Enter the grandparents she never knew existed. They wanted to own hers. Browse through multiple genres and authors! Yet as the males bring Lera back to the fae lands to sever the bond, they discover that she holds more power over their souls than is safe for anyone… especially for Lera herself. My parents gave me a camera when I was a kid to help me see the truth: there’s no such thing as the fae. 3,172 ratings — To read my full review, go here. Also, Hazel has a backbone of steel which means Trey, Ayaz, and Quinn better watch out because things will not be going their way. ➔ Latest Book Releases Because I never give up. #amazonaffiliate #CommissionsEarned #bookrelease #dyingtoreadthisAMAZON US: amzn.to/2vFlJr6AMAZON CA: amzn.to/3aGEEAGAMAZON UK: amzn.to/2TREa3T ... See MoreSee Less, J. Kenner STARK SAGA FANS… REJOICE!! The one thing to keep in mind going into this is how Jude, Tyler, and Brennan really suck. They have a vendetta when it comes to Talia and they make it their personal mission to turn her life into a living hell. Why make a button that accessible and enticing if you are not supposed to touch it, huh? published 2015, avg rating 4.39 — Both in size and in popularity (and I’ve got them listed in order including novellas and spin-off/crossover books)! published 2018, avg rating 4.28 — Our website features books about one woman with multiple loves. 8,222 ratings — Chuck is the new guy at Adamson All-Boys Academy and quickly becomes a social pariah. Our website features books about one woman with multiple loves. She survived working at the club and the drive to school every day in her mother’s rust-bucket of a car… but it all changed when Noah and Cabe came bulldozing into her life, careless of the precious secrets they picked apart in their quest to take over her world. Book Order: The Replacement, The Proxy and The Living, “My tears were gone. Lucky for Cassandra, her father is on the council. There were definitely some depressing moments weaved into the story, but they added to the development of the characters and made certain things more believable. ➔ Paranormal Romance? Heroes and heroines alike, I love to live their “plight... HOLY MOLY SERIOUS SALE ALERT (US & CANADA)!!! Also humor, also HOT. It is during the orientation that she meets Sean, her supervisor at the plant. published 2018, avg rating 4.30 — Enjoy! Only asinine peace, where my paintings don’t seem to paint themselves, leaving me with terrible feelings of premonition and a chill beneath my fingernails.”. An estranged father, a life-changing inheritance and a summer that will irrevocably stain the souls of everyone entangled in the seductive web of lies. Her plan is to coast by, get good grades, graduate and get the hell out of there. Daisy is a Norm who has been dealt a bad hand in life and when she is offered the chance to attend the prestigious Gifted Academy, she takes it. Except…she’s back now. The title basically sums up Nora’s thoughts and feelings. I agree, BEST, I WANNA READ BUT I DONT KNOW HOW PLZ HELP ME. Listen to books in audio format. published 2018, avg rating 4.38 — read more, Filed Under: Reading Order Guide: Tagged With: enemies-to-lovers, Fae, faeries, fantasy romance, giveaway, reverse harem, rock stars. The seven words every person lives by. We're a small website working to list authors who publish Reverse Harem books. ➔ Second Chance Romance? Void earned a lot of unique points with Devi’s power. #whychoose. Also, the bullying aspect of the story did not last for long and was much lighter compared to other books in the bully-romance trope. Read Resurrection if you prefer the reverse-harem/bully academy trope where the heroine has no problem giving it right back. The Secret Girl is another win in my book. Alone, scared, and exhausted, she’s finally cornered in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. ➔ All My Reviews Joey is such a fun read. Reverse Harem Authors is the website to find books about one woman with multiple love interests. The Void was uncontrollable. published 2017, avg rating 4.38 — 0 people liked it, 3 chapters — ➔ My Best Books of 2015 6,242 ratings — As the best high school basketball team in the state, The Ballers rule the school and they’re not happy to see Tessa trying out for their team. 5,678 ratings — Her plan to keep a low profile is ruined when she catches the eyes of the four most powerful guys at the academy: Bryce, Rufio, Morpheus, and Phoenix. I have no reverse harem experience *yet* (well not much… Anita Blake comes to mind), but I know we have some true fans here that might know it! 6,822 ratings — ➔ Comedy Romance? published 2015, avg rating 4.23 — published 2019, avg rating 4.10 — I never give in. You can usually map out everything that will happen in a bully romance just by the first chapter or so. ➔ Risqué & Forbidden Love Archive Search Top Series Menu Login E-Mail: Password Submit Registration Forgot password? I’ve forgotten the title of a series I want to reread. Some put me through the wringer, others had me floating on Cloud 9 and some were downright dreadful. Caught between five powerful vampires, she is trapped between the strength of their hands, the fire in their touch, and the ache in her skin for the thrust of their teeth. There's never a need to choose a favorite love interest in these books! published 2013, avg rating 4.33 — THE NINE is the first book in the FOXFIRE BURNING series. The question is, will their burgeoning love survive beneath a shroud of secrecy and uncertainty. We have the dean’s gay gamer son Ashton, his beautiful best friend Mia who is secretly in love with said best friend, the young hockey coach Drew who left the NHL under mysterious circumstances and the arrogant hockey star Brayden.