The cross bolt safety, located right behind the trigger, pushes back and forth without difficulty. The profile looks awesome with a rimfire suppressor and this rifle is super quiet suppressed! and the gun is simply the bomb. The last Remington product I’ll ever buy. Assuming you can even load the full 30 rounds, an accomplishment in itself, feeding is extremely unreliable. The trigger pull was just over six pounds, and somewhat variable from shot to shot on this new rifle. I purchased the Volquartsen “Exact Edge extractor” & also their VQ “Target” hammer .. and a nice Nikon ProStaff 4-12x40mm scope. They noticed the butt plate seemed slightly loose, so they carefully pried it out. The others don’t seem to care. As you can see from the photos, I have installed sets of rails off of the barrel and off of the scope, and I have also added in rails over the 3/8 inch dovetail rails included with the rifle (the set only cost about 10 dollars to acquire). Mine functions very well and is, as you said, highly accurate. The Remington 597 has been the worst . For me, this is less than finger tight. This is especially true of lesser quality alloys, and poorer designs which place excessive pressure on the compressed spring. I bought it used for $98 and it was indeed more accurate than my 10/22, plus it sported a recessed muzzle crown and a very crisp, if heavy trigger. The mini-rail clamped on the barrel seems like it could lead to accuracy issues if used for a bipod as well as effecting POI with or without accessories attached. Although the gun would accept tip-off scope rings and was drilled for traditional scope bases, they chose to shoot it with the iron sights provided. This is not a condemnation of the Remington by any means. I’ve been very happy with my Remmy 597 for a few years now as well. After letting life settle down a bit, and examining the bolt I found that the ejector had been blown out of the bolt. Take my advice and steer clear of the Remington 597. Returns & Information The 30 round Remington-branded mags wouldn’t function even with YouTube hacks. Now you can remove the bolt itself and thoroughly clean the receiver section of the rifle. We did find that if we replaced the standard trigger spring with a JP Enterprises reduced power AR-15 trigger spring (which I had lying around) it made it more dependable with a slightly better trigger pull. Our .920” diameter heavy barrels are made from Stainless Steel and manufactured using our proprietary button rifling method. After keeping it loaded for a couple years, the spring was so weak it wouldn’t even lift the last couple rounds to chamber. It was great for slipping into magazines while teaching my son to clear misfires. I then needed to choose between the various models that Remington offered. I cannot stress how amazing my 597 is now. Ergonomics Not sure that the 597 could improve on that. What a great public service that would be! So Gun Tests Magazine found a Remington 597 SS with stainless barrel and synthetic stock ($283) at a local gun shop. For this review I took the rifle to the local shooting range, and after sighting in a few deer rifles and playing with some Smith & Wesson revolvers (all the while waiting for the dude with twenty pounds of toys hanging of the rails of his AR-15 to leave the 25-yard bench) I shot these groupings from a bench with a few sandbags supporting the barrel, using 40 grain Remington solid lead round-tip loads. Sorry, but on takedown… hex wrenches??? Of course, my expectations were mostly set by feedback from past owners and I think the rifle has improved significantly in recent years. It looked like sandpaper. Cyclical deformation and return are much more damaging to springs. You can go online to and buy any brand you want delivered to your house as low as $40 for 500 rounds and that’s what I do. I hemmed and hawed about the tube magazine for a while before smacking myself and saying “It’s a .22, dummy. The staff felt that the rifle seemed to be designed for the right-handed shooter, though the stock was entirely ambidextrous. “When dad passed in 04, my sisterhood got the Nylon and Continued to keep the 12 gauge.”. From Glenfields to Brownings. Chambered with the Bentz chamber reamer and with bore and groove dimensions kept to tolerances of .0005”, we have consistently produced sub ½” groups at 50 yards with our barrels. He uses all of my mags and as expected, it’s a beast! It was the only gun I have ever literally thrown away and I do not regret it one bit. The butt plate was checkered to help hold the rifle in place on the shoulder. The rifle is comfortable to handle, fun to shoot, and if I can stumble out of my cot and put down a running raccoon that picked the wrong ice chest in the dead of night with a single shot. I have around 800 rounds through it within the last couple months. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Which is actually weird considering, for the most part, Remington quality seems to have slipped since the ownership change and whatever else. I bought 3 nice heaver that factory magazines and the gun still jams on the feeding the next round. Also I didn’t see any of the aftermarket hammers or extractors mentioned in the list of available mods. Can’t believe it’s still in production. I owned one of these for a very short time, traded it away and focused on the 10/22. Those are my only two real complaints. It’s a classy, very reliable .22 with a terrible trigger. However, I believe that this problem was self induced by leaving the magazine fully loaded with 10 rounds for about eight months. You can replace the standard 10-round magazine with either a twenty or thirty round alternative, both of which work very reliably. The rifle itself is a magazine fed, semi-automatic rifle, designed and intended for plinking and small game hunting . Of course, you seek to minimize, and in some cases, that is correct. I just don’t know the science behind it. The 597 is the most accurate out of the box and extremely accurate with a good scope. The latch smoothly pulls back and the magazine drops free with little to no friction. still dont have parts to correct problems.should have bought ruger .gun lost bolt handle .took 3 months to get part . A double feed or other malfunction blew the magazine out of the gun while at the range, and I learned two things: 1. my son was smart enough to put down the gun when the BANG felt bigger than usual; 2. I decided to see how the old Monkey Wards stuff patterned before moving on. It should earn a place in your gun rack. I consider it good practice for my nephew to safely clear jams and malfunctions. Clearly the high-speed Aguila ammunition is not for every rifle. but did not get bolt handle. Your email address will not be published. My newest rifle is 40 plus years old.. I’ve run various brands of ammo through it with no FTF or FTE until…. They liked the fact that the bolt stays open after last shot. This isn’t a tactical rifle meant to field strip in half a minute, but my preference is that it could at least be done without tools. Your own statements verify my words. I have found it to be reliable and accurate, and I also like the handling.