In 2018, he resigned after winning the 'Republican' primary for the gubernatorial election.

[20] DeSantis spoke in favor of the bill, arguing that "President Obama has not only failed to uphold several of our nation's laws, he has vowed to continue to do so in order to enact his unpopular agenda. Ron DeSantis speaks at a news conference in Doral, Fla. [31] The race was "widely seen as a toss-up". Aansluitend ging hij studeren aan de Harvard Law School, waar hij in 2005 een Juris Doctor behaalde. Ronald is related to Danielle Nicole Desantis and James Joseph Desantis as well as 4 additional people. National journals such as 'National Review,' 'The Washington Times,' 'The American Spectator,' 'Human Events,' and 'American Thinker' have featured his articles. DeSantis made frequent criticisms of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.[1]. Ron DeSantis, left, looks on as Dr. Scott Atlas, President Donald Trump's new pandemic advisor, gestures as during a news conference at the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine and Heart Institute Monday, Aug. 31, 2020, in Tampa, Fla. During their joint tour, DeSantis and Atlas gave multiple news conferences and met privately with public health experts and officials to expound on their shared views. In 2012, DeSantis announced he would run in the Republican primary for the 6th District. The controversy was further fueled after 'The Washington Post' and the 'Naples Daily News' reported that he had attended racially charged conferences at the 'David Horowitz Freedom Center' a few times. [133], Starting June 2020, Florida experienced a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, nearly tripling the percent positive rate of tests for COVID-19 in a span of three weeks. DeSantis was discharged in February 2010, and the 'US Navy Reserve' named him a reserved commissioned lieutenant in the 'Judge Advocate General Corps. [87], DeSantis agreed with the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., saying "This case does not concern the availability or legality of contraceptives, and individuals can obtain and use these as they see fit. Madison and Mason are so excited for their new baby sister! In 1991, he was on the 'Dunedin High School's 'Little League’ baseball and softball teams. He grew up in Dunedin, Florida. "This is a very robust package. He believes that lockdowns are "a misguided and counterproductive strategy to defeating coronavirus," spokesman Piccolo said. The governor said the legislation also enables the state to use RICO liability against anyone who organizes or funds these kinds of "disorderly assemblies," and he cited the handling of Portland's protest as an example of what not to do. [136][126] In September 2020, DeSantis lifted all restrictions on capacity in bars and restaurants, despite persistent coronavirus cases. Ron DeSantis worked at the 'Upper School' history department of 'Darlington School' before receiving his Juris Doctor from 'Harvard Law School' in 2005. On August 28, 2019, DeSantis declared a state of emergency for 26 counties in Hurricane Dorian's expected path. After Yale, he joined Darlington School serving on the Upper School history department. A Republican, he has been Governor of Florida, since January 8, 2019. [63], In June 2019, DeSantis signed a measure that would make it harder to launch successful ballot initiatives.

"When you start introducing closure of schools because people have positive, asymptomatic tests, that's sort of not the purpose of testing.". [72][73], On June 30, 2020, DeSantis signed a bill requiring government employers and private companies that contract with the government to use E-Verify. The computer also had accessed the website and DeSantis’ Wikipedia page. Florida won the race. “I am proud of the quick and detailed work of our agents on this case and appreciate the hard work of the offices of State Attorneys Amira Fox and Jack Campbell,” FDLE Commissioner Rick Swearingen said in a news release. Ron DeSantis is an American attorney, naval officer, and politician. [9][10][11], He returned to the United States in April 2008, at which time he was reassigned to the Naval Region Southeast Legal Service. "We are flying blind without tests.". The general tone, the person said, was like DeSantis had gone to Cape Canaveral and given a lecture on rocket science. [109] DeSantis accused President Barack Obama of giving better treatment of Cuba's Raul Castro and Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei than of Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu. [130] DeSantis received criticism for stating on April 9 that he believed that no fatalities under 25 had been caused in the United States by COVID-19, despite this being false. The ‘U.S. Ron DeSantis released a sweeping set of proposals on Monday that would dramatically crack down on people who attend protests that turn …

Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Fox News introduces the Probability Meter to Democracy 2020 coverage, AOC breezes to victory over GOP challenger, retains Bronx, Queens hold. [110], In 2013, DeSantis introduced the Palestinian Accountability Act, which would halt U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority until it formally recognizes Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state and cuts off all ties with the militant group Hamas. [138] He also urged public health officials in Florida cities to focus less on universal COVID-19 testing. The President hardly ever asks doctors on the task force for their counsel anymore, "I definitely don't have his ear as much as Scott Atlas right now," Fauci said of Trump on MSNBC on Friday. And the drop-off in testing is of deep concern to some. He was in the Collier County Jail on Wednesday morning on a $5,000 bond. [32], In September 2018, DeSantis announced state representative Jeanette Núñez as his running mate.

DeSantis werd geboren in Jacksonville. In conversations with President Trump in May, DeSantis said he would not require the use of face masks. Local arrangements under the direction of Hardage-Giddens Beaches Chapel, Jacksonville Beach, FL. A member of the Republican Party, he previously represented Florida's 6th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives from 2013 to 2018. [6] While at Yale, he was captain of the varsity baseball team,[5] and a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. These battleground regions could decide the race. But we have no marching orders from the White House.". Met een ruime meerderheid werd hij door de leden van de Republikeinse Partij verkozen tot hun kandidaat.

", Hear Dr. Atlas' comments on scaling back testing in August, Enten: These are the Senate races I'm looking at, Ex-GOP governor: I'm shocked by Rubio's remark at Trump rally, Trump suggests he might fire Fauci after the election, Melania Trump slams Democrats for focusing on 'sham' impeachment, Sam Donaldson: Country not been this divided since Civil War. Some state and local officials believe the pair was influential in taking Trump's anti-testing pronouncements and helping to turn them into public policy.