Champion of Serbia and Montenegro. 1. Americans call the markings rust while Europeans call it tan (or alternatively just rust red). It's crucial that the breed is not seen as vicious or dangerous by the public. [37] Research has shown that the breed is affected by an attenuated wavy fiber type of DCM that affects many other breeds,[38] as well as an additional fatty infiltration-degenerative type that appears to be specific to Dobermann Pinscher and Boxer breeds. In the USA, anyone can breed a litter of puppies and many successful American breeders deem mere conformation wins within the AKC as justification to breed litters of puppies. We breed a limited number puppies and our breeding program specially our low COI ( Low Coefficient of inbreeding)  puppies are in demand. He was the only Dobermann ever to have won the Doberman Pinscher Club of America National Specialty Show three times, and in 1961 five Dobermann specialists judged him Top in the breed in an annual Top Ten competition event. They even attempted to breed this dog to for “scientific purposes” which brought various behavioral issues to the daylight, which might be directly linked to their physical condition. White patch on chest, not exceeding 1⁄2 square inch, permissible. Dilated cardiomyopathy is a major cause of death in Dobermanns. Thicker skinned disposition. ABOUT. The breed standard describes the Dobermann as a dog of medium size that is also str… World breed standards are published by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, or FCI (World Canine Organisation), on the advice of the IDC (International Dobermann Club), which is the Dobermann breed's governing council and has 36 countries in its member list. Make sure you find a great breeder for your future Doberman as it will save you lots of training on behavioral issues and vet bills. Kurt was the first to be buried in what would become the War Dog Cemetery and he is the dog depicted in bronze sitting quiet but alert atop the World War II War Dog Memorial. [35] Studies have shown that the Doberman Pinscher suffers from prostatic diseases, (such as bacterial prostatiti, prostatic cysts, prostatic adenocarcinoma, and benign hyperplasia) more than any other breed. Working with New England Dobermans means working with a Doberman breeder you can trust to guarantee a healthy puppy that is right for your family. Our Red Dobermans are of red, or sometimes called chocolate colours. be. Philip Greunig's The Dobermann Pinscher (1939) describes the breed's early development by Otto Goeller, who helped to establish the breed. Five years after Dobermann's death, Otto Goeller, one of the earliest breeders, created the National Doberman Pinscher Club and is considered to have perfected the breed, breeding and refining them in the 1890s. They are simply different. Is there a difference between rust and tan markings? [21], The personality of the Doberman Pinscher is known to be unique. It’s a classic coat color for many dog breeds, including the Rottweiler, Hovawart, Beauceron, Bernese Mountain dog, German Pinscher and many more. Young European Dobermann Trophy Winner 2007 Jugensieger V1JB Wels 2005 Baby Trophy winner 2005 Couple Winner at IDC 2011 with her litter brother Athos. We raise all our pups around our children, other dogs, big and small. The Dobermann's natural tail is fairly long, but individual dogs often have a short tail as a result of docking, a procedure in which the majority of the tail is surgically removed shortly after birth. Which you prefer is your personal choice. The British did the same a few years later; now the US and Canada are the only countries who continue to use Pinscher and have dropped an "n" from Dobermann's surname.[47].   Taping - HERE Euroline Dobermans are bred with temperament and health in mind. Beware of breeders capitalizing on the ability to charge a high price for "European" working Dobermanns. Behavioral issues seem to be deeply rooted in this type of color. Many people believe Dobermans are vicious, but that is not true. But HOW we breed defines the kennel and its principles. The ideal dog must be of a sufficient size for an optimal combination of strength, endurance and agility. To find the right breeder, all you have to do is ask 2 simple questions: What is important in this discussion of European Dobermanns versus American Doberman Pinschers, is that neither  is definitively "better." An exhaustive review of the literature on the health differences between the American and European dogs reveals a tendency toward the opinion that European Dobermanns are less prone to the genetic defects know to be a problem