by Guest Post | Jan 23, 2012 | Guest Rifle Reviews | 3 comments. Brand. this gun has only one problem and that is the bolt stop is not adequate and will break after repeated uses. Using accessories properly can really help you develop a more personal relationship with your rifle. Anything else is simply adding extra bulk and weight. The metal mag body attaches to the plastic floorplate by way of 2 tiny ridges cut into the inside of the floorplate. On top of that, the metal is quite thick, so the mag is still heavier than it needs to be. Initially, I had problems with clambering a shell. The barrel length for the youth model measures 40.5 inches, standard models measure 42.5 inches and magnum models measure 44.5 inches. To be clear – yes, it is a budget rifle and is not presented as anything but that. MSRP: $300. Good riddance!**. With the addition of the Boyds stock and the Nikon scope the rifle looks good and shoots well. Remington 783 Cal. It’s at the back right of the receiver, and an S indicates that the safety switch is on. `I adjusted the trigger down to about 2.5 pounds, polished the bolt, changed the stock to the Boyd’s At-One, changed the scope to a Mueller 8-32 x44 Tactical scope, put a bi-pod on the forened and a mono-pod on the buttstock. In the case of the second 770 I tried, the chamber was too tight, and chambering factory 7mm Remington Magnum ammunition was incredibly difficult. I bought a Remington 770 so that I could hunt with the gang. A bipod could be your ticket. My rifle was unusable, so I wouldn’t know. Remington says this allows for a smooth and easy camming action. In stock. But I’ve gotta tell you, I have a plate in my neck and a bad back but the recoil from this weapon in my opinion is smooth. Adriel has been hunting all his life, enjoys shooting 3 gun, is a trainer for Project Mapleseed and tries to apply a practical point of views to his reviews. Finish: Black. Then, there are those plastic, molded in sling attachment points. The fact that the windage turret fell off in my hands on the first unboxed 770 I got wasn’t terrifically confidence inspiring. Shot a deer with fusion ammo. The one thing I do need to mention has nothing to do with stripping – the sling mounts. Inside the rear of the receiver is a sleeve of plastic that is attached to the (also plastic) rear tang. The Remington 770 uses a poorly designed magazine. A sling is one of the first things people add, and for good reason. I bought a 770 used for $250. Weight: 24947 C$400.00 +-Add to cart. . Achat immédiat. Pay no attention to what anyone else says. After I sighted it in it shot 5/8 inch at one hundred yards. Length: 42.5″. File down the bottom bolt. I have returned my 770 because it wouldn’t chamber rounds without needing a solid whack on the bolt. Check out the R51 Pistol and 1187 Shotgun to learn more about great Remington guns, and as always, thanks for visiting Gunivore. I think the Savage Axis and many of the other budget-priced bolt action rifle are pretty damn good for the price. Your email address will not be published. .243 Winchester: Used mainly for small game, varmints, and some medium sized game. Of course the scope sucks. That’s because I’m going to try to convince any readers who are on the fence to not buy this rifle. We’ll let you know exactly what makes this a rifle worth owning here in our Remington Model 770 rifle review. Models chambered for magnum loads have a 24-inch barrel, rather than the standard 22 inches, and weigh in at 8.625 pounds. 30-06 Corelokt PSP 165gr par 100, Notice / Manuel / Mode d'emploi de 28 modèles de carabines REMINGTON, Paire d´embases (avant et arriére) pour montage pivotant EAW (voir liste des armes). As a woman with a few disabilities I would say this is a good rifle. The magazine's latch is an upgrade from the older 710 model. It may not be pretty, it may not be the greatest bolt-action rifle, and it may not be equipped with the best scope right out of the box, but it gets the job done, and it serves its purpose.