Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But on the fourth box, Maraamu had issues unhooking their box and Rotu got back to the start line first, and chose to take the comfort items. However, Neleh disagrees with Kathy explaining that there will always be alliances and that the more you speak out, the more vulnerable you become. Jeff then goes to the boats to see if they were in reach of their chains. Sean thought the more males on the tribe, the better, and he wanted to vote out Sarah. Rotu eventually found their last piece, but Maraamu was too far ahead. At the reward challenge, the players are separated into four teams of two. Rob makes it clear that being continuously lied to aggravates him, while Kathy realizes how badly she needs to win immunity.
Week of 03/18/02 - 03/24/02", "Top 20 Network Primetime Report. "[21] The exit of John Carroll is widely considered to be the foundation of modern Survivor strategy by columnists and fans alike. Given the strong bond that Sean has with Vecepia and the similar bond between Neleh and Paschal, Kathy finds herself being the swing vote at the next tribal council. Paschal drew the purple rock and was eliminated from the game. The game continues with Daryl finding the "Vote someone out" tile.

The two of them later take their last mud bath in the shallow waters near their beach. Kathy agrees with Sean theorizing that John and Tammy are playing in such a way that would make them difficult to vote out. So Jeff brings the bag around and one at a time, Neleh, Kathy and Paschal reach into the bag and pull out a rock. Later, while eating together, she told other tribemates how she felt and that she doesn't want anyone lying. Soon after returning to camp, despite more hunger and fatigue, everyone goes searching for troca shells in the shallow waters near their beach. The four original Rotu members discuss getting rid of Rob but Tammy doesn't want to throw a challenge. They finally sent a group down to flip the boat instead; it worked and rose to the surface. When he approached him about his voting strategy. Neleh asked the jury to consider how she treated them, her love and compassion and that luck got her to the end. Although the lead is tied for most of the game, Vecepia is the first to reach ten points, winning her individual immunity. At tribal council, Sarah admitted she did less work in order to conserve energy at the challenges, to which Gina responded that if she has to pick up people’s slack at camp, she is twice as tired at the challenges. However, she got herself lost and headed back to where the rest of her tribe was. As the rest of the tribe awaits Neleh and Paschal's return, Tammy wonders if they will bring back food from the ship. Last August, Sarah Jones visited Hawaii, completing her ambition to … Sean is overjoyed over John's departure as a result of the previous tribal council vote, realizing a new day for him, Kathy, Neleh, Paschal and Vecepia. At the final Tribal Council, Neleh and Vecepia were both lambasted for hiding behind religion while simultaneously lying and backstabbing. With only coconuts, taro root and troca left to eat, the tribe's energy level was lower than ever. A teary-eyed Kathy finds the effect on the tribe's mental stability uncanny. After explaining the object of the reward challenge, Jeff surprises all by announcing that the loved ones will compete instead of the tribe. Sarah is introduced. Months later, Jeff arrives in New York City in the same helicopter he left the tribal council area in with the voting urn in hand, Jeff hails a taxicab which takes him to Central Park where the two finalists and the seven members of the jury await him on a big stage before a live audience of cheering fans.
Almost immediately after, Kathy called the tribe over as she found a trove of shells and crabs. As the rest of the tribe enviously witnesses Paschal board his boat, Jeff surprises Paschal by asking him if there's someone he'd like to take with him. Sean is thrilled to have found his very first troca.

Survivor: Marquesas is the fourth season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor.The season filmed from November 12, 2001, through December 20, 2001, and premiered on February 28, 2002. Later, the tribe finds a message written on a pair of stilts at their tree mail. After a duet of "Show Me the Way to Go Home," Kathy and Neleh let out a scream hoping to relieve their physical and mental fatigues. Week of 04/29/02 - 05/05/02", "Top 20 Network Primetime Report. She was the sister of Rebecca Jones and Eric Jones. This theory was supported by host Jeff Probst, when he later admitted that using the purple rock tiebreaker was a mistake at this point in the game, because the formula behind it was impossible to apply fairly with only four players left.[26]. She aligned with the former to eliminate Sean, but Vecepia won immunity at the final four. When Kathy returns, she shares her Snickers bar with her tribemates. share. Rob confronts Zoe about being in an alliance, which she denies. Some of the women thought that Peter was strange. Kathy was the only one offering directions, while Gabriel and Vecepia led the way for Rotu. Starting in Marquesas, if the tribe could not reach a unanimous decision as to who should be voted off within an allotted time, contestants who did not have immunity would pull different colored rocks from a sack. In a twist, the Survivors' family members competed in a challenge on behalf of their loved one. After several moves made by all, Beverly is eliminated first. Hunter look the leadership role at Maraamu, and they got much smoke, and thanks to Peter’s long breaths, they finally got a fire.