in the breed here in the USA, although that seems to have changed (and remains open to rigorous debate). We raise, breed, and … This production is just limited and thus they seem to have a very light cream color, but never fully white. • Long, narrow wedge-like head and slender muzzle, • Cleaner, dramatically tapered throatlatch, • Refined, more delicate bone (leg thickness). Our dogs produce beautiful show quality offspring & excellent family companions with impeccable 100% European breeding coming from a long line of Multi International Champions. This color may look astonishing but due to show ring restrictions, it’s estimated that far less than 10% of Dobermans have the fawn color. Browse through our photo rich website of this majestic breed. Let’s check what the AKC has to say about the Doberman Pinscher: Allowed Colors: Black, red, blue, and fawn (Isabella). Although many contemporary Doberman Pinschers in North America are gentle and friendly to strangers, some lines are bred more true to the original personality standard. The American Doberman Pinscher is now known to be gentle, loving, and sensitive. It is a purely subjective matter and it is up to the Buyer to pick which is more appealing. Sire. Ideally, they have an even and graceful gait. To be honest, it is somewhat also the mistake of reputable breeders. Thus, the blue color is a diluted black, and the fawn color is a diluted red. Our Doberman and Doberwoman Cerberus’ will be faithful to you as their earthly owners like they are to Hades and will guard their new owners homes like Cerberus did guard the Gate of the Underworld. Cappy, Kurt and 23 other Dobermanns whose names are inscribed on the memorial, died fighting with the US Marine Corps against Japanese forces on, Bingo von Ellendonk: first Dobermann to score 300 points (perfect score) in. [50] Dobermanns also became popular after winning four Westminster Kennel Club Dog Shows in 1939, 1952, 1953 and 1989. You can find our dogs in Europe, Canada, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil and all over the United States. [38] You shall protect your new Doberman puppy from Heracles (HERCULES). [4], The standards for the weight of the Dobermann are also described by the FCI. Contrary to the blue Cane Corso where the color is correctly labeled “gray”, the blue colored Doberman at least exists and is not some fantasy color. On the other hand, European breeders often describe the American dog as too delicate, finely boned, feminine, timid, sensitive, and lacking the assertive disposition and drive required to produce a top-quality working dog. We breed for “Black and Rust” (Black and tan) and “Red and Rust” however there are very few blues that come by rarely. This difference can obscure similarities and differences in dogs' conformation (Euro versus American). We also make sure you are the right home for our dog. FCI Doberman breed standard So the “black and rust” Doberman is the American equivalent to the “black and rust red” European Doberman, while the American “red and rust” Doberman is called “brown and rust red” Doberman. So, please, read on, this site has tons of useful information. • NOTE: European Dobermanns are photographed with the show lead low on their neck/chest with the dog pushing forward against the lead, and the dogs are photographed with their mouths OPEN. [6] The size of female dogs, according to the same standards, is 63 to 68 centimetres (25 to 27 in),[1] with 65 centimetres (26 in) being ideal. communicating with European breeders - while living in Europe. To read more about the breed, check out our website. 3. Welcome to our website! [25] In regards to Dobermanns attacking owners, it is rare and usually in the case of overdiscipline. We are Canadian Kennel Club registered European Doberman breeders located in British Columbia, Canada. The loss in pigmentation is most often accompanied by pink noses and lips. The practice of docking has been around for centuries and is older than the Dobermann as a breed. [10] This condition is caused by a partial deletion in the SLC45A2 gene.[11]. What is important in this discussion of European Dobermanns versus American Doberman Pinschers, is that neither is definitively "better." Our ideal Doberman is a dog you can go anywhere with and feel protected. This serious disease is likely to be fatal in most Dobermanns affected. However, the owner also bought a puppy from a pet store and talked about “Alpha” which might lead one to think whether or not they practiced old-school Alpha training and to what degree training and socialization (or the lack thereof) played a role in these incidents.