I had to accept that. Relive the moment: See Michonne give Rick a goodbye kiss at the 8:40 mark on season seven, episode four. Rick and Michonne become closer during the months where the prison runs smoothly, as during 30 Days Without an Accident she returns from hunting The Governor with gifts for him and for Carl. While recently speaking with showrunner Angela Kang, INSIDER asked her about the popular fan question and whether or not we'll ever learn Michonne's last name. It has hand prints of Judith and Carl from his last day. Michonne reminds him that they have lived through so many things — the Governor, Terminus, Joe's biker gang — that they shouldn't have survived. "Mom, you have to go. While Rick and Andrea remain extremely close and often lean on one another to find within them the necessary characteristics to preserve their lives and the lives of those around them, they do it without rings on their fingers while remaining very faithfully in love. All rights reserved. Unlike Rick and Lori, Michonne and Rick aren't afraid to challenge one another. Relive the moment: Michonne's alternate "what if" montage starts to play out around 20 minutes into season 10, episode 13 if you're watching without commercials. In The Next World they kiss, and are later seen naked in bed together, signifying they made love. Revisit the moment: This is at the very start of season seven, episode 12. Of course, a wedding in the apocalypse would be a bit unexpected, especially under the circumstances Rick and Michonne's Safe-Zone community are currently facing. One of the greatest strengths of Rick and Michonne is that the two work well together under pressure. But unlike most characters on the show, we've never learned her last name. Judith asks if Rick may be alive and Michonne says she doesn't know. It's worth noting the Richonne coupling occurs merely two episodes after Deanna tells Michonne to decide what she wants in life and to go after it. But if you're a fan of Richonne, you should just watch the majority of the episode. She tells Rick that something will happen, but warns that he shouldn't be the one to stir up trouble. She asks if Rick wants to read Carl's note to her and he declines. I love her. Also, maybe in a couple of episodes time, there may be a jump ahead in the curve and maybe setting themselves to that job at hand.". Danai Gurira's final episode of "TWD" aired Sunday after joining the series on season three. She reaches out her hand to his and asks him if he's ready to head inside. Without a doubt," Lincoln said of the matter in exclusive interview with ComicBook.com. I'll die before she does and I hope that's a long time from now, so I can raise her and protect her and teach her how to survive,". The Walking Dead's Angela Kang on Season 10 Finale, Maggie's Return, and New Characters, Why The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero Isn’t Directing New Season 10 Episodes, AMC Responds to Rumors Rick Grimes Returns in The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Army Of The Dead: Garret Dillahunt Teases Wild Zack Snyder Zombie Movie, Fear the Walking Dead’s Masked Man Is a Returning Character: His Identity Revealed, Fear The Walking Dead's Quality Swing is Unbelievably Good, The Walking Dead: World Beyond Is About to Get Darker and More Dangerous, The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln to Star as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. Relive the moment: You can see Michonne wearing what appears to be Rick's coat at the 18:30 mark of season nine, episode 16. I think she has known for some time that she has had feelings for Rick out of her love for him and his family. She finds strength and comfort in wearing Rick's shirt when she decides to help Magna and Yumiko's group. Rewatch the moments: See Carl hand over his letters to Michonne 12 minutes into season eight, episode nine. Relive the moment: Watch Michonne find the cell phone with Rick's name on it about 37 minutes into season 10, episode 13 without commercials. Relive the moment: Watch Carl tell his dad it's OK for him to date Michonne 9:45 minutes into season six, episode 11. In Clear she reveals that she's aware of Rick's situation; seeing Lori, and reveals she used to talk to her dead boyfriend, presumably boosting their relationship and level of understanding for one another. "For Judith. She visits the bridge where Rick has disappeared to speak with him and tell him she hasn't given up hope on finding him one day and never will. Carl approves. Relive the moment: Michonne discovers Rick's boots about 35 