its parents. So how does the Schnauzer and Lab mix fit in? The Standard Schnauzer, though, was created for herding and vermin hunting roles. Finally, once your heart is set on a Labrador and Schnauzer mix dog, and your head agrees too, where can you find one? “A Deletion in the Canine POMC Gene Is Associated with Weight and Appetite in Obesity-Prone Labrador Retriever Dogs.” Cell Metabolism. We just adopted a Lab Giant Schnauzer mix rescue dog.

Pedigree dogs come from small gene pools that ensures their desirable traits in all descendants. Cardiomyopathy is a disease which causes progressive weakening of the heart muscles. But in the 1990’s, a special term–designer dogs–was coined to describe first generation offspring of two pedigree dogs and has made them.. well… special. Stevenson, Abigail. We may not know a great deal about the Schnauzer Lab mix itself. There’s really no way of knowing in advance exactly which physical characteristics the Schnauzer Lab mix will take from each parent. White Labradoodle – What Makes This Color So Special? They have been the most popular dog in America for the last 24 years, according to the American Kennel Club.

But all that keeps her in tip-top shape despite her Lab-like appetite. They are quick to learn new commands and eager to please by following them through.