However, Gabriel’s apathetic attitude toward playing the game cost him and he was unanimously voted out. Vecepia has similar feelings after being with Leander. They later merged into the Soliantu tribe (a word created by competitors Kathy-Vavrick O'Brien and "Boston Rob" Mariano which they intended to mean "Sacred Allegiance to the Sun"). Paschal feels that the game was played honestly and does not know what caused Neleh and Vecepia to make it so far other than luck. Maraamu used the insides and outsides of their life-jackets, Paschal's American flag, and their white blankets to create moving signals. The original location, Jordan, was discounted as a result of the September 11 attacks[1] and the political situation in the Middle East.[2]. Sarah's second motion shot. Continue browsing in r/survivor. Neleh agreed and Kathy became the final member of the jury. Meanwhile, Sarah was oblivious to her tribemates wanting her out and believed that it was everyone for themselves. The next morning, Kathy returns to Maraamu Beach with Rob by her side and tells Neleh and Paschal that they have five minutes to gather everything from their camp and put it on their raft before paddling to Rotu Beach. Kathy, Neleh and Vecepia are relieved when John assures them that Paschal will be fine. All the while, the two finalists are curious as to how the jury will interpret their methods of gameplay. [4] He also appeared on the 39th season, Survivor: Island of the Idols serving as a mentor alongside Sandra Diaz-Twine. Rob and Zoe easily beat Paschal and Neleh in the jungle portion of the race, however John and Robert have difficulty paddling together, allowing Gina and Kathy to overtake them on the water, retrieving their flag first. She gives a goodbye hug to Paschal and heads on her way. Week of 03/11/02 - 03/17/02", "Top 20 Network Primetime Report. Rotu began to repair their shelter after they got soaked from a rainstorm. While Kathy is out scuba diving, voting strategies are being made as Neleh and Paschal align with John, Robert, Tammy and Zoe planning to vote out Sean at the next tribal council. In the end, the Neleh and Paschal bloc decided to stay loyal to ex-Rotu member Kathy and Gina is voted out. She then relocated to Huntington Beach, Calif., to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication (with an emphasis on photography) from California State University, Fullerton. While Rob seemed like an easy choice to eliminate, original Rotu member John aligned with fellow original Rotu members Tammy, Robert, and Zoe to eliminate Gabriel, the fifth remaining original Rotu member, for being strategically apathetic. Soon after, they have their first showers in almost a month. The Getty Images design is a trademark of Getty Images. John noticed Gabriel bonding with the three original Maraamu members. Tammy then questions Zoe's intentions only to have Zoe deny forming an alliance with Tammy, John and Robert. Later that morning, the tribe celebrates Vecepia's 36th birthday with a special breakfast of bananas and mangoes, much to Vecepia's delight. John landed on a sea urchin and needed someone to pee on his hand, which Kathy did.

Sean is teamed with Paschal, Tammy with Vecepia, Kathy with Robert, and Neleh with Zoe. The rock draw also appeared in the thirty-third season, Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. © 2020 CBS Interactive. Neleh states that she was going to join his alliance with Robert, Tammy and Zoe hoping that somehow she would finish further than fifth place but chose not to due to finding out that would not happen. As their cleansing ritual commences, Kathy reflects on herself and the other two remaining players and finds it amazing that the three of them have made it to Day 38 in spite of their different ways of life. Neleh's full description of the experience rubs Kathy the wrong way. Despite not feeling so good about Neleh and Vecepia being the final two and that they lasted longer than him, Robert sees his jury vote as a coup for himself. Tammy feels that Kathy deserves the million dollars more than Neleh and Vecepia but congratulates them anyway for beating her at her own game. Sean and Vecepia bonded over their culture and love for God. Survivor: Marquesas is the fourth season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. Sarah Jones was born in Juneau, Alaska. Rotu got off to a fast start, while Maraamu struggled. Rotu chose Rob M. and Maraamu chose Neleh to do the tiebreaker. As Tribal Council looms, Rob and Sean have a heated disagreement with John over the vote. On day 10, a random tribe shuffle sent Rob and his allies Sean and Vecepia to Rotu, while Paschal, Neleh, and Kathy joined Maraamu. Although the debate continued long into the night, the issue was not resolved. The six remaining members of the Soliantu Tribe continue to run low on energy after another bad night's sleep and homesickness kicks in as all discuss missing friends and family. Vecepia and the Rotu members (minus Kathy) stick together to vote Rob out over John and Zoe. Despite noticing Kathy's predicament and weighing racial differences, Vecepia does not believe that race is not an issue in the game. Shortly after waking up to their final morning and preparing breakfast, the final two players notice a pig and two chickens near their camp. After adorning themselves with flowers, the three remaining players hike the rest of the way and meet Jeff for the final immunity challenge. Rob was not happy at Rotu because he was in the minority and he had everything under control at Maraamu.