minutes into season 10, episode 13 when you're watching the episode without commercials. When he is seemingly eaten by walkers, she drops her sword and is too distraught to protect herself. "[Richonne] was something that Scott [Gimple] started talking about, I believe, in season 4," said Kirkman. Canon (TV series)Fanon (Comic series) By the end of this episode, Rick comes back from his run and gives Michonne some mints he recovered. It was recently revealed the two also have a child, Rick Jr., together. Seemingly having given up, Michonne demonstrates her unwillingness to live without Rick here and his survival snaps her out of it. Michonne carried it on her and put it in a box for Judith until she was old enough to take it for herself. In the same scene, Michonne asks Rick if this place is "home or a stop along the way." Michonne knows that's true and goes on a run with Carl to gather supplies. Michonne, Rick, and Deanna flee towards the houses, but Deanna gets knocked over and falls onto a saw blade, causing a mortal wound to her side. Relive the moment: See Rick and Michonne seek out Jadis for advice 30 minutes into season eight, episode 10. Rick and Daryl offer to get rid of the Saviors for the Hilltop in exchange for supplies and food at Alexandria. It's really the first time we get to see Rick and Michonne co-parent together as a family unit and it makes us sad to know Rick's time on the show is short. Like what you see here? BBNaija's Dorathy releases stunning photos to celebrate 25th birthday, 2020 US Election: Twitter restricts Trump’s post on alleged vote rigging. "The boots are an iconic part of Rick's costume, would've been on his person at the time of the bridge explosion, and would be immediately recognizable to Michonne, so that's how we came to have this first clue," showrunner Angela Kang told Insider via email. For all intents and purposes, she was Rick's wife. Relive the moment: See Michonne help Rick fight the undead 29 minutes into season six, episode nine. https://shipping.fandom.com/wiki/Richonne?oldid=245016. Michonne lifts the bloody sheet off of Rick and he zones out as Denise starts to perform surgery on Carl. I'll die before she does and I hope that's a long time from now, so I can raise her and protect her and teach her how to survive," says Rick. Michonne then leaves the room so Rick can start reading his letter from Carl. One of the final shots of the episode shows the two in bed naked before they're awaken by Jesus (Tom Payne). Relive the moment: You can see this moment at the very start of the season nine premiere. Michonne is taken hostage by Negan's Saviors not long after, and Rick is made aware in the following episode, Last Day On Earth, when the group comes across a line of walkers, one with two of Michonne's dreads attached. "But if you give up now, then you definitely never will.". That's why we have to fight," she said to Rick. Relive the moment: See Rick swipe a cat statue for Michonne 38 minutes into season seven, episode 10. When Rick leaves to go on a run, Michonne asks for some more. Relive the moment: Watch Rick and Michonne jump start two cars and cut down a group of walkers 38 minutes into season seven, episode nine. Rick comes out victorious against an armored walker at the junkyard, sealing a deal with Jadis and the Scavengers as allies. You have to. Instead of staying with Carl, Michonne runs after Rick, saying he needs her help. Relive the moment: Watch Rick ask Michonne to start expanding their family 5:30 minutes into season nine's third episode. Yes, Jessie entered Rick's life briefly in Alexandria, but it was Michonne who Rick trusted and confided in the most. When she arrives at the home and sees the two inside, she lets down her guard and starts sobbing joyfully before wiping her face. She's someone he can speak to on the level about anything, and know that when she … But Michonne tells Rick the tiny mantra they've always told each other to keep pushing forward: "We don't die. Abraham says he feels the same way in regards to Sasha. In East, Michonne and Rick are in bed together, sleeping. Michonne tries to get him to rest from his injuries. The two are confident that if they're fighting this "Negan" together, then they'll come out victorious. When she, Rick, Aaron, and a few others are first led to the junkyard, Michonne shows concern for Rick when their leader, Jadis, tells one of her henchmen to take Rick. Michonne tells him that the fight is over and that he needs to let it go so he can move forward. For the Hilltop. Looking for smart ways to get more from life?