Reddit users have pointed out that Rob's alibi story in Unsolved Mysteries doesn't make practical sense. Ashley Cox remembers Patrice Endres always coming over to her grandparent’s house when Cox was a kid, walking in with a giant, bright smile on her face. Next: Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries: What To Expect From Season 1, Part 2. Somebody knows something.”, LIVE RESULTS: Coverage of the 2020 Presidential Election, Forsyth County races, Gainesville Republican Doug Collins falls short in bid for US Senate, Andrew Clyde becomes newest Republican to represent 9th District in US House, Election 2020 Results: Georgia's 7th Congressional District, Dolezal retains District 27 state Senate seat, Pinecrest Academy high school students switch to virtual learning for the week, Want to take a COVID-19 antibody test? One of the cases explored is the death of Patrice Endres, who was married to Rob Endres. Thanks for visiting Popular Crime. Law enforcement released this photo of Patrice Endres after she went missing April 15, 2004. That “And I have her” line at the end?? Unsolved Mysteries’ Rob Endres Netflix. We’ve partnered with a terrific new immersive game experience for True Crime fans like us. It's possible that Rob could've been inside the car, but the vehicle itself hasn't been linked to him. Some Unsolved Mysteries theorists believe that Rob personally killed Patrice. Her remains were later discovered on December 6, 2005 in Dawson County, Georgia. Rob claims that he was merely protecting himself since his wife had just gone missing. Here's the evidence from the episode "13 Minutes.". In the Unsolved Mysteries episode, both Pistol and Patrice's friends claim that Rob was extremely jealous of his wife spending time with other people, and so Netflix streamers have theorized a potential "If I can't have her, no one will" scenario. When they arrived on scene the day of her disappearance, April 15, 2004, they found that the cash was missing from her salon’s register, and her lunch container was still sitting next to her microwave as if she were just about to heat up some food and take a short break. We recommend to all of our readers. She said that she hopes that the show can help those involved move on. Posey also reveals in Unsolved Mysteries that Rob hasn't been entirely "eliminated" as a suspect. Local law enforcement said that Endres disappeared from her salon in a span of only 13 minutes. We previously reported on Episode 2: 13 Minutes earlier this week when the episodes were released. This theory aligns with Inspector Posey's belief that Patrice's killer knew her schedule, and also Pistol's speculation that Rob had something to hide by changing the house locks. The story below is a summary we’re sharing from another news source, who did original reporting on the case. That call lasted about two minutes. Netflix has now rebooted the series, which ran for a total of 14 seasons up until 2010. Other than that, officials said that the salon looked like how it always did. “I think it’s good for — like this is being broadcast on a worldwide platform. Some have started a petition online demanding that Rob give Endres’ ashes and her belongings to Pistol, and many more have started to blame him for her death. Overall, Unsolved Mysteries "13 Minutes" underlines the unresolved conflict between Pistol and Rob. When Will Boba Fett Return To The Mandalorian? Any and all reporting was done by the original publisher. The Jones connection also suggests a more sinister murder plot, as Unsolved Mysteries reveals that Rob requested to have Patrice's skeletal remains laid out on a table, and Rob also states that he slept with Patrice's ashes, described as his "teddy bear," for approximately one year after her cremation. He’s a criminology graduate (would potentially know how to hide a crime). ‘I am completely disturbed by what I just watched and I remember this case vividly.’. Netflix has now rebooted the series, which ran for a total of 14 seasons up until 2010. These possibly false tips and the confession led investigators in a circle, and they said it wasted time. Hough is a Screen Rant staff writer. Because Jones has "guilty knowledge information" — or details that only someone involved with the crime would know — authorities believe that he's a person of interest in this particular Unsolved Mysteries case. “It’s just rehashing old wounds, you know,” Cox said. Redditors found the behavior to be quite creepy as well: His ending remarks about what he did with her remains and the ominous “I get to have her and that’s a good thing” coupled with the fact that he was “oblivious” to how much she was unhappy with him and all his other actions and her actions, the divorce she wanted. Police are still investigating her death and disappearance 16 years later. By the end of the episode she was left feeling sad, angry and upset. (File photo). Related: Unsolved Mysteries Theory: The FBI Covered Up The Berkshires UFO Sightings. For extra suspense, the editing subtly frames Rob as the most logical suspect, which hasn't gone unnoticed by Netflix streamers. Popular Crime pulls in news of current and historical true crime cases from all over the world. “And we have a good relationship with law enforcement when it comes to these kinds of cases.”