Roles Robert held the record for a long while of being the youngest non-original member to join Starkid, having performed in Twisted at 19 years old. • Robert is the first Australian to be cast in a Team StarKid production. You can listen to it on his personal youtube channel here, as it wasn't used in the musical. Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier, Winners Announced For 2019 BroadwayWorld Los Angeles Awards, A Summer With the StarKids: Team StarKid's Robert Manion Blogs About the Cast of New Musical, He is also the author of. He also blew us away as Professor Hidgens and various other incredible roles in the 2018 musical, The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals, as well as the characters Ethan Green and Chris Kringle in Black Friday in late 2019. In Firebringer, Robert was the Production Assistant. Agent He can also be heard on the channels HISHE and OnlyLeigh. Team Starkid Wikia is a FANDOM Music Community. I didn't even know he was australian until a friend told me and I was dumbfounded, Gets thrown money at full price admission, being a sweetheart yet being able to play the biggest asshole ever (seriously Poddy is the worst), being the best damn dancing cop in the world, scaring me to death with Evil Ethan (he needs to play a sinister villain istg he would kill it), hitting notes that are unfair to hit (an F5 in Glow), hurting my soul with his cover of Easy by Troye Sivan, and again he's a sweetheart because he is, pretending to be a conceited ass on instagram, being the best Gaston out there (how has no one put that down yet? Without these musical numbers and The Pink Floyd-esque “Touch Me,” the anthem-like “I Believe,” and the heartbreaking “Left Behind,” Spring Awakening would simply be an abbreviated version of a dated German play. ), Being attractive no matter who he plays. *Some roles are double cast, with Trae Adair, Daniel Bruington, Amber France, Mandie Hittleman, Lindsay Heather Pearce, and Thomas Adoue Polk taking over at alternate performances, though without a lobby posting or program inserts, audiences will be forced to guess at whom they’re seeing at any given show. December 29, 1993 Sater’s streamlining of Wedekind’s melodramatic storylines, singer-songwriter-pop star Sheik’s catchy alternative rock score, and Bill T. Jones’ brilliantly innovative choreography all combined to make Spring Awakening a Broadway hit. What's even more awesome is finding out that they are just as wonderful and inspiring off-stage as well as on." Video Search. The Duncan Sheik-Steven Sater adaptation of German playwright Frank Wedekind’s 1906 drama Frühlings Erwachen broke new musical theater ground back in 2007 by … He sang both parts - it's incredible. • He has the most adorable nephew, named Bowie. Throughout rehearsals for Twisted many of the Starkids would randomly use an Australian accent. So, while I had seen StarKid's work online before, even just from a geographical standpoint, I never considered the possibility of being involved with the University of Michigan-originated group, "Less than a year ago, I was just an audience member and have somehow jumped the fence into the other paddock and am performing with people whose craft I respect so highly. Before long, however, the song has taken on a girl-band rock beat echoed by the boys when handsome, popular, self-confident Melchior and introverted, inhibited, wet-dream-plagued Moritz’s Latin class suddenly erupts into the testosterone-fueled chords of “The Bitch Of Living” and later in a full-cast showstopper (“Totally Fucked”) that reveals the teens’ raging desires, their unfulfilled sexual wants, and their dissatisfaction with the world around them.