He has dark eyes and a strong, V-shaped jaw. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Not much is known about Samuel's past. [2] As a high schooler he led the Gangseo Alliance, uniting the local gangs under his leadership. He tells Samuel that he did not want to get involved in the Four Major Crews if it was not necessary.Alexander says that Samuel was still not like his old self.

One thing Samuel hates is getting interrupted, and he sharply reprimanded both Daniel, Natalie, and Amy for interrupting him while he was speaking.

He then asks with a fake smile if there was anything that Daniel was concerned about regarding it, and Daniel says no. He also sometimes wears a dark orange overcoat draped over his shoulders. Upstairs, Samuel reports to Alexander, telling him that their revenue would succeed the Third Affiliate's that month, and reports on the newest streamers. Male

Story Arcs At the end of the episode, Samuel steps out of the car and walks past Eli into the MCN building. https://www.webtoons.com/en/drama/lookism/ep-303-jake-kim-2/viewer?title_no=1049&episode_no=303, https://lookism.fandom.com/wiki/Samuel_Seo?oldid=7263.

He was powerful enough to be scouted to join Big Deal, one of the Big 4 Crews.

I was re-reading hostel arc and in the epilogue, it shows scenes from each part of his life and its just so sad. i mean Olly Wang is one of my favourite characters and i am genuinely disappointed he died bc he would have given lookism that bit of freakiness.
He agrees to hire them because he thinks that they had a 'baby sister' vibe and introduces them to the top five streamers on Kwitch, then leaves to do something else. It was first published online weekly on Naver WEBTOON since November 2014. Lookism Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community.

he is a year older than Daniel, and the same age as Jake Kim. He has a beautiful voice, which refers to Daniel in real life. Their method for deceiving that they aren't a crew is earning money through legal matters and official businesses, also dressing in strict business attire. Samuel states that he always hires people to do his work instead of doing it himself, so he would not fistfight Daniel.

Samuel later became the executive of the Fourth Affiliate of the Workers, and was complicit in an illegal streaming business until the downfall of One MCN. Samuel Seo (서성은 Seo Seong-Un) is the MCN director and Workers Executive.

He wears very formal clothes. 서성은 Aliases Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Samuel leaves, looking miffed.

Samuel ignores their whispering, even going so far to tell them not to interupt him. He is blunt and honest, notably when he does not deny his involvement in Hostel, and when he tells Daniel's old body that he wants him in the company.

The story revolves around a high school student who can switch between two bodies—one fat and ugly, and the other fit and handsome.

https://lookism.fandom.com/wiki/Workers?oldid=6498. Lookism is a South Korean webtoon written and illustrated by Park Tae-joon.

286: Dark Park VS Gun (2) In that, the two of them wear similar hairstyles and personalities to one another. He also wears narrow, rectangular glasses. He states that Daniel had an incredibly high number of streamers for his first streamcast, earned the nickname 'King Daniel' already, and was relatable to the viewers.[5].

The origins of Workers is unknown, but they are known to be the head of Gangnam.

[4], Daniel submits an application to the executive, Samuel, who tells Daniel that he wants him in the company because of the potential for success. Samuel is a tall young man with black hair, usually kept swept back.

Alexander angrily beats Samuel because it was not reported to him earlier. Ep.

He laughs when he mentions Olly Wang's death to Alexander. Samuel also says he saw Daniel, and Alexander says that Gun had approved of him.

Debut He tells Daniel about the history of Workers, saying it was established to make a hundred billion dollars. Samuel says that it was Hostel, and mentions that he saw Eli Jang at the front of the building earlier. Workers is a part of the 4 Big Crews. He is often seen wearing a white three-piece suit with a blue tie. He is considered to be attractive in society's standards, Amy notes.

Daniel Park VS Gun. The origins of Workers is unknown, but they are known to be the head of Gangnam. especially in the workers arc bc Olly is the opposite of workers so seeing he and them interact would have been a lot of fun. Characteristics

Samuel then turns around and leaves, telling security to teach Daniel a lesson.

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D&D Beyond 18 [1]

When he leaves the room, Samuel reflects to the time he met Gun after he managed to beat up a large group of people.

He also wears narrow, rectangular glasses. He then asks about how someone came to visit the company from the four major crews. Alexander tells him that he would make a good president. One mentions how attractive Samuel is, but the other says that Daniel was still more attractive. [2], Another day, when Daniel goes to One MCN for the first time, he recognizes Samuel and asks him if he's part of Workers.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Samuel Seo Samuel stares out the full length window from the top floor and reminds one of the employees to not touch any of the streamer's belongings, because it might leave … They are known to be the crew that strictly earns their cash through legal methods, and said to be very business-like.

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https://lookism.fandom.com/wiki/Samuel_Seo/Synopsis?oldid=7183. Samuel is a tall young man with black hair, usually kept swept back.

He wears very formal clothes.

In the morning, he checks up on Daniel. [1], The two girls featured in the last chapter whisper to each other. They take place south of the Han River, and is lead by Seo Seong-Un (Samuel Seo). Samuel acts nice on the outside, but is secretly using brutal methods to make money, such as illegal streaming. They exchange glances, but he doesn't stop. Workersis a part of the 4 Big Crews.