. Q.V. ‘So yeah, that creepy a** husband on Unsolved Mysteries def killed his wife. They help us research cases and find details that you can't get anywhere else. Want the latest updates on current cases? Two witnesses spotted a blue car in front of Tamber’s Trim ‘N Tan, however authorities aren't sure if it's a 1992 Blue Chevrolet Lumina with a Georgia Wildlife tag, a '99 to '02 Ford Taurus, or a Chevrolet Malibu four-door. “Everything that was said about her on the episode, everything was accurate. “I can’t think of anybody that would want to hurt her,” Cox said. The Unsolved Mysteries episode "13 Minutes" has sparked theories that Rob Endres killed his wife, Patrice Endres. If you are kind enough to subscribe to using the link below, you will buy us a new case notebook. On the surface, Rob doesn't appear to the primary suspect because of the available case evidence. After Cox’s grandfather died, her family moved a few miles away from Endres and her salon, and even though Cox went to North Forsyth High School with Endres's son, Pistol Black, she stopped seeing her as often. We hope you enjoy the game as much as we do and join us as we unravel the clues in the latest box every month. He said he also kept all of Endres’ belongings away from Pistol after her remains were found. The following is all of the evidence against Rob — and also a few reasons why he could be innocent. Cox lived with her family on Sexton Road, right across from Endres’ salon, and she went in to visit often, finding Endres usually swaying to upbeat music. “So many people knew her and loved her,” Cox said. Another compared Rob to Tiger King star Carole Baskin, whose husband Don Lewis mysteriously vanished and was later pronounced dead. More than a year after her disappearance, Endres’ remains were found approximately 10 miles from her salon behind Lebanon Baptist Church in Dawson County. In Unsolved Mysteries, Inspector Mitchell Posey of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation states that Rob's involvement doesn't seem probable. However, it's all the loose ends that make people believe Rob is connected to Patrice's death, especially when factoring in his overall demeanor and borderline-inappropriate statements about his late wife and her son, Pistol. Literally everyone who has Netflix in the world can see this episode. Many online have criticized him for odd or inappropriate statements he made during the episode — including saying that he locked Endres’ son out of his home the day after Endres went missing when he was still in high school. ‘EPISODE 2 OF UNSOLVED MYSTERIES IS THE NEXT CAROL BASKIN,’ the fan wrote. Shortly after Endres disappeared, law enforcement said that they received many tips and leads from others that later turned out to be red herrings. Rob was presumably 40 minutes away at a gas station on his way to work, and also stamped his time card at work shortly after. And maybe somebody that watched the episode saw something that day, and they will come forward. What happened to his wife Patrice? So, if Rob conveniently arranged for someone to use his credit card alibi, then he would've had time to kidnap Patrice, kill her at home, and still make it to work. Netflix viewers have cited Rob's awkward on-camera demeanor as a major red flag, along with suspicious statements that imply he possesses "guilty knowledge information." As she walked in, Endres would always yell over something like, “Hey, baby!” — “always something sweet,” Cox said. We encourage you to visit the original publisher. After speaking with those who had been in touch with Endres that day, they found someone had called the salon and talked to Patrice at 11:37 a.m. that morning. Rob was 20 years older than Patrice and they first met when he visited the salon for a haircut. Diving deep into her research, she found that he had confessed to Endres’ murder, and then she started to look more into her story. The showrunners for Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix have stated that Rob has been honest and cooperative during the process, which leaves viewers wondering if he's completely innocent, or perhaps just over-confident because he knows that he'll never be linked to the crime by hard evidence. They’ve been living for all of these years not knowing what happened, and they want to know what happened. “It’s just upsetting to know that it’s been all this time and there’s no justice for her. A second plausible theory is that Rob hired someone to kidnap Patrice and then drove 45 minutes away to secure an alibi. During their investigation, local law enforcement along with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation came across several mysterious clues and different leads to explore. However, the actual case evidence suggests that someone else is responsible for Patrice's death. She had been working as a hair stylist at Tamber’s Trim ‘N Tan in Cumming, Georgia, and met with clients between 8:50 a.m. and 11:10 a.m. Unsolved Mysteries locks into a 13-minute timeframe between 11-12 a.m., as Patrice was unusually "short" during a phone call at 11:35 a.m. and didn't answer a call 15 minutes later. Save 20% on your first box with code POPULARCRIME. One of the cases explored is the death of Patrice Endres, who was married to Rob Endres. This information is strange enough to make people believe that Rob could be a killer like Jones. Or they know something. Despite the claims made by Pistol (above), the Unsolved Mysteries case evidence suggests that Patrice wasn't killed by Rob. She always had a smile on her face, was never mad about anything. 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