An alternative is the HTO Rockfish 2000 Fixed Spool Reel. Available from Amazon for around £25 from the link to the left. For Bookings T: 01208863343 or 07723360902 E: Fishing Trips Running daily From Rock in the beautiful camel estuary of North Cornwall. Essentially, anywhere with rocks, structure and shelter is likely to attract mini species, meaning it is worth a try for LRF fishing. 4 hour reef trip - £35 Per Head Furthermore the flourocarbon leader will be almost invisible under the water and the toughness of flourocarbon will protect against damage from impact and abrasion with rocks. However I would not normally venture out rock fishing for cod on the very roughest of nights. I would recommend bringing warm clothing and water proofs, also if your on the longer trips then i would advise you to bring some food and drink. This can be done in a number of ways such as attaching the lure to a jig head, using a sliding weight which will be free to move up and down the line or by using split shot – metal weights which are cut through the radius and can be pressed over light line.The vast majority of sliding weights and jig heads for LRF will be 1 – 10 grams in weight, while most spilt shot is under a gram. LRF is sometimes summarised as a style of fishing which lets anglers take pleasure in catching fish which are actually there, rather than spend time trying to catch fish which are not there. Anglers often wear headlamps to allow them to see what they are doing during a winters night cod fishing session. 2lbs breaking strain monofilament line. Some, such as Marukyu Power Isome can be cut to different sizes. 2 hour mackerel trip - £220 One of the most popular LRF lures is Marukyu Power Isome.There are worm imitations which look like a British ragworm but are packed with scent and also have a great action once they are in the water. Every year lives are lost whilst pursuing our fascination with sea angling. A big ball of mussel or a large cocktail bait of peeler, lug, mussel and squid can often sort out those better fish.
A family business run by Father and Son, Rodney and Jason. Onshore winds also colour up the sea water which gives the cod the confidence to come to the shore in search of food during daylight hours. We pick up on the pontoon in Rock, which is approximately 100 yards on the left before the ferry point. Some anglers may choose to sit comfortable on piers all night, whilst others will decend huge cliffs on ropes. 8 hour trip - price to be discussed. Rods ranging from 0.3-4 grams casting weight through to 3-25 grams casting weight on average. She is equipt with all safety equiptment. This topic in our forum outlines just how far some people are willing to go to take their sport to the max.  Another interesting topic being this one about cliff fishing at Bempton.

In terms of which exact rods to buy all of the following are excellent choices for UK Light Rock Fishing: The growing popularity of LRF has seen Shakespeare manufacture the Shakespeare Agility LRF Sea Rod. This reel has an attractive matte-black finish and most sellers supply this reel in a protective cloth pouch. hello i am just triyng to find where to go sea fishing ass i never been before and dont know any good places. As already stated cod can be caught at any time of year from the rocks on the north east coast of England. All fishing tackle is supplied although you are very welcome to bring your own. Some anglers prefer barbless hooks for LRF, due to the fact that they are easy to remove from fish and they can do not become stuck if they become snagged on seaweed. The line capacity is 130 yards (120 metres) of 5lb breaking strain line.
Rock fishing can be as easy or as difficult as you wish to make it. Although many anglers swear that the big spring tides provide them with the best  fishing I would say that a true rock angler should be able to catch cod at any state of tide on both the spring and neap tides. Never attempt to fish a new area without the help and advice of someone experienced in fishing that area. Moderately Rough Seas Are Excellent For Winter Cod Fishing – Avoid The Very Rough Days Though As It Can Be Very Dangerous.

NGT Barbless Hooks are a good quality but inexpensive barbelss hook which is ideal for Light Rock Fishing. However, anglers who are new to LRF often simply use a light monofilament line all of the way through on their reel due to the simplicity and low cost of this set up. Your fishing rigs for cod fishing on the north east coast should be simple and often a single hook paternoster or pulley rig with 5° hook will do the trick. Peeler Crabs, An Excellent Bait For Rock Fishing. If unsure don’t go. However, some anglers step down to even smaller hooks when they are targeting the smallest of mini species, with sizes 12, 14 and even 16 and 18 used by some dedicated LRF anglers looking to catch the smallest species possible.

To read about rock fishing marks please click here. While there are already a wide range of LRF rods available in the UK, this range is expanding all of the time as LRF continues to increase in popularity.